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Google Pixel 5 (8GB RAM, 128GB, 5G) - $999 at Google Store


Google announced the pixel 5 and 4a 5g overnight.
$999 for pixel 5 and $799 for pixel 4a 5g.

Link to Pixel 4a 5g: https://store.google.com/au/product/pixel_4a_5g

RRP. Mod please move to forum if not a deal.

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    RRP. Mod please move to forum if not a deal.

    You straight up know RRP is not a deal, and chose to post it as one anyway…

    • -36

      RRP does not necessarily mean it is not a deal… Read the rules

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      other RRP "deals" have all paved the way … chew-chew is just following the COVID everything out of stock posting norm .. lol

      • -1

        Yea all those switch deals at RRP lol
        As I said, mod can move to forum if needed

      • +2

        cough PS5 Xbox Series X
        In that case let's list every store that doesn't even have stock but will eventually get some next year.

        • and new nvidia card's (actually some seemed over the MSRP) … but the switch is the longest running one, and most annoying i have the OG switch i got on prime day and cost $300 and some cash back on top.. i highly doubt new switch is that much better to be a deal at RRP or close to it.

    • +1

      except when its an RTX 3070 and it has 400 upvotes and 9000 clicks in a day

    • RRP on some items is definitely a deal if they're not readily available. Not saying this fits that category but your blanket statement isn't correct.

    • He wants the + votes Lolllllll

    • -1

      Agree, standard retail price. So this is an announcement.

      Specs don’t show it as an outstanding deal.

  • For holders of the Google One 2TB accounts, does it still offer 10% Google Store credit on device purchases?

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    • I’m on the base Google One plan which doesn’t have the 10% credit. Do you know if you can temporarily upgrade to a higher plan, and drop back after making a purchase?

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        Yes you can

      • +1

        You need to wait for the phone to ship to get the credit

  • +2

    SD 765 mid range processor for the pixel 5… if they use 865 it will be the best phone ..

    • Upper range processor (or semi-premium), really. Snapdragon 690 is the mid-ranger

      • The lowest of the upper range

    • +5

      majority of the people dont need the raw power of 865. 765 is more than adequate

      • +2

        For now perhaps, the 4a is slow to process things already, so I wouldn't go thinking it's the same thing, as it's not.

        • Keen to know what is it slow to process, from your personal experience?

          • +1

            @rdhupar: 4A I notice chrome opening is much slower than my S10e, also taking a photo takes about 3-5 seconds to finish processing, so you can't look at it straight away. It could just be me, but apps seem to close all the time in the background too compared to my old S10e

            • @onlinepred: Isn’t that how the HDR+ works? It’s takes time to progress photos for better image quality? Isn’t this the same with flagship processor.

              It’s interesting I have a Samsung tab with less ram and shitty processor which is still fast against my A12 iPad for basic tasks like browsing the net. Even multitasking is fine with browser, social media and multimedia apps. Find it weird that Google pixel 4a would be sluggish at this stuff.

              • @Ronnnie: The actual sensor in the 4a is very average, they do ALOT of software processing over the photos, photo processing takes a lot of CPU effort. The 4a is half the speed of even last years flagship cpu.

                • @onlinepred: The 4a sensor better than other phones at it’s price.

                  • @Ronnnie: If you only compare super basic photos only and like HDR+ processing then yes most of the time, but that's it. It's sensor is actually worse, it's the software processing that makes it good.

                    • @onlinepred: The other cheaper sensors are all about marketing. Put in a cheaper 48 mp and it’ll lose even with software being the same.

                      • +3

                        @Ronnnie: No not really, if you zoom in on many of Pixels photos, you will notice they lack detail and the ability to crop photos due to lack of information. They get so heavily post processed. If you compare optical zoom photos to Pixels digital zoom photos you will see the issues start to arise. The same goes for their portrait mode, which for other lenses/phones which have aperture set to make these natural and not artificial, pixels are still doing this artificially. Their wise angle lens isn't as wide as others either. So in essence, the pixel sony lens is a cheap lens, and the wide angle is also a cheap lens. So if you like the over saturated/over sharpened look for social media then 100% you will be fine with the Pixels photos.

