Menu Said 'Donuts', Singular Donut Was Received

So last night I decided to treat myself and order takeout pizza. I ordered through UberEats, I normally try and order directly from the restaurant so they dont lose out on the commission taken by UberEats. However they had no direct online ordering system and I did not feel like communicating with a human.

I ordered a home alone deal which consisted of a large pizza (calabrese), garlic bread and 1.25L drink (Pepsi Max…healthier). After adding the home alone deal to the cart I was prompted to order additional sides. One of the options was 'donuts' for $2, no further description was provided. Naturally this option sparked my interest, it seemed like good value and who doesn't love donuts. I suspected they could be some sort of mini donuts given the low price, I was okay with this as it would make it easier to dunk them directly in the peanut butter jar. Anyhow I added the 'donuts' to my order.

As you may have already worked out by the title I was dismayed when my order arrived. It was one singular hot jam donut! Just reliving it now makes me salty. How can you advertise something as a plural and only provide one? The quality of the donut was very bad, however I was mentally prepared for this, I was ordering donuts from a pizza shop poor quality was to be expected. What I was not prepared for was the quantity debacle. I had minimum expectations of two donuts, anything greater than 2 would have been a bonus. One donut is an atrocity!

I am yet to leave a review for the restaurant. I didn't want to leave the review when I was still angry and take time to reflect and leave a fair review. What are your thoughts? I mean it has to be one star right? The pizza, garlic bread & Pepsi Max were all good. Worthy of a four star review in isolation.

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    1 star - Comments: All food bad & donut debacle
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    1 star - Comments: Donut debacle
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    1 star - Comments: Donut debacle & rest of food good
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    2 star - Comments: Donut debacle & rest of food good
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    3 star - Comments: Donut debacle & rest of food good

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        • -1

          Count yourself lucky.

          Many people would be happy with some penetration right now (in Victoria at least).

          Not sure about the no lube bit.

          • @arcticmonkey: Thanks for your contribution

    • LulZ. Did it come in a bucket?

    • Hey you still got more than a galaxy at least.


      • I rest my case. Even the Simpson’s recognised the seriousness of the infraction!

  • +6

    OP is attacking the principle, even if it was for free, it doesn't matter. Respect the English language, we have grammar for a reason. Learn to use it.

  • +1

    I think Donuts is the correct wording, order as many as you want. Item price $2.

    Leave a star rating on the quality and such of the food you ordered.

  • +4

    Isn't this the guy that only ate tuna?

    Good to see you're expanding your horizons my man!

    • It IS him!! Great job remembering!

  • +2

    I foresee confusion will come when you see "fish" on a menu. Is it one, or some? :)

    I hope the donut was tasty even though it was just the one.

    • As long as it doesn’t say fishes we will be ok I think!

  • Are you ok? Do you need health care? Your blog demonstrates a disturbance of the mind…. 4FS….. a "donut"!

    • +1

      About as disturbing as demanding 180K Virgin Veolicty points be transferred to Qantas, oh wait…

  • perhaps you should concentrate on eating healthier

  • +1

    That is one of the great injustices of 2020 give them 1 star and make 50 multi accounts also giving 1 star

  • You need to watch Spinal Tap.

    "It says sausages up there, where's me other sausage?"

  • There’s a place near me that I ordered a “Beef Burger Box” which had a picture of chips and a drink

    When I received my food I only got a burger and then I noticed the name of the restaurant was ‘Burger Box’

    I was left feeling pretty annoyed considering the picture and haven’t ordered from there since

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    Can I please get back the 3 minutes of wasted time spent on this thread OP?

    • +3

      I am not responsible for your poor life choices Mr Shark.

  • +3

    OP you eat too many donut.

    • +1

      Sadly no, I only ate one.

  • really
    so if i go to a brothel and it says hookers $200 and i pay $200 i should expect at least 2?

    • +5

      My brothel experience is limited, not sure they have fish n chip style menu's though. If they did I would expect it would be closer to a rental price list based on duration. e.g. 1 hour…$200. You are not buying the hooker.

  • So if they cut the donut up in two would you be happy? Technically its more than one. Not sure what you're expecting for $2…

    • No that would still be one donut cut it half. I was expecting at least two donuts.

    • -1

      Technically the two halves would make it a plural as "donuts" :P

      • If I cut an orange in half, do I have oranges?

        • +1

          You will get slices of oranges or orange slices.

  • +4

    What would be funny though is the shop actually gave two donuts but the delivery guy ate one. Worth asking the shop for clarification.

  • +2

    You maybe got upgraded from one or two smaller doughnuts to a single premium filling Jam Doughnut.
    I'd see that as a better option than a standard doughnut.
    Maybe it was Jam filled X 1 ILO 2 X regular doughnuts?

