Please Give You Thought for This Second-Hand Computer System

Could anyone give me the value of this PC. I am about to make purchase on this PC, asking price $1100

Intel i5-8600k
MS 7B43 Z370i chips motherboard
Nvidia GTX1080 ( 8GB Graphic ram)
16 GB (DDR4 3000MHz)
Lg 29 inch monitor 21:9 2K pixel
Water cooling case

NO HARD DRIVE, No Keyboard and Mouse

How much do I offer him for this 2 years old system.



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    • I guess we all now know that you were one of THOSE people on The Price is Right.

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      I think this computer is worth a bit more than landfill…

      • i read your comment as, the glitter ooshie was worth more than the computer

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    If I were spending $1100 then I'd be building with new and perhaps better parts.

    But he's asking for around the right amount for the CPU, GPU and Mobo alone. I'd like to know the refresh rate and panel of the monitor though.

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    i wouldn't be prepared to spend that amount of money on used gear out any warranty. But having to deal with CPL or centrecom with warranty claims are just as bad when parts fail.

  • $800 to $900 and I would replace the water cooling.

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    Based purely on specs alone, that's still quite a capable gaming rig in 2020 and the i5-8600K has quite a lot of overclocking headroom as well. It'll definitely push 60FPS in most games at 2560x1440 with high settings.

    The cheapest second-hand GTX 1080s you can find on Gumtree are around $400 and that monitor is still probably worth at least $300 if not more, so anything around $800 is a fairly decent value price for that level of performance.

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    It seems like they've priced it at $1100 to entertain offers of $1000~ which seems about on the money for the entire system. The parts alone are worth that much.
    8600k $250
    1080 $350
    PSU+motherboard+RAM $150-200
    Not sure about the monitor but it'll be in the $200-300 range

  • $1100 is way too much, I'd be asking for around $300 for the case, CPU, RAM and mobo, $300 for the 1080 and $200-$400 for the monitor depending on what type it is.

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    The CPU and Motherboard combo can be overclocked,
    I think there is some added value in that, this chip will OC to 4.6 ghz easy. Probably is currently!
    You will pay a premium for a current unlocked cpu and a z series motherboard.
    The GPU has plenty of power ,
    16 GB ram at 3000 Mhz is decent
    You don't mention the PSU but if its a solid PSU it have to have been about $100+ when new
    I think $800 to $900 is fair.

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    Thank you for everyone who participated in my post. I really do appreciate. I had made my offer of $650 back and waiting for reply. Don’t know if I ever get one back though.

    Reason is being, two years old cooler case needs redo, No hard drive and no peripherals. It is still second hand without a warranty and some parts might be drop dead any time. Not sure about PS specification, I actually have a good 27inch monitor and don't want his one.

    Enjoy all professional discussion here too!

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    What sort of 1080 is it?
    what sort of monitor is it? need more than "Lg 29 inch monitor 21:9 2K pixel", like has it any dead pixels, refresh rate, g-sync?
    Got any pictures of the case?

    if you only offered him $650, he will go elsewhere, it is his baby he is selling

    I have 3 monitors, I can't do without them

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    Yes, the guy came back and said he would rather give to a friend than sell it on that price. But thing is his pc is still not sold on the price he asked for. Recently there are a lots second hand pc sales Ads all around 1-2 years old for between $1000-$1800. Some are genuine sales but some are not, just put ad there for fun. As you said it is their babies had to be pricy.

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      Was the $650 including the monitor?

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