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[Switch] Octopath Traveler $69.80 Delivered @ OzGameShop


Good price for a physical copy of the game which is becoming rare to find. Free shipping to Australia.

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  • Its rare for AUS version.

    overseas versions can be obtained easily.

    Collectors and resale value isnt popular with the overseas version opposed to the Aus one.

    • My local JB still has plenty of stock, it's just not on their website. Price is 79, that's the reason why the stock don't move.
      I still regret that I did not pickup a used copy for 45 on gumtree.

    • -2

      I'll never understand why people pay more just for our ugly rating label to be on the cover, it's not like there is a difference with the carts as we have the EUR cart in our copies anyway :/

      • I guess if you have been collecting games for a while you would have noticed the old GBA, GB and N64 games have had many fakes on the market.

        99.9% of the time if it had AUS or was an Australian version it would not be fake.

        Most of the fakes have the USA E related ratings or USA on the carts.

        Some EUR are a bit sus.

        Hence this mentality has kind of rolled over to the new games and people prefer to stick with AUS to be safe.

        But from my experience AUS items are easier to resell opposed to EUR/USA.

        • "People prefer to stick with AUS to be safe" that is correct - I'll only purchase AU/JP for retro games as well because of the 'counterfeits are everywhere' reason unless I see pictures of the board.

          However a very large amount of Australian games now have EUR cartridges/discs with the only difference between the versions being the cover having an Australian rating label - might as well pick up the EUR copy if the AUS version is overpriced due to collectors and re-sellers.

          What is stopping people from just printing out a high quality Australian cover to go with the EUR game cart when they decide to re-sell? You wouldn't be able to tell the difference if the game was released as an EUR cart here.

          • @Megumin: If you have been collecting for a while you can easily tell from the quality of the print for the insert and its not exactly a standard site to print out.

            Even with DS and 3DS no one has made good quality case inserts to date.

    • +1

      But it's still the European cartridge inside a box. Only difference is the rating logo?

      • You are correct its the same cart.

        But as I said the mentality of fake carts generally come in EUR/USA form. Nintendo collectors tend to want to get the official Australian versions as they tend to be a more limited run compared to US and EUR countries release in addition are a safer bet they are genuine. But Switch games are hard to counterfeit for now

        Even if you go on eBay, a lot of the EUR and USA released Nintendo games dont get sold as easily compared to AUS with the exception where the EUR carts come in the AUS cases as standard.

        For example the Pokemon DS games will sell like hot cakes with AUS on the cart but ones with EUR,USA, UKY, FRA etc. aren't snapped up often.

        The games cases if they dont have the standard PG/M type Australian ratings they arent as highly desired either.

        Don't get me wrong I am not saying these overseas games imported are fake but thats how the collectors think.

        But in saying that some Switch games come with AUS stamped on the cart instead of EUR like BotW.

  • +1

    I still can't believe I got this for $30 back in this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/430414

    Partner managed to get EB to price match both games from screenshots!

    • That was wild

  • I've wanted to play this for so long but it's NEVER on sale.

    • +1

      me too, I played the demo prior to release and loved it, bummed I missed the $30 deal a while back. I'm still too ozbargained enough to bite at $69

      • I got the $30 deal and haven't played it. Any idea what the AUS version brand new is worth now?

        • $30 + shipping.

          Can I buy it?

        • +1

          About $60-$79 on eBay (going by what has actually sold)

  • Great game that will keep going for a while.

  • Playing this at the moment! Beautifully designed.

  • A pity that the prequel is a mobile phone game. I felt the prequel has great villains and settings. I haven't played the first game yet but maybe one day.

    • What's the prequel?

      • Octopath Stay At Home

        • Theres an DLC as well called Octopath Stay Isolate