Kogan 26800 mAh Power Bank (60W) with PD product recall

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone else had received an email from Dick Smith or Kogan regarding this power bank?
I think they have been quite popular on this site, so Im assuming a few people would have.
The email is as follows:

"We are writing to you as our records indicate that you have previously purchased the following product: Kogan 26800 mAh Power Bank (60W) with PD and QC 3.0

This product is subject to a product recall and should no longer be used. Please immediately stop using this product and refer to the product recall instructions below. Your order has now been refunded in full. Please allow 3-5 business days for this to appear in your account. "

Pretty good of them to offer a full refund (hasnt happened yet, but it hasnt been the 3-5 days), but I guess they are maybe required to by law.

So now i have to decide what to do with the damn thing. Im thinking I could keep it for outdoor use only or something and just hope that it never hand grenades on me :)

But I will be wanting another general usage one that i can trust, so figured id ask on here for peoples opinions on what to get. I would want to keep to similar specs as this one (26800mah, at least 60w-100w PD, QC3.0 on at least one port) but i have no idea of whats available these days. I see Kogan do a Pro model which ticks all the boxes, but i dunno how i'd feel about getting the same brand again. I dont mind spending more for higher quality, but wouldnt wanna spend too much more than $100 if possible.

Thanks for any suggestions :)


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    Yes i bought a powerbank from some random ebay seller last year he refunded me in full in the recall as he said me he got fully refunded from Kogan.
    The powerbank seems to work fine but i dont know haven't really used it much.
    Also i charge it at like 10W not like super fast charge it.
    I just leave it overnight on slowest charger. In morning usually 89% full.

    But i ain't sure if i wanna keep using it or what to do with it now

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    Kogan has similar powerbank dude 102 lW for 89 $ plus shipping its kinda same powerbank to be honest

    • That model no longer available, anyone who bought take care and expect a recall/refund too.

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    Here's that link.


    I am also wanting to buy another powerbank

    Should i consider this for like $96$(89.99+ shipping)

    Or buy cygentt s 72w one for $100 can use jb hifi staff discount from friends


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      Kogan took that Pro 102W model also off their website, so whovere bought this one take use with care ( put it in a fireproof safe ),

      and sit back and wait for a refund in good time. I got two of their 60W ones, and one Pro model (all on sale for cheaper prices ),

      so also have some safety decissions to make lol.

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    $15 off with code: DTVUWYOW

  • They are all quite tempting, but i think I will avoid Kogan for my next powerbank. Im sure theyre no worse than any of the other brands, but I'd hate to get another faulty one.

    so theres Cygnett, Ravpower, Anker. Any others I should look in to?

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      Xiaomi/ZMI are quite good too.

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      Romoss is good. Not sure if they have PD products but I'm happy with their normal power banks. Digital display of charge level and charging input from usb c, micro usb, lightning. Can get a 20000mah for $30ish on special.

      • Agree, these are great value and although the 20.000mAh model charges my Chromebooks, will not charge bigger laptops

        needing more power. Important to first check your laptops charging needs for voltage and watts first, can be bit tricky for some.

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    Hi, I also received the same email today (I was googling around to see if anyone else is talking about this) and what happened to our power bank is probably the reason for this recall. Around 2 weeks ago, the powerbank exploded while my partner was using it to charge her phone. We managed to put out the fire before it caused any further damage but it's still kinda scary thinking about what could have happened if the explosion hadn't been delayed (it gave out warning sound and smoke a min before it exploded) or the fire had caught to nearby electronic stuff. We have been keeping the remains of the cell (that burned) and one that is still intact in water as suggested by a fireman. They came and collected them nearly two weeks later. Even after that much time under water, the battery still started to bubble up a bit and making sizzling sound as soon as I drained the water (my heart almost skipped a beat) so I hastily filled the pot up with water again, tapped it up and handed it to them. It feels like we have been keeping a bomb in our house for the last 2 weeks. We took really good care of the powerbank and so I'm still not sure how all of this happened. Haven't specifically heard from Kogan again yet since they collected the burned battery. If you still have it at your place may be it's a good idea to keep them in a safe place separate from flammable materials. I don't hope for this to happen to anyone who purchased this but it's better to be safe than sorry.

