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1.25kg Coffee $41.25 Delivered at Inglewood Coffee


Received an email tonight for a sale that ends Oct 1st at 11.59pm. Buy 1kg get 250g free. Code gets you 25% off and free shipping for spends over $50. Total for me was $41.25 with free shipping.

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Inglewood Coffee Roasters
Inglewood Coffee Roasters

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    Inglewood never sent me my order confirmation from previous deal, did not respond about potential data breach and removed customer posts about it when posted on their Facebook page. Just a warning.

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    Errrr data breach wtf? Shipping took ages on my order. I actually love their coffee but that doesn’t sound like the best service.

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    I live in metro melbs and have never had an issue with these guys. Shipped in 3-4 day and decent filter coffee for the sale price.

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      Same here… Coffee is nice.

  • Strictly worse than nearly all of their other deals. Recommend waiting for a better deal to come up.

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    As mentioned earlier, I would buy from these guys with caution. Their website was potentially hacked and they deleted posts off Facebook and instagram.


    See the post from Jekyll.

  • Still waiting on my order from 22/9 deal, Melbourne metro. Auspost only has “Shipping Information Approved” back from 25/9 on the tracking. Anyone else in this situation? Yet to hear back from my email to Inglewood about it.

    • Seems to be Auspost issue, Inglewood were helpful in this matter.

  • free shipping for spends over $50. Total for me was $41.25 with free shipping.

    How did you get free shipping for total under $50?