Xiaomi Ultrawide Screen Goes Black Every Now and Then

I bought my screen a month or so ago and its been pretty good, the only issue I've been having is when the screen goes black every now and then, it isn't frequent but I can't figure out why this is occurring. There doesn't seem to be a particular time when it happens but the other day it happened about 8 or so times in a day. The cables are fine, plugged into a Display Port to USB C adaptor into laptop, running at [email protected] the monitor blacks out for about a second at a time. The laptop screen is unaffected.

I have reached out to Gearbite but they haven't had anything more helpful to say than to ask me to check the cables and not response apart from that. Would you guys have any suggestions?

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    Are you turning off at the same time it goes black? As that would make sense?

    • That would but no, I'm not turning it off, I'm in the middle of using it. That's why it's so frustrating.

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        Hmm, i am out then, look forward to the outcome.

        • Thanks mate.

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    I was having something similar with an nvidia card in my desktop not going in/out of power saving modes properly. disabling power saving on the card stopped it, maybe try that first?

    • Thanks mate, I'll give that a go.

  • Single link DVI … supports resolutions up to 1920 × 1200 at 60 Hz


    • My mistake, I meant Display Port.

  • Do you mean Display Port to usb-c?

    • I did, my mistake. Fixed it above.

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    Are you using the cables that came with the monitor, or separate cables? We had a similar problem with a monitor here, but it turned out that we were using "cheap", "poor quality" cables that we had just bought for this purpose. The included cables were thicker & noticeably better quality, and didn't flicker.

    • I bought some separate cables from MSY as I thought they might be better quality, nothing special. Usually, the cables I've gotten before in the box have been poorer quality. Out of curiosity, how could you tell that the cables were poorer quality? Thank you for the suggestion, I'll give it a go.

      Edit - the cables that I am using seem to be thicker than the included ones. Ill try it out anyway.

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        My "poorer quality" cables were noticeably thinner. And they flickered.

        The included cables were thicker & worked.

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    If you don't have any other devices to test the monitor with maybe try dialling back the refresh rate when not gaming.

    • Thanks mate, I'll give that a go. The hardest thing is that it doesn't happen often but that day was annoying as!

      • scale it to 120 hz from 144hz, and the overdrive to medium.

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    I have the same monitor connected to a laptop dock with HDMI, and also to my PC with DisplayPort. I can't remember if I get the flicker with the HDMI but I definitely get it with the DP, but it's only ever once within the first 5 mins (usually within 30 secs) of using the computer/monitor for the day so it doesn't really bother me.

    I'm using the supplied cable and haven't tried any others yet as I don't have spare DP cables.

    Is yours just happening once per use or more frequently than that?

    • Oh, that's interesting. Mine doesn't happen that often, it happened that day multiple times and other days its happened a couple of times, and other days not at all.

    • Firstly RossRoss I apologies for not contributing to the original question. But hope you found a solution.
      I am desperate to find out what this monitor is capable of through hdmi. Haydos90, are the only person I can find so far who has mentioned using it through hdmi.
      Is it possible to find out what refresh you are capable of with hdmi?

      • Maxes out at 100Hz on HDMI.

        No idea if you can change any settings to go higher, I only use the HDMI for my work laptop so the refresh rate doesn't bother me there.

        • Thanks very much for the reply! Good to know.

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        All good mate, I was going to use HDMI but MSY only had the Display Port adaptor. From looking at the specs this screen has HDMI 2.0 so that can do a max of [email protected]/60Hz from what I've read.

        • Yeah thanks, from what I've read too, hdmi 2.0 is capable of [email protected]
          I was curious specifically with this model.
          Funny thing is I tried asking Xiaomi directly and after 3 email replies they basically said they don't have any data for it??? Which I found odd but anyway.
          Will keep waiting until more people buy and test them. Sounds like a decent monitor for the price… I really probably don't need this, a 24inch 2k would do…. buuuut this is pretty cool. I'll just keep waiting for a killer deal, in no rush.

          • @CKTAS: haha fair enough. I would happily test it but don't have the equipment atm.
            I rate it man, its been great for productivity and general use and some ps4 and light gaming (my laptop cant handle it) but don't think I would ever go back to 2x24" monitors, might add them on though haha
            Is there a reason you cant use DP?