    PS many here seem to think you're the extra doughnut at this rate.

  • +2

    I hope you don't need to buy trousers soon :)

    • +1

      Or scissors

  • +2

    had a similar incident for a combo deal. part of order was missing (garlic bread/ drink and dessert). Called driver and he denied, called restaurant and they also denied and blamed driver instead. Simply used app to make a case and got a refund. (total - delivery). end of story.

  • You got 2 but the driver ate one.

  • I'm as dismayed by the number of donuts as I am by how much you can eat

  • +2

    I once ordered a donut and it had a hole in it. I'm not paying for air!

    • +1

      Same! Must be the same person taking a bite out the middle to avoid suspicions.

      • +1

        Now they're doing it to my bagels

  • Do you have a deadlift to go with that powerlifter diet?

  • -1

    Coles cinnamon donuts are fantastic but only my local Coles.
    Other Coles are bad.

  • This is the definition of first world problems

  • +1

    Same problem!
    Left the yard marked "new cars" and to my shock after purchasing it only included one singular car.

  • +2

    Its not the time to be leaving bad reviews for petty things. Businesses are struggling and under pressure. The last thing they need to stress about is a winger like you

    • +1

      Businesses should hire designers with English degrees, to satisfy people like OP and protect themselves from Grammar Nazis. "Your sign said birthday cakes, I expected 50 cakes for my $20!".

  • Hey CrashBeejy, I've had long conversations about what is best to do.

    How would you feel if it says "Donuts, $4 ea"? Imo that reads a bit better than "Donut, $4" and I conceded in the end "Donuts" primes the customer to want more than one so they might buy more. And you've proven that to me, you saw "Donuts" and you wanted more than one. I bet they didn't have the "ea" next to it though.

    If it did say "ea" or "each", would you have ordered more than one? If no, then if it said "$4 ea, $10 for 3" (or whatever the actual prices were) would you have ordered three?

    I thought I was overthinking these little things, but I guess you've proven to me that you have to spell these things out. Someone will always say something if you get something even slightly grammatically incorrect or leave out some qualifier.

    • I don't know how adding "ea" would represent the price of each donut of X amount of donuts.. that's like ordering a menu item saying "5 donuts: $5ea" then being charged $25 for the menu item because $5 is just for the one of the five or just $5 for one donut because it said each

      • No it's like presenting a tray of donuts and saying "they are $5 each". You're not selling a tray of donut. You're selling donuts. Until there is one left, but you can't name the tray after the last one.

        • That's far more realistic than your first comment, people don't go buying chips and only expect one chip because it was "each" :)

          • @RandomFox: Well if it was a tray of bags of chips, then the ea wouldn't work, it'd have to be "per bag" or something instead.

            I think plurals can make sense and look right for product displays and shelf labels. I'm not sure if it does for printed menus, wall menus, and websites. Writing code to differentiate the "ea" or "per pack" would be annoying. Though it could be a "Pack of gumballs" for "$5.00 ea", instead of just "gumballs". That would save a bit of coding and then forgetting how you coded it later on. So it could be "bags of chips" for "$5.00 ea", double plural to buy a single thing.

  • -1


  • Wait until OP enters one of those "Nothing Over $5" stores…

    • I think OP would force Dollar King into Dollars King.

  • Petty, is that you?

  • I read that as Doughnuts $2 each.

    It reads better on a menu and is inferred by user experience and common sense. English adapts like this in many ways

  • Atrocity? Wow. Sounds a little entitled for $2. Seriously atrocity??

    So give them a thumbs down for doughnut and tick size as a reason, thumbs up rest of the items and give them 4 stars.

    Move on with your life.

  • If a fast food menu has a heading that says "Burgers", and underneath there is an option "The Works" for $10. I would not think I was getting two burgers for $10.

    • The heading would refer to the list of burgers, surely. And "The Works" is the worst possible example because it already ends with an s. A better example would be a list under the title "burgers" and in that list it says "Big Macs - $5.00". You could take it to mean "Big Macs are $5.00" or "you can get multiple Big Macs for $5.00".

      "Big Macs - $5.00 ea" vs "Big Mac - $5.00".

  • +3

    OP are you indian by any chance?

  • Had a similar issue when ordering lamb shanks.

    Only got one.

  • Let's say you selected QTY 2, how many would you have expected then?

    • Two dozen?

    • Mores

    • Looolllzzzzzz

  • I had a similar issue with Papadums and when I raised it to the store owner, he asked me how many I wanted. You can guess what I replied with.