    • mine is sitting outside, hopefully far enough away from anything that can burn. Had yours been used heavilly prior to burning? did you ever charge something like a laptop that put it under high load?

      • I used it like once or twice a week…Have never overcharged or charged it overnight , no scratches, never dropped it, only used it to charge phones (my partner's an engineer so she's very particular about these stuff).

    • It feels like we have been keeping a bomb in our house

      Why not leave it outside?

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        Oh we live in an apartment. There's a balcony but it's tiny and connected to everything else

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      Did your powerbank look any bad before fire?
      You said it like couple times a week on phones only.
      I've used it many times to charge surface book 2. (never gave any problem until now so far)

      The powerbank i have doesn't seems to heat up at all even at fast charge and discharge.

      Although bad thing about this powerbank is that it gets confused between taking charge or giving charge with usb C often it starts to take charge from sources at first but second time of pluging in cable it allows discharging of current

      But interestingly enough the bottom cells seem to have swallowed ever so slightly, makes a different sound when tapping with fingers compared to upper cells.

      Honestly do feel a bit worried of using it. If that random ebay seller wouldn't have notified me and refunded me i would have never found out about it.

      • Can I ask what brand/model yours was from ebay as well as the input output Max Watt specs thanks?

        I don't want people here reading about your power bank that has swallen cell(s) and think it is the same Kogan 60W/72W/102W

        model. I have heard of many power banks of various brands size and price that have swallen cells/case over time due to normal

        or neglected use such as over charging or extereme heat for prolonged times, or even just a faulty cell(s) or circuit etc.

        If the OP's case is a one off isolation, then as long as people use these whilst attended and take care with them there might still be

        of some use to them, especially if kept in metal case/container when stored, or better still find similar size metal container and drill

        hole in it for the cable and use like that maybe. If cells are swollen or battery get's really hot or any sign of smoke or smell then stop

        using for sure though.

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    Would putting it in something like this help? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/LIPO-BAG-Safe-CHARGING-RC-Batter...

    And does the Kogan email say what model number exactly is being recalled? I have the 75W one KAPWBKN75WA. Nothing on the ACCC Product Recalls page for either the 60W, 75W or 102W models…

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      I have all my RC car batteries in a LiPo back, but i have never had one catch on fire, so i cant comment on their effectiveness.
      I was not able to find any info on this other than the email itself, I also couldnt find anything on productsafety.gov.au. The email mentions my model specifically (KAPWBKN60WA) which is the 60W version, so Im not sure if the others are also affected. They all look the same, but thats not to say they use the same batteries or other components.

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      I'm not sure i would bother, look at this

  • Could anyone else that has received an email regarding the recall confirm which model they have?

    Mine is KAPWBKN60WA

    Im wondering if it is limited to this model specifically, or if people who own the 75W or 102W models are affected too?

    Thanks :)

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      Looking at the manuals, interestingly the model numbers for the 26,800mAh models are:

      60W - KAPWBKN60WA
      75W - KAPWBKN75WA
      102W - KAPB26800HA, KAPB26800HB

      …which may suggest that the 60W and 75W models have more in common than the 102W.

      Also, OP, was your model within the one year warranty period when you received the recall notice?

      • I ordered mine at the end of March 2019

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      I asked Kogan if the 75 watt is under recall, this is their response. Good to see they are useless as ever.

      "Thanks for your email.

      Although we don't currently stock the item you're looking for, we are always expanding our product range, so keep checking back as it is likely that we’ll have the product you want available soon!

      To be kept informed of new product releases and be the first to hear about special offers, please subscribe to our newsletter, you can enter your name and email in the area at the bottom of our homepage: https://www.kogan.com/au/

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask."

