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Whites Outdoor Wavelock Panel Edging - 20 Pack 3m Total Length $1.26 (RRP $12.25) @ Bunnings (Special Order in Stores)


Special Order
Visit our Special Orders desk in-store to order this product.


Made from Recycled Plastic
Simply tap into place
Packet of 20
3m Total Length
Whites Wavelock Garden Edging is made from recycled plastic.

Whites Wavelock Garden Edging is simple to install by tapping into place, fitting different garden angles and curves.

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  • Frick sake, would have bought some if there was Drive and Collect available FML.
    Was actually looking to buy some of these

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      I would suggest you call your local Bunnings and ask to speak to the special orders desk, and they can put through an order over the phone.

      • Thanks, Will call first thing tommorow

  • so….you need to visit the "special order desk in-store" to order it, and then I gather you need to return at a later date to collect it once it arrives in store?

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    You can call the special orders desk and make an order, then you only need to turn up once to pickup after it arrives.

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    Unless done really well, plastic edging looks sh!t and doesn’t last. Weather and movement will just leave it looking wonky.

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      They also attract the newly evolved plastic edging eating termites, and once they've established themselves it's a battle keeping them out of your Tupperware cupboard.

      • Your Tupperware cupboard is the least of your issues.

        • -2

          I don't believe BongoOB that you are in a position to prioritise my issues.
          "least of your issues" Lack of originality is one of yours.

  • This looks like the stuff my folks tried from Bunnings. I cannot be 100% sure though with this picture.

    It doesn't really have any long spikes to go in the ground and although you are meant to tap it in, the stuff didn't sit well.
    The stuff looked very thin and was very hard to have it sit evenly along the entire length.
    They had mulch in the bed, but you really need to pile it up against it to support it, so there was a cost of more mulch.

    Price is tempting, but I'd really like to see a pack in person before committing.

  • 13cm is 2 short

  • Has this expired as it shows up as $13.95 for me - https://www.bunnings.com.au/wavelock-edging-panel-20-pack_p3...

    • Looks like it. I got my order in on Friday for the special price.

    • That is different brand from OP

  • Got ready to pick up SMS. Went to pick it up today and figured out when I got home they gave me a box full instead of just 3 like I ordered! :O

    • Damn you! Got a call today, ordered 30 but they could only get 18!

      • Sorry :( box was 24 packs from memory