Shall I Take The Job A Offer or Wait for The Final Interviews at Job B?

Long story short. I went to an job interview (A) 3 weeks ago, did well and was told to hear back soon. 3 weeks on and nothing has happened and then this afternoon someone called me and offered me a position in full time.

Only thing is I also went to another job interview (B) about 1 week after, and I have now gone through 2 interviews with Job B and they want me to go one last interview with regional manager.

Hours are about the same, only differences are Job B is 15 mins further to where I live by driving. But Job B pays around $3000 better per year

What shall I do here? Never faced this kind of situation before. If I take job (A) offer would I be considered bad to tell (B) that I no longer wish to go ahead with the final interviews? And if I ask job (A) to wait till I get a result from job (B), would I make job (A) unhappy? Sorry I never faced this situation before so I am not sure what to do here?

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    Might as well wait and see if you do get B). - but also consider:

    $3000 p.a isn't that much after tax and considering the extra distance over a year.

    Quick edit: Accept A and wait to progress through B

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      You just talked yourself into talking OP into choosing A :P

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      It really depends what percentage does the 3k make. If it's 15k vs 18k a year, the 3k would make a significant difference (also - tax free).

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        Yeah but if it's 15k vs 18k I would recommend telling them both to shove it

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          What if it's 2h a week only? At this stage we're just assuming all the things as if we were OP. "Cut your coat according to your cloth".

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    I have been in a similar situation 11 years ago. I asked job A if I could have time to consider. My lecturer told me "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush". I called back job A in like 20 mins saying sorry I do want the job I was just shocked. Phew they hadn't called their second preferred applicant. By the time I got a call about the second interview… I didn't get job B.

    A job you have is better than a job that may never eventuate, especially during Covid times.

    Edit: yes you will make a unhappy if you want to wait for b. Shows them that you're not that keen on them, they will rather hire someone else who is more keen if skillsets between applicants are similar.

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      You have a good point which is certainty of offer from A.

      Offer from B is uncertain as there is probably 2 candidates and the regional manager has to choose one. You are unsure whether you might be the second preference and the regional manager has to kick up a real stink to take the second preference. Being hiring manager I know how that game goes.

      The extra 30 mins of travel (220 working days a year) works out to be $27 an hour before tax. It depends on how much you are getting paid it could actually be a dilution (low pay) and also time you want back in your life to go to the gym or something.

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    If you really value 3k extra p.a more than a 15 minute shorter commute, you can try asking Job A to match Job B (which has not even made you an offer).

    Assuming everything else is equal, to me Job A is a no brainer. I would be much more concerned about the company, progression, position etc.

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    The replys make sense to me, I would take job a in a heart beat.

    1. It's already there.
    2. 30 mins a day less travel (15 each way) what's 30mins of your day worth every work day? Likely more than 3kpa.
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      30 minutes less driving to probably sit at home and watch netflix lol

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        Or go to the gym. It is 30 mins of enforced work travel you will never get back.

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          Also 3k he will never earn

          More importantly. I would choose a job that I would enjoy doing more and has greater promotion prospects

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            @Danstar: $3k well it depends on what tax rate you are on. Could turn into half that after the ATO takes their cut.

            • @netjock: Don't forget the car depreciation and fuel costs for an extra 30min of driving a day

              • +1

                @cille745: Agreed. Unfortunately unless you are really desperate for the extra little bit to cover your expenses most people can only account for the $ earnt not the intangible $ lost.

        • This is OzB, only 0.000003% of us actually gym here. Most just mentally masturbate over which is the best protein powder to buy while sitting on their fat ass watching netflix.

          • @KLoNe: Or the polite options is: OzB save 10% on an item but buy twice as much

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        Could likely throw in some self appreciation time too.

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        30 minutes more sleep.

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    Thanks for the responses. As both jobs comes from Job Agencies.

    Would I be black listed by Job B if I take job A? They are different agencies though.

    Also, shall I inform job B that I am taking Job A’s offer or shall I just tell them that when Job B calls to organise the final interviews when the time comes? (By the way I think I didn’t state the fact too correctly earlier, the interviewer didn’t actually say the final interviews are guaranteed, he said he is happy to present my resume to the regional manager for final reviews and if he is happy then a final interview will be the scheduled)

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      No, say a better offer came along.
      Or simply state that you'd need be paid $x and have it fail in salary negotiations (or get paid extra dollary doos).