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      Yep it's this one. I received a text message, I'll attach the pdf they sent me below


      • Thanks, that helps a lot. Kogan's helpline doesn't :)

        "Thanks for the response.

        I have attempted to give you a call to discuss further but you may have been busy at the time.

        Upon checking, I can confirm that your power bank item is in good condition and passed as having good quality standard.

        In the meantime, if there is anything else I can assist with, please let me know."

        • Ugh, I still haven't received my refund. I sent them an email but haven't heard back.

  • I used mine to charge my Surface Pro 5. My Surface Pro's battery now tanks after about 20 minutes of use, and shuts off at 20% or so.

    The decline in battery always seemed to be to have begun after I started using this power pack to charge my Surface Pro. Unfortunately it's out of warranty and white expensive to fix (~$400/.

    Think I might be right? Am I likely to have any recourse against Kogan? Or even via a insurance claim and let them hash it out? Although my excess is probably more, would have to check..

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      No, no, no.

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      while i absolutely cant be sure if im right or not, I dont think these 2 issues would be related. Pretty sure the only issue with the power bank is that the batteries are either swelling and then failing or over heating and failing. But again, this is only my opinion, I could be totally missing the mark here.

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    Here's good replacement powerbank i just bought one for only $64

    It's only 1 usb A 1 usb C, upto 60W max
    only downside is it's only 20,000 mAh compared to 26,800 mAh of Kogan ones, but I'd rather not choose Kogan from this incident, and it's cheaper as well once you factor in the shipping from kogan too.


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    So due to this I just got a
    $15.99 refund to paypal and
    $50 kogan credit

    I don't know why they split it like that, a little peeved about it, not sure on the legalities of a credit that expires in 1 year for a recalled item, and not sure I want any of their offerings as a replacement given the choice.

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      Postage /extended warranty split from product cost?

      Open a support ticket and ask for the $50 to be refunded

      • product was $59 so shipping was $6.99 so unlikely a shipping/product split

        Yeah im going to try, though being Kogan im just expecting "The product has been refunded with some to pay pal and some as a credit, you should see this in the kogan store and your paypal account. Thank you for choosing kogan." in their typical fob you off by repeating what you ask them manner.

        Ill wait and see if the paypal refund works though, since the card i used with paypal was replaced when westpac switched to MasterCard, not sure what'll happen there.

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          Good luck, at least if you ask directly it may help your case with Paypal (as in, Paypal may refund the whole amount since you paid the whole amount with them).

          For the credit card switch, you may be able to as Paypal to refund as Paypal credit - not as good as back on your credit card, but still better than nothing :)

    • Im still waiting on my refund, so will be interesting to see what i get. I ordered from Dick Smiths, not Kogan directly, and I paid through Paypal. They did say 3 - 5 days, so I wont start complaining yet :)
      Also, I would totally be annoyed about receiving store credit, but Im not sure theyre required to do any different, I think it was just a voluntary recall, so maybe we're lucky to get anything? Will be pissed off tho, Ive already destroyed mine….didnt want it in the house

      • Did you end up getting a refund? I paid via paypal and still haven't got mine. I received a disposal email and text just then…

        • Originally paid seller 84.99 dollars (used) on eBay, got voucher as kogan was 60 dollars (new).

          Seller was so mice to refund me full money by payid in a day.
          Although ebay made it so hard to share payment details for refund as paypal doesn't work after like a year or something.

          And i didn't pay any shipping so technically got profited from that ebay seller but again originally paid em 85 bucks for an item that retailed at 60 bucks new.

          I personally however dont think any eBay seller need to refund until they themselves got refunded.

          Never buy Kogan powerbank again.
          I got ravpower 60w one from Amazon for 65 bucks
          Very small and compact although only 20,000 mAh. But still no kogan time bomb in there.