                  • @Ronnnie: Not really, it's IMX363 and loads of other phones using IMX686 (e.g Redmi K30). It's the processing software that is better than other phone at its price.

        • The pixel 4a has a 730 not a 765g

          • +3

            @rupp1e: Yep I know. Many said people don't need 8 series when the 4a came out, citing it would be enough for most. Just pointing out that it isn't enough now, and that the 765g might not be enough right now, but perhaps not in a year or two.

    • +3

      Strange, people bag the Samsung’s for not having the top snapdragon, but this doesn’t and everyone argues how you don’t need it.

  • +10

    I genuinely want to know why you would buy this over Samsung FE or One+ or any other similar quality phones on the same price range?

    • +5

      I went with S20FE 5G instead of waiting for this downgraded specs, combine with $800 gift card from Good Guys Telstra deal + Bonus Earbuds Live from preorder, more bang for the buck :)

      • +2

        where is the $800 giftcard

    • I've used Pixel 4 XL, Note 10 Plus and Note 20 ultra. For me Pixel's main advantages:

      Better camera
      Stock experience

      FE with bonus Galaxy Buds Live is definitely a compelling choice too at this price.

    • same, they all look very similar

    • These are my reasons for considering to upgrade to a pixel
      1. Stock android experience
      2. New features that's are included in android 11
      3. Honestly pissed with Samsung and their Exynos processor (I know the FE 5G has SD processor but RRP is $1149)
      4. I also have concerns with China owned phone manufacturers so the choices are limited
      5. $999 is a decent price point (will look for sign up bonus or other deals to get it for cheaper)

      • +3
        1. Isn't Oxygen OS closest to Stock anyway?
        2. I feel like Android updates at this point are just minor improvements, as oppose to major features that it used to be
        3. $149 more but free Buds Live? So cheaper?
        4. Samsung korean? Oneplus?
        5. yup
        • Many of the new features are just features Samsung have already implement in earlier versions. I’m still waiting for Google version of DeX, maybe Android 12 gets that one.

        • OxygenOS is turning to OneUI clone in Android 11

      • +6

        Crazy how things have changed over the last 2-3 years when we consider a $1000 (!) device to be reasonably priced.

        • I was hanging out for this phone and it's been priced better than I expected but I just can't bring myself to pay $1000 for a phone. Picked up a 4a for $597 instead. Will do everything I need.

      • +1

        Samsung is korean.
        Samsung has more new features than Pixels.
        The Exynos is better than the 768g, the FE 5g is SIGNIFICANTLY better CPU.
        $999 is a lot to pay for less specs and features IMO.
        FE gets bonus buds

        • +1

          Person was talking about One+
          What specific Exynos chip and link?
          What good is a bunch of features you don't use? Example? Can you "Hey Google" with screen off, does Bixby show up instead?

          • @nsonha: https://nanoreview.net/en/soc-compare/samsung-exynos-990-vs-...

            Example, Samsung has full "Hey Google" support with the screen off, but has loads of other really valuable features. Some are using Bixby routines to automate your phone given certain conditions like location etc. It has direct access to hardware which Google Assistant does not. When I get to work it sets profiles and app shortcuts on lockscreen etc. Dual audio lets me stream bluetooth music to multiple bluetooth speakers. Dual apps let me run an application with two accounts which is a godsend for my work phone. Dex lets me cast my screen wirelessly to a tv, which I use at work a lot, and use the screen as a mouse/keyboard for showing simple things. These are super basic examples.

            • @onlinepred: So you can have, say, two Instagram accounts or two Google (for gmail). How do you switch between the two?
              Two gmails would be great, one personal, one uni.

              • @PVA: So there are two separate features. Dual chat for chat apps, and secure folder which is a locked app folder of which is sandboxes from the rest of your phone of which any app can be included there.

