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Yaxell Mon Santoku Knife 16.5cm $79.95 + Shipping (Free with $100 Spend/In-Store) @ Kitchen Warehouse


Ok - first up the negatives - at the end of the day, this is just a knife. It can't give you a backrub, it can't complete a spreadsheet, and it is a very poor and sometimes dangerous substitute for a consenting lover.

But the positives more than make up for it. Retailing for $150, but more commonly available around the $120 mark, the Yaxell Mon Santoku has slashed its price to have a fair stab at better known brands. For the uninitiated, the "Santoku" - literally meaning three virtues; chopping, dicing, mincing - is a mid to large sized multi-use knife frequently interchanged with the more common Chef's knife of the western world. Slightly smaller at around 7" compared to the 8-10" blade of a traditional Gyuto or Chef's knife - like myself, what the Santoku lacks in length, it makes up for in dexterity. As a result, many chefs - most commonly females, those of Eastern background or with smaller hands, choose the Santoku knife as the main work horse of their kitchen.

Yaxell are an OEM manufacturer and frequently feature on the website of knife enthusiast, Burrfection. His tour of their Seki factory is an amazing insight into Japanese craftsmanship and details some of the reasons why forged Japanese blades often command such a premium. If you tire of manga, karate practice or late night J-league action, sink your teeth into his fascinating video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqKoAaMxy3U&list=LLS7YPmJHFQytVi0dhL...

They don't have the profile of the likes of Global, but those in the know will tell you that Yaxell are literally a cut above, largely on account of their VG10 blade with its Rockwell hardness rating of 61, compared to the softer metal of Global's 56-58 rated knives. Like Globals and most Japanese knives, they are susceptible to rust and chipping on account of their sharper, harder blades - so make sure your wife or knife maid doesn't toss them in dishwasher.

The Mon is Yaxell's entry range, but don't let that put you off. Whilst you won't get the cosmetic benefits of Damascus layering or a hammered finish and scalloped indentations, what you will get is rock-bottom pricing for a 61 rated blade that is built to be used, not just to be looked at. This "Sonny" functions exactly the same as their prettier looking "Cher" Zen Santoku which will require significant upkeep to keep its shape only to inevitably see its pretty looks fade over time. By comparison, the Zen is currently "on sale" (like every other knife in existence!) at $170 according to www.kitchenwarehouse.com.au/Yaxell-Zen-Santoku-Knife-16-5cm

For anyone looking to save a few extra dollars, coupon "NAKED15" should save you $15 if you are looking to add something else to your basket to get over the $100 free shipping threshold. Contrary to the '$15 off any $75 purchase' spiel, it didn't work for me just on the Santoku, but did after I added a very handy Minosharp to my basket, which sharpen up Shun or Yaxell knives nicely without needing the level of mastery and patience expected of a whetstone.

Just be warned - these things are next level sharp out of the box. I dropped one of my Santoku's on my foot and almost lost a toe! Thankfully, the doctor was able to save it with a dozen stitches and by replacing part of my lost nail with some hard candy of all things.

Thanks to this knife, I now have a tic tac toe…

Edit # 1 - Use code FREESHIPKNIVES or CART10 for free shipping if spending under $100. With thanks to morpheous for the sharp tip!
Edit # 2 - Showing as out of stock online, but commenters have reported being able to place orders over the phone via their nearest store.
Edit # 3 - 21/10 For anyone returning to the scene of the crime, Yaxell are having up to 59% off full knife block sets to compliment your new toys, as seen at www.ozbargain.com.au/node/575201
Edit # 4 - 27/10 Back in stock online and in many stores

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      All Yaxell knives are handmade in japan, even the entry level Mon. Yaxell wouldnt even dream of operating out of China, it would hurt their pride too much.

  • pick up only available - NSW or WA

    • +1

      Thanks - $69.95 for me pickup using CART10

  • Thoughts on this Global MinoSharp? Looks very easy to use for an amateur like myself!


    I can't get a $15 off code emailed to me for the VIP sign up, perhaps admin stopped it after so many hits?