      • what job needs 3 interviews?? wowzer

        • Some will be something like HR/recruiter, then future managers/coworkers, then some higher ups.

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      Would I be black listed by Job B if I take job A?

      No. Job agencies are mercenaries. Because you didn't have a firm offer from B they know this kind of thing happens. It is just business.

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      You're no under obligation to tell job B that you're "off the market" so to speak. If you do accept Job A's offer, all you have to do is politely decline the offer of a final interview if and when Job B calls you back (which is not guaranteed). They'll arrange for their back-up candidates to fill your spot in the final line up.

    • No way you'll be blacklisted - any experienced middle manager will be familiar with their best candidate taking another offer before HR or senior management gets its act together, and will rightly blame them not you. People who are so employable as to be the best candidate always tend to get more than one job offer - and it's a market like any other where both parties will take the best offer for them.

      But all that goes triple if there is not actually a job offer. This really is a nobrainer - take job A.

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    Take it from someone who took a job interstate ( and waiting for borders to open before moving), take job A.

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    Take A, Airtasker Job B, Profit?

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      • +1

        That's amazing

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        The fool should have had the outsourced worker Teamview into his home machine and RA VPN from there into VPN Gateway rather than directly from China. Even with full-tunnel, nobody would have connected the dots unless they ban RA applications on border UTM firewall.

        • the latency would be insane, i’m sure he thought of that tho

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    Take job A and wfh, take job B and wfh simple, spend your time looking for job C

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    30 mins less commute a day @ $25/hour 5 days a week for a year = $3250 worth of time wasted on the extra commute.

    Assuming A's work environment is as good as B's, take A.

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      What if his job pays $50 an hour.

    • +3

      You forgot to include the extra fuel consumption from the extra km

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    Plan A usually outranks Plan B…

    Plan B always seems like a fallback position.
    (probably because Plan A fell over).

    I'm also liking ClipClop in R3, and Glue Factory in R8. lol

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    Which company has the better prospects?

    I would take job B, they are paying you more and it's only an extra 15 minutes commute which is nothing really unless you're already traveling 2 hours to get there.

    Edit - it also depends on what they will be paying you. If one salary is $130k and the other is $133k then go for the shortest travel time. However if the difference is $50k vs $53k then go for the extra money.

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    Based solely on the info provided I'd take job A. $3k, I assume before tax, for an extra 30min travel a day (15min each way) is not even close to worth it IMO. That's a 130 hours a year you'd be losing. Not to mention what happens if you don't get job B?

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    You don't have job B yet.

    If you are still interested in job B still accept job A. If you then get offered job B later you can withdraw from A.
    Even though it is a bit of a dog move, you have to look after yourself first

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    Take Job A, decide if you want to quit when (if) you're offered Job B.
    It'll be too late to accept Job A if Job B falls through.

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      Secure Job-A and even start working. Call ahead, and take one-day off (or even half-day) to go to the final interview with Job-B without telling Job-A. After the final interview, you'll find out if you got Job-B within 2 days. If you didn't get Job-B, well no harm no foul. If you end up getting Job-B, and you don't want it, call Job-B and apologise and tell them your circumstances have changed and you no longer can work (eg Could be a family matter, or moving to another city, etc etc). Again, no harm no foul.

      However, if you prefer Job-B, take it and let Job-A know that you are quitting.
      Reasons to take Job-B, better pay, better job progression/outlook, better reputation for portfolio, better work environment, etc etc.

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      Scubacoles advice is right. Job b is not guaranteed. Take job A. If job B come through, quit job A and accept job B.

      This way u employeed and not left waiting if job B.

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    It really depends. If it’s a retail job with high number of candidates applying, I’ll take Job A first. But if it’s a very specialized industry with few qualifying applicants, I’ll wait a few more business days for job B

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    Will you regret not taking Job A if you don't get Job B ?

    Given the current market condition, you have alot of competition. Even you are speaking to the regional manager (last round), you might still have 5 competitors.

    Although 3 rounds of interview do sound like you are in a senior role so $3k so it is only $250 per month more (after tax, maybe $150 more per month).

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      This was the decision maker in the end!

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    Accept both. Get paid for both. See how it takes for one of them to find out.

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    As above. Accept job A. Test the waters, see what colleagues are like, enquire about future direction of role.

    If you are offered job B you can then make an informed decision.

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    Onlyfans you don't have to drive

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    Always accept a job within reasonable time upon offer. You can always find a way backtrack later, none of it is binding unless the contract says so.