            • @RossRoss: No that's ok, don't want you to go out of your way to test it, thanks though.
              Thats good to hear you have had a good experience with it.
              Yeah the hdmi thing is because I will run it off my laptop. It is a dell 7577 i5, 16gb, 1060 Maxq. I think it will be ok with it. At the very least it's a future proof sort of monitor if I purchase one.

              • @CKTAS: Ahh thats a good laptop, better than mine anyway. Maybe use the Thunderbolt port to Displayport as I believe it is a 1.4 on the monitor and the HDMI is a 2.0 on the monitor.

                • @RossRoss: Sorry for the late reply.
                  Yes I might look at a different cable arrangement.
                  The pain with the port set-up on this any many other laptops is that not all the ports connect to the dedicated graphics card.
                  The hdmi does, the thunderbolt only goes to the on board Intel one… which is annoying.
                  I need to research what happens when you play games. Obviously it would use the nvidia card but that would mean if I had the monitor connected via the thunderbolt it wouldn't work?
                  Anyway just thinking out aloud.
                  Thanks for the help though.

                  • @CKTAS: All good mate. I have no idea, I'm sorry. Have to give it a go and see what happens maybe

  • Used to have this happen with my work monitors connected to a laptop through a dock.
    I think it was both Toshiba and Lenovo laptops. Samsung and Lenovo monitors.
    Googled for ages but no result.

    Ended up taking it as a forced "look into the distance every now and then while using a screen" measure.

    • Hahaha great idea! I don't have my dock with me, its a Dell D6000 but I'll see how it goes with that when I get it.

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    Try another source and one at a time eliminate each component in the chain, ie: DP, DP to USB-C, etc…
    Most difficult part of this would be the waiting, so maybe make the source play a movie and watch it.

    • Thanks mate, will do. Yeh, the waiting will be taxing haha

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    It might be the cable/s? try reducing the refresh rate. If it stops showing those symptoms after you reduce it, there's a pretty decent chance it's your cables

    What are the specs of your USB c port?

    When you are pushing the bandwidth limit of what a cable can do, it's very important to get high quality cables

    • Thank you. It hasnt happened since so I'm not sure, but will def try reducing the refresh rate. The cables I have seem quiet good but will try the one it came with, my ones are thicker.

      2 Thunderboltâ„¢ 3 (Data Transfer up to 40 Gb/s, Power Delivery, DP1.2, HP Sleep and Charge);

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    I had the same exact issue you're describing for my Xiaomi 34" where my screen turns black (turns off, but the indicator on the bottom right is still on). I've noticed the sound disconnects too when the screens does occasionally turn off roughly 8 times a day like you described. I initially swapped from a lower quality Display Port to Mini Display port which supported only 100Hz (or 120Hz, I don't remember) to one from JB HI-FI from a brand called Bonelk. This cable is connected to my Surface Pro 4 but the issue unfortunately is still there.

    During this time I managed to get my motherboard for my desktop back from RMA and have been using the Xiaomi's supplied Display Port and so far I haven't had any issues with the screen turning off.

    I've deducted that the problem is from the cable, but since I've upgraded the cables it could be because of my aging Surface Pro 4.

    Have you thought of using a Display Port to USB-C adapter and using Xiaomi's supplied cable?

    • Thanks man, good to hear about your troubleshooting. I am using a Display Port to USB C Adaptor and using an MSY bought displayport cable, a CableList one.

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        FYI It's been two day since my last reply and I haven't had any black screen issues so far with using Xiaomi's cable for my desktop.

        • Good to know, thank you.

  • I've got the same issue, using a DP cable that I'd been using for years on a 4K Philips monitor.

    So you're saying that the issue goes away with the supplied cable? I didn't use the supplied cable because everything I'd read suggested that it wasn't that good and caused major flicker when using G-Sync at 144Hz. I have no G-Sync issues here, but the screen goes black for a few seconds at least once per day.

  • Bit late, but i resolved the issue completely just by buying a better diplayport cable. My opnion is go to amazon and buy the highest rated cable. Stay away from overly expensive brick and mortar stores, as my current cable costing me 11 bucks resolved the black screen issue that i had with a 35 dollar cable from one of these stores.

  • Have you suspected the USB-C to DP adaptor? Which product is this?