                • @onlinepred: Thanks.

                  So you can have gmail on the phone and install another gmail in the sandbox? Is that correct?

                  Is Twitter or Reddit regarded as a chat app? (Prob not)

          • +1

            @nsonha: You can "Hey Google" a Samsung phone with screen off for years. Did that 3 years ago with my Note 8. It is a standard Android features as far as I have experienced. Bixby only activates if you say "Hey Bixby".

          • +3

            @nsonha: SmartPhones are a personal choice, so very difficult to say which is better. Wife has Galaxy Note 10 256, and I have Pixel 4XL 128 ( Also have a pixel 2XL that I love).

            She is happy with her phone, and I ask happy with mine.
            Can do a lot with my phone that she cannot, like control all the smart home devices from power button, titan chip TPM for added security, better quality photographs (Samsung lacks details and is often overexposed, whereas the pixel is much better), higher screen resolution and refresh rate, sense when I am reaching for the phone, use gestures to change music ( no other use for me, frankly), get Google Home find my phones ( have not tried it with Note 10).
            Note 10 has nice looks, roughly same battery life ( battery size bigger in Pixel though), S Pen, more RAM.
            But at the end of the day, both are just phones.

            Personally, I would go with stock Android and latest OS, and monthly updates, with TPM for added security.

    • +1

      For me personally the main thing in the phone that really matters the most is the camera. If reviews demonstrate that Pixel 5 has the best camera then I will surely jump in. Unlimited Google Photos storage at original quality (Pixel 3 owner) would be a great plus too. Otherwise it is just a regular phone

      • +2

        I am a pixel 4XL owner and they are counting my original quality photos towards my limit. Have written them a message but no one cares.

        • +3

          They changed the policy after Pixel 3. Pixel 4 does not quality for original quality photos unfortunately.

          • +1

            @AFOS: Yes, that is sad. And earlier, because I also use pixel 2XL, had original quality unlimited storage till 2020. Now it seems that it ended too.
            17 GB is my free storage, but I am still over by 16 GB. ( Total 33 GB).
            Good thing is, one can download all stuff from Google.

            Anyway, have reactivated Google one today.

            Atleast 2020 should mean end 2020 for Pixel 2XL.

    • Better camera, faster to get latest version of Android, arguably better than Samsung version of Android, and spec sheets don’t always translate to faster devices as software plays a part in this too.

    • Size, this is more business size. Imagine pulling out a ~7inches OnePlus McLaren in the board meeting with orange assent.

      With that saying, this pixel 5 is a match to p30 but selling at p40 pro price.

  • +15

    I find this phone to be particularly underwhelming.
    To me, this is what the 4a should have been.

    • +3

      I could not agree more. I am extremely disappointed

      • +2

        Definitely not worth $999.

        I would only get this phone on one of those make and break contract dealies from the likes of Voda etc where you get the phone for about $600.

    • +2

      Yea it feels like what Apple would've classed as an "S" year tbh.

      • Or more like the SE of this current iPhone range, a cut back cheaper phone it seems.

  • +1

    $2 cheaper at officeworks. Pfffff

  • +1

    sorry have to neg - this is not a deal
    just because it is announced does not make it a deal

    • +2

      Yea nah all good.

      Fair enough, just thought I would post it and let everyone decide if it's a deal or not.

      Imo I was expecting this phone to be $1199 RRP given the pixel 5 ($699usd) is double the price vs pixel 4a ($349usd) in the US. $999aud RRP is $200 lower than what I was expecting but yea, people may still find this RRP not a deal and I understand that.

      As I said, mod can move to forum if needed. All good.

      • I expected it to be close to $800 given the specs and features. Oh well :-(

  • +5

    At $1000 it was out of my price range but at $999 I'm all in.

  • +6

    So this is ozNEWS now?

  • This phone just feels incredibly safe.
    Idk if I just miss how HTC was/is constantly pushing the envelope with questionable features that grew on me or what.