    And the NAKED15 code is coming up with minimum $50 spend despite my total order with the knife and mino sharp coming to $114.95.

    However the CART10 code drops it down to $104.95 for the knife and mino sharp with free delivery.

    • +1

      Yep, these are very easy to use and do a good job. I've had one for years and can highly recommend if you don't want to go down the whetstone road. They are designed to sharpen Japanese knives, but work okay for non-Japanese knives

    • There's a 3 stage one that also has a fine wheel so should get a better edge than the 2 wheel one with just coarse and medium.

    • +1

      They're okay, but once a year or so I would recommend them being sharpened by someone who will use a stone. Minosharp does uneven wearing down over time.

    • +1

      The knife is excluded from NAKED15. You need $50 of other items, try the 3 stage sharpener instead of 2stage.

  • +1

    I never knew there are so many knife enthusiasts :)

  • +1

    I can vouch for this Yaxell Mon knife, however I'm not a professional chef. I was just looking for something that stays sharp and has good build quality and this was a perfect fit for my needs!

    I highly recommend them! The 61 hardness means you should not have to sharpen it too much, though you must be careful with it and only use on wooden cutting boards due to their fragility.

    • +2

      So you're telling me I can't cut directly on my stone bench top?!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • +2

    Wordsmith vs swordsmith and the wordsmith wins.

  • +2

    I dont use santoku's but this is a good brand of knife. I have the Zen, can attest to its edge. Performs quite similarly to my Kasumi 20cm Chef's Knife, would expect the cutting performance of the Mon to be more or less the same.

    Yaxell are the second biggest knife manufacturers coming out of Japan (second only to Yoshihiro). Even if you guys haven't heard of them, don't let that put you off from buying this great quality knife.

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    Sold out on website for delivery, but if you call they are able to arrange a store to deliver to you :)

    • Did you purchase first via click and collect, or do the whole transaction over the phone?

      • Whole transaction over the phone

  • +6

    Out of stock for delivery on the site, but yes you can call to arrange. The girl was a little shocked when she saw that they've sold over 160. Ozbargained.

  • Would I need to get a gold camo for this for damascus or is this a DLC weapon?

  • +1

    Available for delivery through Bunnings:

    No free delivery though

    • Bunnings is actually just reselling for kitchen warehouse. Cheaper to buy directly and use CART10

  • +1

    Are these votes for the deal or description? I almost pulled the trigger till I read the comments.

    • About to ask this question. I'm no expert in knives or wives and I'm genuinely confused with all this upvoting :/

  • Hey @UncleRico what's the best knife sharpening stone to accompany this.

  • -1

    "As a result, many chefs - most commonly females …"

    You're a male, am I right?

    • Correct.

      But the rest of your quote read, "…most commonly females, those of Eastern background or with smaller hands". I'm option #3…

      • My sympathies to your wife.

        • "Inappropriate"? Really? Sympathies to your wife is appropriate, but breathing through my ears is inappropriate?

          Toughen up, buttercup. Every other mod saw no problem with the comment…

          • +1

            @UncleRico: I was surprised myself.

            • +1

              @try2bhelpful: I thought we happy a delightful light-hearted exchange.

              What hope have the children got if we try to breed all of the resilience out of them by censuring or censoring such inoffensive discourse?

  • Looks like a good value deal. The main concern that shows up in reviews is how much thicker the blade gets as it goes up, which could lead to problems like getting wedged in carrots/potatoes. Don't think you can go wrong at this price though.

  • +1

    A good knife at a good price, is this even Ozbargain? :P

    I love this place, but Global knife 'bargains' make me… uncomfortable.

    Great job OP!

  • +1

    I have the next one up, agreed these are dangerous sliced my finger open first use

    • Probably not "ten times better" but it sure is in a luxury class of its own.

      Super Gou line from Yaxell is like direct competitors with Zwilling's Miyabi 5000 line

      The Super Gou Ypsilon line is "superior" to that.

      193 layer damascus SG2 steel…

  • +1

    Good find OP

  • +2

    Not gonna buy but upvote for the description. Can I get you to write a spill for my business site?

