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Dell S2721DS 27" IPS Monitor (QHD 2560x1440 @ 75 Hz) $292.02 (Was $449) Delivered @ Dell Australia


For those that missed this mornings deals Dell and I are back to offer you guys once again some awesome products at great prices. This time the S2721DS with that adjustable stand, at the cheapest price EVER!

Via Dell AU website, 250 units @ deal price. Please leave a review and rating of the product and it's quality after your purchase (usually sent via email).

Stack both "Super7" and "LIMAAADS" to get the deal price.

Orders from this deal are expected to be shipped on or before Oct 10-20th.

Have questions? See the FAQ at bottom of my post or ask in the comments and I'll do my best to respond. Enjoy!

Monitor: Dell 27" S2721DS
Click for full specs

Display Type: LED-backlit LCD monitor / TFT active matrix
Viewable Size: 27"
Panel Type: IPS
Native Resolution: QHD 2560 x 1440 at 75 Hz
Pixel Per Inch: 108.79
Contrast Ratio: 1000:1
Response Time: 8 ms (grey-to-grey normal), 5 ms (grey-to-grey fast), 4 ms (grey-to-grey extreme)
Backlight Technology: WLED
Adaptive-Sync Technology: AMD FreeSync (now supported with latest driver on series 10 and 20 Nvidia GPU's)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Brightness: 350 cd/m²
Colour Support: 16.7 million colours
Screen Coating: Anti-glare, 3H Hard Coating
Bezel Type: Flat front
Dimensions (WxDxH): 61.16 cm x 17.47 cm x 40.01 cm - With Stand
Display Position Adjustments: Height, pivot (rotation), swivel, tilt
VESA Mounting Interface: 100 x 100 mm
Audio: In built 3w Speakers - stereo

Can I use my Dell advantage coupon with these deals?
Yes, must be used during checkout, can not be redeemed after purchase via support. This may incur a 24h handling delay with your order.

What happens if I don't get an order confirmation from Dell?
We are aware of this, if you have a paypal confirmation of purchase, don't stress your order will be honored and processed.

What happens if I find a fault with my purchase or have a question about my order?
Please contact Dell Care Australia team via phone or shoot me a PM with your order number and I'll do my best to help.

I was too late, should I try contact Dell to try place an order or to get a price match?
No. Dell wants to be fair to everyone and has stipulations regarding this here. Please be patient as they're offering great deals often to make sure no one misses out.

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    • +7

      You mean, "one for dgf"?

      • I see what you did there! ;)

    • Same as me.

  • Thanks OP, got one!

  • Thanks mate

  • Hi, does anybody know if I can take the stand off the S2721DS and mount it to the S2721Q? Or if the stand swap would be possible between these 2 monitors? thanks

    • +1

      The DS stand should go on the Vesa mount on the Q, but you wont be able to use the Q stand on the DS, the Q stand doesn't use the Vesa.. .


      • thanks mate for a quick response, I now see what you mean …. BTW, do you think that I would be able to use my old stand from P2314H on the S2721Q, seems like the mounting should be the same, isn't it? I might not be able to use the monitor in a portrait mode (due to the bigger screen) but it should at least be height adjustable…

        • I've got 3 different 10+yo dell stands here that use the vesa mount, none of them go on the S2721D… With the P2314H being newer, it "may", but I wouldn't count on it.. .

        • The vesa mount looks similar to those on U2718Q/2720Q but cant be sure. I dont have a S series to test.

  • +1

    I got one, finally. Thnaks @limaaa who organised this!

  • When I try to apply my dell advantage coupon it gives me this error message “ Apply Coupon
    This is a valid coupon code, but there are no matching items currently in your cart.” Why is this?

    • Add product, stack advantage coupon, then super7 then Lima coupon. Should work, if not I can only assume your coupon is restricted to specific use?

  • Thanks OP. You're a legend.

  • Thanks LiMaaa, got one… finally!

  • +1

    All gone now

  • Got one, thanks LiMaaa!

  • This coupon code has already been redeemed.

  • LiMaaa can you release a few more units?

