Purchasing iPhone Outright Vs Telstra 24 Month Post Paid Plan

Hi team

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere but I couldn't find anything direct.

I am looking at upgrading my iPhone 8 to the iPhone 11 soon and want to know the best way to do it.

Since paying off the iPhone 8 (had a Telstra post paid plan) I have been using pre-paid cards and I feel like I have been saving heaps per month on average.

Am I better to purchase the iPhone 11 at somewhere like JB and keep buying pre-paid cards on special or go down the post-paid plan again?

I look forward to hearing your suggestion(s)




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    Post pain plan + upfront cost = total cost
    Prepaid plan costs for same period + outright phone cost = total cost

    Take what ever is lower or offers you the most value.

    • Also, check and compare the inclusions between the two different types of post-paid plans:

      1) sim-only plans
      2) those plans that they allow with a phone that's paid in instalments

      The monthly cost might be the same or very similar, but the latter will usually have significantly less inclusions.

  • Before you sign up to a plan, it'll tell you the minimum cost of the plan. For an iPhone 11, the cheapest options you can get it through Telstra will be about $2500. That's on the smallest plan, for an iPhone 11 64GB.

    Whereas, if you bought it outright you're looking at what, $1250~? Plus your prepaid for let's say the next 24 months - what recharge do you go with? Anything less than $50 a month and you're saving money.

    Much better to buy and then use prepay.

    • +1 for prepay. its so much more control.

    • Except no 5G or Telstra Air for Telstra prepay users from October

      Also doesn't have to be prepay, could be a m2m or contract with any provider where the monthly cost is $50 or less.

      I used to find it better to buy outright and go on Amaysim/Lebara postpaid for $25-$30 a month

      • Except no 5G or Telstra Air for Telstra prepay users from October

        That's a fair point.

        I used to find it better to buy outright and go on Amaysim/Lebara postpaid for $25-$30 a month

        Yeah I buy outright and go M2M myself.

  • Also note - iPhone 12 will be announced next month around 13th Oct I believe.

    • Yes this, terrible time to get a new iPhone unless it’s urgent.

    • This. Even if you want to buy the iPhone 11 (not the new model), you should wait until the new ones are unveiled, as the prices of the older ones (11 series includes) will drop.

      • Yes good idea thank you, I’m not in a rush just browsing at the moment. I am going to give my current iPhone 8 to my mum so time for an upgrade (for the both of us) :)


  • The JB HI FI deal that ends tomorrow would presumably be the best postpaid deal atm?

  • Bought an SE outright a couple weeks back and I'm on the Circles 100GB plan from December last year. Cost efficient and modern chip.

  • Do you need overseas (lol) data or roaming? Check that too

  • The most economical is to keep the iPhone 8 and the pre-paid.

  • If you don't need the financing afforded by telcos, outright plus prepaid is the better bet. Telcos don't tend to offer big discounts for contracts these days.

    For example on Telstra, a Boost 2 x $300 SIM plus an iPhone 11 64GB ($1199) is $1799, while the cheapest postpaid plan is $2518. And you can often get the iPhone and Boost SIM on special (Telstra might offer $10 off the plan price, but the difference is still almost $500).

    But wait for two more weeks…

  • Wouldn't the $69 12 month jb hi fi plan with $500 bonus be more economical followed by cheaper plan or prepaid?

    • Not really. It’s $69 month. I’m on Optus $40 month as is my wife, and we get that data, That’s $29 a month cheaper. That’s $348 a year cheaper or $696 over 2 years. And we get the Apple subscription worth circa $10 a month.

      I’m also looking for a deal because I’m getting the iPhone 12 mini to move from my iPhone 7. But yeah the jB hifi deal is ok. Nothing amazing.

      And don’t talk speed, I’m in Sydney and get about 280-300mbps download at my home suburb and similar at my work. I honestly don’t need any faster it even exists. Saying that my mates iPhone X on Telstra was getting 40mbps - LOL

  • Apple also do interest free through Creditline. Fee is $5 per month. Used it to buy my wife's phone and paid it off in just over 6 months.

    If you paid $100 per month off the phone it would be paid in 12 months and you'd have paid $60 in fees. Total cost $1,260.

    $25 Aldi Plan for 12 months is $300 and more than enough data for most people. Unlimited rollover of data too.

    So for a total of $1,560 ($130 per month) you own the phone outright after a year with no contract. Your cost then drops to $25 per month. Slightly more than examples above but you don't have to stump up $1,200 in one hit.

    You could lower the monthly cost by spreading the payments on the phone out more, but bear in mind the interest free fee is an extra $5 per month. You can spread over up to two years.

  • Purchasing iPhone Outright

    How are you paying for this? Cash or credit?

    • Cash if I go ahead with the outright option. I’m either going to get it outright in a few weeks once the new iphone comes out or just keep my 8