  • "Delivery not available" - online has sold out :-(

    • thae was longgggg ago as in Melb we are limited to shopping 5km from our homes …..so delivery is option if more than 5km from click n collect.

  • +3

    The original meaning of Santoku is the three virtues: valour, wisdom & benevolence.
    Whereas, Santoku Hōchō means a 'three uses' knife that can cut a wide range of ingredients such as meat, fish and vegetables in various ways.

  • well this deal is dead, no online stock and with COVID seems only click n collect 1 store in QLD, and stores in WA.

    Maybe if they re-stock for online if might become a deal again.

    • +1

      Here's hoping they restock - the deal is scheduled to run until Nov 1 - but in the meantime if you're unable to get to one from the remaining stocked stores in Qld or WA, many posters have reported this deal (as well as numerous past Kitchen Warehouse deals) can be obtained by calling your nearest store, who can arrange delivery over the phone.

  • I forgot to mention that the Mon line of knives have sandblasted sides, so it may be pretty good for non-stick.

  • Out of stock. ugh can't believe I missed it :(

    • HI,
      If you still interested I am selling mine at cost. DM me

    • back in stock

      • What a legend, thanks mate! Much appreciated. Already ordered the second I got a mail from them a day or 2 ago haha.

        • yeah I was in same boat, and I was told mine might be delivered yesterday. Didn't happen, so next week I'll have to wait for it to be taken to a post office or trucking company. I hate these companies that won't let them leave parcels!

          And how do they get this to me in a few days whereas it took Amazon 6 days to get my harddriive to a courier and will take a month to deliver?? I thought Amazon this is what Amazon is supposed to be good at??
          Sorry, end of rant. I didn't even have the decency to find the correct deal to rant on. :(

          • @SlickMick: haha totally understandable mate! Rant away! Amazon has been amazing for delivery for me too! Auspost has been pretty bad, some parcels took more than 3 months from Melbourne to Melbourne lol.

  • Saw deal just before going to sleep last night.

    End date: 1st Nov.

    Meh, plenty of stock, plenty of time. Will sort it out after work tomorrow.

    Gets home today, checks site about 21 hours after deal posted.

    OUT OF STOCK -_-

    You snooze, you lose!

    • back in stock

  • I like Yaxell Sayaka more :-)

  • +3

    Great knife, got mine yesterday. Love the shape and feed in the hand. The handle and blade has some nice subtle details too, very impressed.

    • +2

      Great knife indeed.

  • +2

    Many thanks to UncleRico and all the other tips and posts, I called in to order this knife and quite possibly got the very last one in Australia, and with free shipping!

    Got delivered today, and it looks and feels very good, with the sandblasted finish and a nice hamon, although I believe that is only cosmetic.

    Looks good on my knife rack too, and can't wait to bring it out for a few rounds of chop chop.

  • +1

    Back in stock folks.

    • +2

      Great, just ordered one with a minosharp. I like cooking and used to use a chefs knife but wifey got a Santoku as part of some promotion and I just love the flatter cutting edge, it's a very different feel while using it. It's a cheapie and doesn't hold an edge for long so I'm looking forward to having a decent knife in the kitchen.

      Thank you UncleRico for your post and JamesLucas for the update.

  • Yes back in stock for those that missed out. CART10 still works for free shipping.

    Does anyone know if the syperdco sharpmaker is suitable for sharpening these kitchen knives? I have an old kit from when I was interested in knives and stuff.

    • +1

      Thanks for the reminder. I used latitude pay at checkout and got a further $15 off, so $64.85 total. Awesome, I think.
      I've never used latitude pay before. For those interested it was 10 even weekly payments onto my credit card, set up took a couple minutes. Once the order was complete I logged into my account and paid the balance off in full.

      • Hi mate, How soon did you get order confirmation from Kitchen warehouse when paid using latitude pay?

  • +1

    Can also use Latitude Pay for a further $15 off too, I think? Go to promos and offers on Latitude Pay's website and its listed as a promo for Kitchen Warehouse. Just tested it and it works! Free shipping code still working too, as reported by others.

  • OOS again.

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