    There's nothing that I wouldn't buy it for, but nothing I would exactly buy it for either.

    • Yep it's like a good phone from 3 years ago, with modernish specs at a high price.

  • +1

    Preorder with Telstra to get free Nest Hub Max. I think?

    • +1

      Yep much better deal for now. Does Telstra allow the device to be bought outright without a plan to get the Nest Hub Max? I'm waiting it out until Black Friday. The UK are getting free Bose headphones.

      • I don't think so, unfortunately.

      • No they do not.
        What they said you could do was to buy the phone on a month to month sim. Then cancel after the first month and pay the remaining phone balance.
        Their cheapest sim was 40gb.

        I'm unsure though if this would affect the pre-order bonus.

        I was considering doing this, though don't think it's worth the hassle, just wait a little while longer for a better voda deal .

        • Good to know.
          Rules out being able to use CC price protection too.

        • just wait a little while longer for a better voda deal .

          Anything you're expecting? The nest hub max I thought was a really good deal considering RRP $350

          • @DisabledUser262693: When I look at the Telstra deal, I'm actually paying extra $40 for a sim, and the time of signing up and cancelling is a bit annoying.
            Then while I can get the next hub max.. I would be selling it, and would be lucky to get $250. Again there is the hassle of selling it.

            With Vodafone, they were going to give me the phone plan and sim for $75/month (as i was getting 2 services) with 80gb and international calls.
            …but since I signed up with Vodafone in June, they can't do a credit check until December, so that option is out for me too.

            This makes me think that in 3 months time there will be a better deal than $75/month ;)
            Even Black Friday will prob have something, otherwise there is boxing day.. or just negotiating with Telstra/JB.

            …..and the last thing was 'The phone is not released yet, so who knows how user reviews will affect price'.

            The google hub max just isn't worth it for all the hassle/risk.

            • +1

              @HappyPooPants: That's true, I was looking for a hub max anyways though but I just came across the Samsung FE which looks much better for the money but I don't need the buds and samsung phones generally drop in price pretty quickly and FE has apparently already gone on sale in the states. I recently just paid for a 365 day plan so I'm not looking for plan deals either haha.

  • +3

    Hey everyone, just come here for your tech announcements.

    and $2 cheaper

  • Not a deal. Rrp

  • While telstra is offering a free nest hub Max, still better to wait a little for a better deal.

  • +1

    The OzInStock madness needs to stop. Oh wait, it’s not even in stock.

  • +2

    Would be better to get a S20 FE installing a GCAM. Pixel 5 is way too expensive with a mid-tier CPU.

  • +1

    Since this is now OzAdvertising, can I start posting my Gumtree ads on here also?

    • -1

      Yep, and while we are it, I want to see every single game added to Steam in an individual deal, and every single new release DVD/Bluray while we are at it. And why stop there, everytime Kmart offers a new toaster, put that here too.

  • +2

    Long gone are the days when only genuine bargains were posted on OzBargain.

    • This, mods to blame for allowing such BS and letting it get worse every week.

      Who will visit the site when it's filled with spam?

  • +1

    nice, RRP

  • You buy Pixel you buy the software not hardware, every Pixel can last for years with the latest OS.

    Bargain from Vodafone Pixel 4 was the real bargain (50% off)

    Selling point for Pixel 5 is 5G and the latest phone from Google

    • You buy Pixel you buy the software not hardware

      Yeah exactly. Unfortunately hardware is needed for software to run though.
      And for a company like Google the amount of software flaws I've experienced with the 2 XL is a bit ridiculous.

  • +2

    RRP simp

    • +1

      Have an upvote for almost making me snort out my coffee and then gtfo lol

  • I literally read it as 5 grams :P

  • +1

    Rrp and overpriced.

  • +3

    Price a bit steep for the SoC in this phone. We don't even get the free Bose QC 35 II wireless headphones like UK, etc. Shame on you, Google

  • Is 5g the only reason I wouldn't go the 4a instead?

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