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    Job A any day of the week, 30 minutes a day (2 way commute) is 2.5 hours a week which is 120 hours a year or roughly 5 days that you're not spending in a train/bus/car

    • -1


    • Actually that's 15 Business days!!!

      • +1

        Almost doubling his annual leave entitlement

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    (C) Start a business and take control of your destiny!

    • +1

      Go broke when it fails.

      • +2

        With that mentality there's no point doing anything.

        Better you stick to a job, lucky there are business owners around to create one for you.

        • +3

          “If last year’s statistics are anything to go by, this year over 300,000 businesses will start up in Australia. Most will be sole traders, and by 2021 around 50 per cent will have failed”.

          “More than 60 per cent of small businesses in Australia close within their first three years”

          I’m a realist; that is my “attitude”. Unless you have a good business model, and do the hard yards on working out a product/service people want, the odds aren’t with you. The most likely outcome of “taking control of your own destiny” is you will have gone to a lot of effort, and expense, and be worse off than you are now.

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    Can you update us in a few weeks. I'm following!

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    How do you feel about both roles? Cash and travel aside. Do either of them excite you? Or is it literally like for like?

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    I am taking the job A like many suggested.

    Job B just called back asking me to go to a third interview next week on Thursday. I told the recruiter I am taking another job. He was really surprised that I got offered another job so quick. (What I really wantEd to say is too much muck around with you guys but I kept it to myself, 3 weeks is a bit too long I reckon)

    Both jobs are sales job and i just found out Job A has a much higher commission structure once the probation is over. Had I known it earlier I would take it without even thinking about Job B.

    Thanks guys:)

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    I'd never turn down a B Job.

  • +1


    Is it just all about the money?

    How about which company would be better to work for?

    I would imagine they both would be very different.

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    Congrats op! All the best.

    • +1

      Yes, you are doing better than many people at the moment. Well done!

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    Take Job A but continue interview with Job B and quit/no show Job A if you get Job B? Most employers would do the same if it was the reverse anyway.

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    Extra 3k is not worth the risk to lose the offer from A. 15 mins difference is also pointing you to the job A.

    IMO, Take it A.

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    I was in similar position last year. Got offered job a and accepted it while interviewing for job b. Then i got an offer for job b. Job b paid 15k more and was 20 mins closer to home. Accepted job b and had then had a very awkward conversation with job a. Long story short i should have stuck with job a.

    • +2

      Why, job B didn't end up working out?

    • That's daft - there's no reason you should have felt awkward, let alone wish you'd stuck with job A. Job A would have sacked you with a moment's notice if it was convenient for them - why should you not sack them if it's convenient for you? It would be unreasonable for A to expect you to stick around at the cost to you of 15k a year and 40 minutes of your time a day.

      This is capitalism. The labour market is a MARKET - both buyer and seller can and should take the best deal for them.

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    Take job A.That's a real offer on the table. Job B may not eventuate if the Regional Manager doesn't like you or prefers other applicants lined up for 3rd interview (if any). Just tell the recruitment company for job B you received a job offer and you have decided to take it. 15 minutes travel each way is also significant and will add up over the year.

    Good Luck.

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    Remember a bird in hand is always better than two in a bush. 3000$ is not much to loose an opportunity. After tax the difference will be much less at the end of year.

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    Counter offer job A!!

    Say you were offered another job for $5k more.

    If they can beat or match it, you will say yes today because you prefer Job A.

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    Hope your worth it.

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    Are there any other differences?
    Which is in the larger company?
    Which company is growing faster?
    Which company invests more in their employees?
    Which job is better in the long term?

    And I would not ask job A to "match it", you haven't got an offer from B.

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    Which one is likely to give better job satisfaction? Or is it identical?

  • +5

    My example was similar. Both jobs had similar pay rabges. Job A was flexible in working modes (mix of wfh and office) permanently and offered me the job within a normal interview process. Job B had a hard rule of going to the office everyday and made me go through 5 interviews, and still mucked me around after that. Needless to say I am now at job A. Money is not everything within a certain range.

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    Honestly, I'd just take job A unless job B can get it's shit together in time, reschedule the interview and get an offer ready in time.

    Sometimes you can get your prospective employers aware of each other so they can fast track interviews and bid against each other, but it's a very daring thing to do in covid times and it sounds like you've gone through the interview process with each employer without trying to ascertain the timetables that each employer is working towards.