          • @USER DC: I have been following the price of this powerbank for a long time on and off and have purches 3 in total ( 2 x 60W & 1 x 102W ) and the price was usually $79 + delivery for the 60W version and on ocasions a bit cheaper if delivery was free, % off and rarely both.

            Not many power banks in the market offer such a high W input and output, Kogan and his supplier/manufacturer ( which is a decent Chinese developer and manufacturer ) were pushing the demanding tech charging ceiling. Many big brands have had charging and battery issues recalls including Belkin, Cygnett, Apple and Samsung with much more basic low end specs.

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    Something Kogan has not done yet, is provide disposal instructions, I wonder how many people will just toss a 26Amp hour battery fully charged in the trash to get crushed in the garbage truck and possibly start a fire in the truck/processing center.

    Best hope i see is possibly (but not sure if they would take them, i havent contacted them yet)

    Which is a PITA, esp in Melbourne, im not sure if a >5km drive is allowed in order to dispose of Kogan's hazardous waste.

    • i did about the worst thing u could do with fully charged lithium batteries, but it was kinda fun….and (profanity) dangerous….i wouldnt recommend it

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        I used to be quite the pyrotechnic as a kid (home made fireworks in model rockets etc) im over it now, i'll suffice for youtube videos of LiPo batteries obliterating LiPo safety bags, like i replied up higher, gnarly stuff.

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    Anyone not gotten their refunds yet?

    • Just checked now, still no refund…
      I bought through Dick Smith, paid with Paypal

    • Nope, haven't seen anything come back in yet (bought direct from Kogan)

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        I got my refund into my PayPal tonight.

        Definitely give them a msg if you still haven't received it by tomorrow

  • I have this one, got the email and no refund yet.

  • likewise only the email not the refund

  • I have an SMS with disposal but no email?
    edit: nvm was in junk duh

    • yeah I got one as well.. Still no refund

  • I emailed them about my refund and they said that it was still processing.

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    Just came across this thread as my kogan powerbank caught fire about 2 weeks ago as well. Luckily I was awake and heard the loud pop and fizzle and thankfully it wasn't sitting on/near anything flammable otherwise it could have been much worse. I assume a few people must have had similar experiences to cause the recall. Glad to at least be getting a full refund!

    • +1

      Thanks for your repsonse here and as a second this is no longer a "one Off" ( pun half intended ) and need to take further use of this

      product as well as storing more seriously. Can I ask what king of use and life the power bank had? Glad to hear no one got hurt or did not

      do too much damage, as it really could going by some youtube videos.

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        Honestly it was pretty well looked after and as it's much larger than my other 3 powerbanks it was mostly just used at home to charge phones and occasionally a laptop. It worked well up until when it died. I have 3 older powerbanks which have endured far hotter temperatures, travel and more frequent use but never had issues. I also have other lipo batteries around but it's the first issue I've had. Think I'll invest in a lipo bag and be a bit more careful in the future

        • Was just editing my coment whilst you replied. That is a worry that both of you now gave these light use and not even putting

          this battery under much load/pressure as well as exposing to much higher temperatures which they should be designed

          to handle as it's often real world use leaving it to charge a device in hot car or direct sunlight.

          Just wondering what was the power bank doing when it failed, charging a device/getting re-charged or just sitting idle?

          Did you see the other comments I made today after watching explosion test reviews to see which lipo bag works better?

          The Hobbymate came up well and available with free delivery if you have prime @ Amazon.

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            @ozhunter68: It was on a bench with my phone charging while placed on top of it- something I've done many times before and it's never showed any signs of overheating or anything. Luckily I heard the noise and grabbed my phone off charge as it started smoking badly then caught fire. Yes saw your recommendation for the lipo bag which I'll look at getting. Thanks

            • @lando54: So in both cases the Power bank was only charging one phone at a time, not at all pushing this battery anywhere

              close to it's output capabilities. Pretty sure you are supposed to be able to charge up to three devices at once with

              these, up to 60W max. One phone would only have been drawing up to 18W max using the usb A in QC3 mode or

              usb C PD. Was the USB A port being used at the time, or the C ? Did the fire do much damage at all?