    • Possibly mid Oct, definitely end of Oct

  • +1

    LIMAAAHN where did you go??? :(

    • he's Hiding Now ;)

  • this coupon has already been redeemed

  • Thank you, now to figure out where I'm going to put a third monitor (currently using 2x 24").

  • +8

    Out of stock now guys. As I said don't stress we will have more deals mid Oct and end of Oct.

    • +2


  • +1

    After nearly two months of missing search alerts, I finally caught this!

    • +3

      It pays to be subscribed hehe

  • Faaaark missed out. Was cooking dinner :(

    • I sincerely hope you weren't the guy last time who also missed out when he was making dinner for the kids.

  • +1

    Thanks heaps for this @LiMaaa I missed out on the 27" 2K Dell monitor a few weeks ago, so had been keeping an eye out for this one. :)

    • +3

      Don't thank me, thank Dell. I'm just the delivery guy haha.

      • +1

        Very much helpful nonetheless!

  • Was on Trump's news. Missed this. Always come to support OP. Anyone tell me whether this deal ends in 10mins?

    • It sold out really fast.

  • +1

    Are the orders processed later on?
    I got one early and paid via paypal and received the order email but it cant see the actual order on dell and the paypal amount was not taken out yet.
    Has this happened to anyone else ?

    • +1

      This happened to a couple of people that purchased their units early this morning. Everything should come should come right, in time.

    • +1

      See Q & A in post.

      • +3

        Facepalm … Should have read that. But thank you for pointing it out. Awesome work.

  • I keep on missing out on this, rip

    guess i need be on ozbargain 24/7

  • Hey Mr Rep
    i was in the middle of the checkout and code dropped off as i was entering my cc details; chat support was next to useless
    any chance the deal can be honoured for the few that had the monitor in the cart?

    • +1

      Unfortunately not, it's only qty allocated whilst coupon active. If it stopped during checkout it means others were faster. But don't stress mid or late Oct will have it again. :)

  • S2721D is a 2K 27". Should I go for 2K 27" or 1080 27"? That is the question. I need sharper text, do not do game.

    • +3

      27 inch and 1080p can look a little 'eh", mainly with how big 27inch is. So I would definitely go 2k, looks so much crisper and sharper

      • +4

        I agree. I'm using a 27" 1080p monitor and I find the text blurrier and harder to read. In hindsight, I should've tried to find a QHD model instead.

      • What about 4K 27", is that too much?

        • I can't personally comment on this one because I haven't used a 4k screen in this size, but the general consensus seems to suggest that it's not a huge improvement in quality over QHD for screens under 32 inches. It's a personal choice though.

    • Why do people insist on calling these 1440p monitors 2K monitors? They aren't, it makes zero sense.

      1920x1080 =1080p or 2K
      2560x1440 =1440p or 2.5K
      4096×2160 = 2160p or 4k

      There is no spec on a 1440p monitor that allows 2K to make a lick of sense, and you should refuse to use the nonsense marketing term that is breaking the established naming convention.

      • Hey,

        The original cinema resolution that referred to 2K was 2048 x 1080. I have read something that suggests it was related to how people understood 4K wen it was first introduced. 4K being (approximately) 4 times the amount of pixels of1080p and people associated 2560 x 1440 with twice as many pixels as 1080p (it is not really but sort of close). So 2K got adopted. I guess it doesn't really matter if people are just using to describe or name something.

        2560 x 1440 is technically QHD given that HD is 1280 x 720p, I see that used quite a bit.

  • Just missed out in original deal this morning as I was purchasing but I caught Dell on Chat and they gave me the screen over Chat for $302.43 I know it's only $10 more but a tiny bit annoying that they couldn't honour the original sale price and then they make available again 9hrs later at the mornings sale price.

    • These coupons are strictly qty limited to keep it fair for everyone. The fact Dell even honoured is honestly a nice gesture. I organised to match morning price last minute to keep it fair, but it wasn't intended to match it. :)

    • +1

      You could have bought another one and canceled the first one.

  • +1

    This sucks so much. The one day I took my kids to the beach, you decide to have this deal :(

    Getting pretty annoyed at this point.