    Lastly, if you're in a small industry, do not accept job a and then interview and accept job b. You'll burn bridges hardcore.

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    I have faced these situations in past and always decided this way (considering your case)

    Job B (considering you GET it for sure) is paying 3000 per annum
    i.e. $13 per day extra (3000 / 220 days no tax considered)

    And then I will ask a question to myself, can I buy 30 min of my time with $13?

    You will get the answer.

    P.S. - god forbid, if you dont get job B you will regret dropping the ball from A.

    Majority has given the verdict.

    Job A.

  • +1

    Haha 'Aerith-Waifu'. Love it. Individual of Culture.

    Congrats and enjoy Job A.

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    Company A made you an offer so they obviously want you and already invested a lot in getting to the point of offering you the role.

    You're in an excellent negotiation position. Call company A, thank them for the offer. Affirm your desire to work with them and nicely ask for an additional 3k based on your market research and conversations with company B. If they can't match cash component, negotiate other perks like professional development budget.

    A first offer rarely if ever implies take it or leave it. Negotiate. Always.

    • -1

      unlikley to work in this market.. and Job B hasn't been offered, do not do this.

      • What are you talking about? Have you looked up the definition of negotiation? You're advice is terrible and founded on fear. For your reference, negotiation is a "discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.". An employer will not rescind an offer because a candidate is trying to negotiate a better offer. The candidate has just as much to offer than the employer, especially after securing internal budget, sign-offs, advertising, recruiting, shortlisting, interviewing and drafting the contract. Worst case is they will stick with the current offer.

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    Take job A. Always better to have a job . Seems you did well in A , and they like you.
    No need to talk about B.
    But if B eventuates, them think about the pros and cons.
    Don't go by money alone. Think about workplace culture and growth opportunities.
    All the best.

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    I am starting A on the 12th October, already knocked back B and the recruitment agency isn't happy but I needed to make a quick decision as A only gave me 1 week to consider.

    B wants me to do another interview next week, had I waited till B, offer from A would have already expired. I could end up with nothing.

    Pay isn't as high as many suggested, its a sales role $50k + commissions for A and $53k + commissions for B. I can always look for other job while working for A.

    By the way 3 interviews for a sale's job with B is also a bit much for me, with A I only had 1 interview and that was done and dusted.

    Wasn't clear at the first, but after reading the collective knowledgeable people on this forum has suggested, its a no brainer to go with A in the end.

    Big thanks for everyone who commented, really helped me:)

    • Congrats on securing the role !

      • which is recruiter not happy? shouldnt they be

    • +2

      Sounds like A was the right choice. But for future reference, if you actually preferred job B, there is another option you didn't seem to consider.

      It's not unusual for someone to start a job just to quit after a week or two. It's a bit shitty, but after you've been working for a while you'll realise that companies will always look after themselves and they always do very sudden redundancies with no warnings. After going through a few of those, you won't feel so bad.

      In other words, in other circumstances you could have accepted A and then attended last interview at B without mention the situation to anyone. If you had gotten another offer from B you could consider what's best for You. No one else will.

      Disclaimer: I've never done this myself but I fully understand why others do.

      • +2

        It's not unusual for someone to start a job just to quit after a week or two.

        I've almost done that myself. Started at one place and hated it but decided to stick it out. Worked out OK. I've also worked at a place where a new person started, went to lunch and never came back nor was ever heard from again.

    • 53k? That is almost the same as the old jobkeeper. Actually with hecs it'd be right around $1500 a fortnight.

      • Actually because JobKeeper is temporary, therefore it is like a very underpaid short term contract at best!

        • But the working conditions are great.

    • Hope it all goes well. Looks like you're in WA and given that it's a sales role, it's not mining focused? In that case, it seems like any job is better than no job in this market. Knowing that there's a better bonus scheme and having that extra half hour in a day seem to be cherries on the top.

  • +1

    Some employers don't mind telling people that they reach them out soon and never doing it even by email telling that they don't want you. So feel free to act the same to them, go to job B see if they like you, pick your favorite and just say "After some consideration I decided to go with another employer, but I will feel free to consider you in the future…".

    • but I will feel free to consider you in the future…".

      maybe something else

  • Congrats mate.

    I would say pick one that fits your career progression. If both job offers are for the same job, then pick the company with a good culture, and will look after you. 3k difference in the first year means little. If the difference is 10k more than definitely wait for Job B.

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