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    Got my refund via PayPal credit. Minus shipping fee - given I had purchased another item alongside it (which hasn't been recalled - yet!)

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    In regards to safe disposal, I got the following SMS (as I'm sure most here did) from Kogan

    "Urgent: In regards to the recall for the Kogan 26800mAh Power Bank, please dispose of the product thoughtfully -> see cleanup.org.au for more information"

    Noting that it took them 8 days(!) to come up with this brilliant piece of advice, after their initial email to "store it safely" and await further instructions.

    Sounded dodgy to me. Emailed Clean Up Australia (who Kogan referred to) and got a prompt email reply from their CEO:

    "Hmm, this is disturbing.

    The recycling near you pages are monitored by Planet Ark – and I’m guessing each has their own safety requirements.

    So the best advice I can offer is contact your local council to see if they can advise you where the nearest free drop-off location is near you. Most councils offer this as a service to residents.

    They will also be able to answer the hazard question.

    The other alternative is to send it back to Kogan of a Dick Smith outlet – they have a responsibility to take back faulty products and manage their disposal.

    All the best".

    Copied above for everyone else's use.

  • After watching some youtube review videos on lipo battery fire roof bags this one came up one of the better ones and I got one for this unit untill

    I look into trying to get a reasonably priced metal ammo/tool box for more of my power bank storage. Was $21.90 delivered with prime from

    Amazon AU. https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B07CM656ML/ref=ppx_yo_d...

    Good youtube review video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atkgUwGHL_k

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    this is late, but uh.. so i shouldn't throw it in the trash? Kogan has not offered any actual solutions on disposal nor have they offered to pick it up.

    Btw, I did get my refund eventually. I was worried because the original credit card was replaced with a new number.

    • Good to hear you got your refund, how did they work out what your new card number was if that's how they did the refund?

      I am going to keep my two 60W as I am about to start a Nomadic Mobile Lifestyle soon, but will always use it in this case whether

      just sitting in storage/van/camp or charging and discharging, not taking any risks, but I will just use the USB C output as from what

      these two people above mentioned both were using USB A output to a smartphone ( will use it for USB C PD Chromebook ).

      • +1

        it was refunded to Paypal, but did not appear in my CC statement for a while. The bank should sort out the refund for you. The bank will know about your former credit card and just link it to your new account. I didn't have to chase it up with the bank. I just waited and it eventually went through.

        I don't recommend using the power bank if they don't. Yes you can use it in a place where if it catches fire it won't burn down your house. But what if it causes damage to the device you are charging? It's not worth the risk. If you got your refund for it, just consider it breaking even. Use the money you spent on it to buy another power bank and use that instead.

        Kogan said to dispose of it thoughtfully and that further instructions will be provided on how, but no instructions came. I eventually disposed of it at a shopping center bin.

        The two people above said they were charging via USB A when it set fire, but that doesn't mean it can't also happen on the USB C port. They just weren't using USB C at the time.

        • I already got both refunds through PayPal and AfterPay/Bank.

          Logical sound conclusion. Will only use it out of house outside in camping situations, just as a back up to

          other Power Banks if needed.

        • -1

          Dude i cannot belive how usb A 's use can cause Fire.

          And WELL DONE TO you for dumping the lithium Ion battery in the shopping center Trash bin. Like if it was the best place to store it for future fire hazard.
          It would have been best to dispose of in the local Aldi/Officeworks store's they often collect dead batteries for free in their battery bin. Or did you even bother calling your local waste management center in the council? So many times they often take it for free.

          I am still having my Kogan powerbank with me i haven't disposed it yet but i will dispose off mine fairly soon at my local council waste management facility or officeworks.


  • No word on the 72W or 102W Power Bank anyone?

  • Would you believe when i got the text was the first time in ages I actually used the darn thing….. Just posting to say I had the 60W version.

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