  • +1

    These deals are amazing. I have resisted so far but I'm being worn down so much!!

  • -3

    I'm going to keep asking Dell chat until they come to the party. :(

    • +2

      Bugging the chat-drones probably wont get you very far, like most they seem to just run off a flow-chart, they probably cant deviate from that…

      Sit on your hands for a bit, more deals will appear soon no doubt…

      Maybe Subscribe to Dell:
      and in your My Account settings under Subscriptions, turn email notifications, so you'll get an email every time a new Dell deal is posted…

    • It's specified in Q & A. Dell chat isn't authorised for these deals. There will be more, so if you missed out, play fair and be patient. Flickit said it well.

      • +2

        Missed again. Will have to be patient :-(

  • Is 2721D coming today?

    • No.

      • Sorry I asked too specifically. Allow me to replay this.

        Is 2721D coming in the next few days?

        • Haha, it'll likely come end of Oct, but we will have more deals mid Oct.

  • Is'nt the 4K for another $60 a better deal?

    • +1

      Too dense for a 27. Text too small many would say.

  • Does anyone know if this monitor is compatible with nVidia GPUs?

    • It most certainly is.

  • Damn missed this one, will this model come back on sale later in the month?

    Also what is the best way to keep alerted? - wondering it i can enable specific app notifications (using Ozbargain app)

    • +1

      Possibly, but no confirmation as of yet. Setup search alerts for the term. Sub to dell store on ozb or subscribe to me to be notified when I post a deal. Can be done on my profile

  • +1

    With notification/alert/alarm/whatever, make sure you set them as permanent, so you have to get rid of them manually. This way, you will surely see it.

  • it's good, but not good as the original one

  • i missed it , was it 239 in previous deal posted by you isnt ?

    • I posted the previous deal, but $239 was the D model not DS (adjustable stand).

  • LIMAAADS code not working anymore.Seems I am pretty late on this.

    Will this be restocked @LiMaaa

    • Haha yes, a little late.

      Restocked, no. Potentially a deal in the future, definitely a deal for the non DS version start of November.

      • Is there a way to subscribe to your posts or something? This is the second time I've missed out on a 1440p 27" monitor.

        • +1

          You just have to go to his profile and click subscribe. He also has a discord where he pings people whenever he posts.

  • hey LiMaaa any news on the ebay ones when the nest shipment is due?

  • Hi LiMaaa,

    I have ordered but didn't get my Dell Confirmation or order number?

    I have only received paypal order confirmation.

    Please help me with my order, can provide more information.


    • +1

      Hi asla,

      If you read the FAQ at the bottom of this deal post you'll see your question has already teen answered. Just be patient and your order will be processed.

      • Ok thanks

  • +1

    Order Shipped with STE. StarTrack?

    • Yes mine is startrack

  • +1

    Got mine today

  • hmmmmmmmmz will this deal be coming back at all?

    hows the 'blacks' on this monitor with IPS? all of my IPS monitors display blacks as just dark greys, nothing like the VAs but the IPS is more consistent with other colours.

  • +1

    Ordered during the first batch sale back on the 16th September and am still waiting on an email confirmation or tracking number. Funds have come out of my account on the same day.

    Dell CS update: "Waiting on head office update." Anyone else still waiting on confirmation or delivery from the mid September release?

  • +1

    Replied in wrong thread, I got mine from this thread/ order yesterday

  • +1

    Delivered. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Mine just arrived to metro Melb! Cheers.

  • +1

    Mine arrived today too, so good, wish I got two!

  • +1

    Just got an email, delayed to Nov 24th. Ordered on the second round

    • I’m not happy at all

    • +3

      I'll look into the shipping estimates and see if I can get an answer form Dell for you guys.

    • Please pm me your order number so I can have Dell check the shipping ETA.

      • PM sent thank you mate. Not a happy camper especially when orders placed in the following batches have\are being fulfilled. No communications from Dell either, not even a "delayed email…"

  • +1

    Delayed till November, 23. Not a happy camper.

    • Please pm me your order number so I can have Dell check the shipping ETA.

  • +1

    Mine delayed till Nov 19 😔

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