  • Complain to ubereats. You will get a refund. I once ordered a fish sandwich, but there was only one slice of bread. The restaurant argued that it was an 'open faced' sandwich but that's not what the menu said. The app sided with me and forced them to refund it. Words have meaning. 's' at the end of donuts means it is plural. Anything less than 2 donuts is a false advertising.

    • Isn't the "each" implied? And if it already is plural, like "gumballs", then I suppose you'd be fine getting two gumballs in your $5 bag of gumballs? Or rumballs, or anything that comes in plurals. Buy some fries from McDonald's and get two fries, plural.

      • When you're selling something you're engaged in contract law. You are creating a contract whereby you will give someone something in exchange for receiving something from them. For a contract to be just, there must be a meeting of the minds, the parties must be talking about the same thing. This is where words have meaning. And express terms will carry greater weight than implied. The definition of 'donuts' is more than one donut.

        In the picture for fries, you often seen many fries. Its not as though there's just words. However, if someone sold you fries and there were only 2 fries, that would meet the definition of fries, wouldn't it? Because in English, fries means more than one fry.

        I would not be happy getting 2 gunballs or 2 fries but you would have to look at the specifics of the situation. Was there a picture? Did they specify only 2? Etc.

        • I think I’ll just stick with “ea” if clients want me to produce labels or signage as plurals. And describing multiples as packs or bags. Restaurant owners do not see this kind of thing as contracts and they are the ones paying, labels and signage are designed at their pleasure.

          • @AustriaBargain:

            Restaurant owners do not see this kind of thing as contracts and they are the ones paying, labels and signage are designed at their pleasure.

            That's the nice part about having a billion dollar company between you and the backwards restaurant owners- it's not up to them. If it were up to them there would be no food delivery in Australia! Pre uber, very few places delivered.

            If you complain to uber, you will get a refund, and over time the restaurant will take half a second to update their menu to be understandable in English.

  • Drinks $2 but only1 arrives.

    Given donuts specifies man did u want to or 20?

  • not sure if op is trolling, had a good laugh while reading it though

  • +1

    Why not doughnuts? That's how it's actually spelt 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • +2

      Why not go for the original Norse word of Frïėd Dööńæūghttęr?

  • How many donuts did you enter on the order?

  • There’s a pizza shop near me that offer the home alone deal (With same inclusions as OP)..and low and behold offer donuts. On there store website menu it clearly says donut (1 each), and on there delivery platform it does say donuts…but it’s only, $1.50. For a $1.50 what would you expect ?

  • +4

    Stopping this kind of corporate maleficence is exactly the reason why I joined this place and it reminds me of a old story about Yellowstone National Park. You see they were having a lot of trouble with bears finding food by raiding the bins that had been placed for the tourists and campers. This not only encourage the bears to stop hunting and therefore altering their natural behavior but it also cause them to become more aggressive because once they cleared out the bins they'd start shaking down the campers (which no doubt would have been an uncomfortable experience). Something needed to be done so the smartest scientists in the room set out to create a new bin that the bears wouldn't be able to get in to. A great deal of time and effort was spent perfecting the design and many designs were tested along. Yet every one proved either too easy for some of bears to open or too hard some of the people to use. Eventually after much work and great expense they were finally forced to abandon the project due to a lack of progress. The stared reason for the failure being that they had concluded there was considerable overlap between the smartest bears and the dumbest humans.

    Now I forget the reason I remembered that story or how it relates to your present predicament. Sorry about that. But what I did want to say is that for most people (I would say the great majority), seeing a sign that says "Donuts $2" would be understood to mean that the purveyor of said donuts was making an "invitation to treat" and that this is an invitation was to enter into a contractual arrangement to purchase ONE of the said donuts at a price of $2. Now I am sure there is a small but significant portion of the population that may perhaps misinterpret said offer to involve two donuts, a dozen donuts or perhaps 7 imperial pecks worth of donuts. But then again those people probably wouldn't be smarter than the average bear.

    I can only imagine the searing indignation that this great outrage has inflicted upon you and you have my deepest, most sincere sympathies. Having recently purchased some refreshing mints recently only to discover they were one Tic Tac short of the full box I feel I can relate to you pain. However, I also must also caution you against acting with too much haste. It's wise to allow oneself time to cool the fires of rage a little before seeking such revenge and unlike pizza revenge is a dish best served cold.

    • oh man great post but you need a version for TLDNR

  • You are overreacting get over it lol

  • I own a business that would do much better when the doors are finally allowed to open in Vic and some chump complains about a donut. I would be happy just to draw a wage!

    Leave the place a good review and start worrying about real problems.

    • Note how this gentlemen said he owns a business, not businesses. This meaning he owns one business. He doesn't say he owns a business if he owns multiple. The OP owns a donut, he was led to believe he was receiving donuts.

      • I would like more businesses but one is what I have. I accept that.

        • Imagine if you had seen an ad for Businesses - $200,000.

          And you handed over your money, but were only gifted one business….

      • +1

        So if he had more than one business, would you refer to him as a "business-owner" or a "businessES-owner"? 🤣

  • Donuts is plural. If you're at home and have one kid you say kid. If you have two or more you say kids. If my kid invited to someones house to play with their kids I expect to see more than one. I expect donuts to be more than one.

    • You still pull out of box of "donuts" when you hand just one to a kid though. You don't say "let's pull out of the box of donut". Maybe if the cafe only had one donut and it was like a million dollars so for years they only have just one and then someone buys it, then yeah the restaurant only stocks donut. The display case has donut in it, not donuts. They can't say they "serve coffee and donuts" because they only have one, they can say they "serve coffee and donut".

  • +2

    Some might disagree but I personally haven't left any critical reviews for restaurants/cafes since the pandemic started. I'd only do it for a major reason. I don't want to contribute to hurting any businesses who might already be on the brink.

  • Jim Gaffigan made this skit just for you

  • However they had no direct online ordering system and I did not feel like communicating with a human

    All too familiar feeling OP, I sympathise with that.

  • +1

    Donald Trump gets the corona and then this. Life doesn't get much better than this.

  • +1

    We once ordered a noodle dish from a Chinese place on uber eats. When ordering, it offered two optional noodle 'upgrades' (each costing extra). We were like "nah, we'll stick with whatever the standard noodle is". Food arrives, and the dish that 'noodles' in the name came without any noodles, it was just a small pile of meat and veg. Apparently you had to pay extra to get noodles with your noodle dish.

    TL;DR: Could've been worse, OP.

  • 1.25L drink (Pepsi Max…healthier).

    1 doughnut (healthier) vs 2 doughnuts

    ….. review in isolation.

    Explains a lot.

    Seriously this thread is a massive waste.
    Look, also being in isolation I can understand the frustration and wanting to vent. However you probably would've saved a lot of time, if you just simply picked up the phone and spoke to the store, I could only go one of two ways:
    1. they recognise your point, concede and offer a free doughnut next time
    2. they recognise your point, concede and adjust their behaviour

    Honestly you'd feel a million times better doing this than resorting to a forum designed to save a couple of dollars here and there. What exactly were you expecting or wanting to get from the forum? A bunch of enablers saying how much you've been scammed?

  • +1

    A similar thing happened to me the other day. I added "Spring Rolls" to an order and instead I got a chicko roll!?!!!!!. Didn't bother doing anything about it tho… :(

  • Reminds me of the time I ordered Turkish Delights at a restaurant, only to be given 1 Delight, 1cm cube.

  • +1

    Thanks, mate!
    I had a good chuckle to this haha.

    Hilarious post because of how petty it is, but also agree with you in principle that 2 or more donuts should have arrived - I'd feel betrayed, too.

  • If I went to a donut shop and asked 'How much are the donutS?' and they replied "DonutS are $2 good sir!" I would assume this to be that each donut is $2 and we have all spoken perfectly suitable English. You have essentially had the digital version of this same situation.

    I don't know what's sadder. The OPs post, the fact that this has 2 pages of replies, or the fact that I'm also replying to such a bullshit thread.

    • You are correct, both the post and volume of replies are somewhat bewildering. Nonetheless I will continue the discussion.

      If I went into a donut shop, I would ask 'how much is a donut?'. The only reason I would ask 'How much are the donuts?' is if there is a tray of donuts that are clearly sold as a collective. Perhaps a 10 pack of cinnamon donuts or one of those trays at donut king that have a variety of donuts often involving an iced dinosaur donut.

      If I were to walk into a store that only sold single donuts and I asked 'how much are the donuts?' I would expect the the store representative to reply with "it's $2 per donut, good sir!" clearing identifying that the $2 is the asking price of one donut. In either case I do think the in person scenario is different to the online menu scenario. There is no visual representation and the agreement of the items being purchased are purely based on the item name and description on offer in the menu. Therefore I think it is not unreasonable to expect the restaurant to ensure the written description accurately reflects what will be received by the customer.

    • -1

      The correct reply would be $2 each or a pack of 6 for $10. "DonutS are $2 good sir!" is an ESL level reply. Most of these restaurants are run by people with ESL level communication skills.

      Then again for $2 you shouldn't expect anything more than a singular full-size doughnut. I would have been expecting 2-3 tiny cinnamon doughnuts amounting to half a full doughnut. I got a box of bite-sized Krispy Kremes on the weekend for $5 for a pack of 6 (about 1.5-2 full-size doughnuts @RRP of $3ea)