This was posted 1 year 9 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Surfshark VPN: 90% Cashback @ Cashrewards


Enjoy :)

Initial outlay is $83.41 (using the CASHREW2Y code) before cashback on 2 year plans.

Expires: Oct 10, 2020, 11:59:00 PM
24 months for just $3.48 per month

Special Terms
Cashback is eligible for new Surfshark customers only.

Cashback may be ineligible if using codes not listed on Cashrewards.

Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only. It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

The AUD amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

From previous posts: Advice is to pay using a credit card (or debit card) and not PayPal.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • +2

    I am using Surfshark VPN bought on the same deal a year back. Not happy with the windows app. Everyday some problem with either connectivity or with the different websites such as Amazon. (Personal recommendation, try some other VPN with better app)

    • do you use killswitch and what browser?

      • +2

        Killswitch yes, Chrome. won't open without turning VPN off!

        • it opens on mine, which location on VPN are you connecting to? Have you tried incognito/private or a different browser?

          • @yummycoot: Yes tried incognito. Fastest automatic location.
            Anyway I will try node vpn next time.

    • +1

      Uninstalling the app was a PITA as well

  • +2

    I have been using their Chrom goggle extensions and it is very good. I remembered it used to be 3 years when I joined earlier this year. Now all the plans are only 2 years. Not sure which ones is cheaper.

  • Switched to them with the previous promo, no complaints except their PC client refuses to auto connect on one of my machines. Speeds are comparable to PIA for me.

  • Any good in China?
    ExpressVPN/Nord was subpar earlier this year

  • "From previous posts: Advice is to pay using a credit card (or debit card) and not PayPal"

    Why is this? I paid with PayPal last time this was posted and my cashback was approved but will take 3 months to get the money back.

    • +3

      Paypal will not give you the best exchange rate compared to 28 deg master card or other bank cards.

      • +6

        You can set PayPal to charge your card in the currency it’s charged in, they won’t do the conversion to AU$.

        Just use that instead, screw giving your CC to every site out there when PayPal exists.

  • Still on my trial period for nord, is it worth switching out for this one?

  • +1

    I would go with Nord VPN both have 90% cash back.

    • I paid $141.39 for Nord's 2 year plan, with 90% cashback. I would expect to be credited $127.251 back to my account. Checked my rewards balance, and only received $108.45. Not sure if this is a conversion rate issue, or something else.

      • +1

        It is possible you've paid 10% gst by selecting Australia as your location. You could have selected USA for 0% tax. Since cashback is calculated by excluding GST you might have paid more. Just a theory, you should still check and see if it is another issue.

        • thats probably it, still new to this cash rewards thing. Gonna cancel, and hope for the best.

    • +1

      It says 30% for me?

  • Doese it work with Netflix?

    • +2

      yes, it does with SmartDNS and if you have Android TV, you can just use the app to turn it on.

      • How to use the SmartDNS via SurfShark? I tried on LG Oled but it didn't worked.

      • Does it consistently work? Is it fast enough not to buffer like crazy on 1080p/4k content?

        • it consistently works but it is not fast enough.

        • I'm not sure if it works for 4k content, but have used it a lot for 1080p content. I was getting horrible netflix speeds until I connected to the Detroit server and everything has been amazing ever since. Also useful to ask customer service every now and then for the best server for streaming certain content, they have been really helpful

      • I have tried the SmartDNS for this on a Samsung Smart Tv and my Apple TV and it doesn’t show US Netflix. Only way to watch is via a tablet or phone with the Surfshark app. How did you make yours work?

        • it let me browse US netflix on Samsung Smart TV (series 8 QLED) but it was really slow. To check if you are on US database, search for Supernatural.

          • +1

            @yummycoot: Yeah I can browse for sure but watching is a no unfortunately.

            Also have NordVPN and that too doesn’t work.

            Only one that works is ExpressVPN with the their smartDNS but price is no way near as cheap as Nord or Surfshark.

            If you can watch us Netflix, let me know how you did it

  • Can anyone get BBC on this?

    • Yes.

      • iPlayer access is fine but I find the stream from any of their 3 UK servers often slow.

  • There's a killswitch but it's very blanket, no internet access if the vpn is not on. It can't for example, stop traffic from a torrent program if the vpn is not on.

    • Comment is confusing. Why would you have no internet if your vpn is off?

      • +1

        The purpose of the killswitch feature is to make it so that if your vpn disconnects then nothing should be able to connect to the internet. This makes sure you dont accidentally access the internet without going through the vpn.
        I guess from his cryptic wording is that even if the killswitch is active and the vpn disconnects he can still use his torrent app when he shouldnt be able to.
        Im on Windows 10 and it blocks Pico Torrent, so I dunno.

      • Let's say you're downloading torrents safely through your vpn when the vpn app crashes or the service has an outage. You'd want your torrents to stop transferring until the service is up again

        This is where a killswitch comes in

        Ideally this killswitch can be programmed to (in this example) only kill torrent connections but allow the rest of your connections to continue when the vpn crashes. Apparently surfshark's killswitch indiscriminately will cut all connections when the vpn is down

  • I got it, I use it, no issues. Paid about $7 last year for 3 years.

    • What happens after 3 years. Can you join again using a new email address and a new cash rewards account????

  • +2

    Just joined Cashrewards and used this deal to buy Surfshark. Installed the Windows and the Android apps, which all seemed to work fine both from an interface and functionality point of view. No worse than ExpressVPN (which is Rolls Royce expensive) so far in that regard. Although I have noticed Netflix is a bit slow but Youtube and other sites are fine. Only a few minutes in though, so take it as very early impressions.

    • have you given the detroit server a go (for US content)? was told by customer service it was the one they recommended for streaming US content, I gotten a completely smooth experience since switching

  • So 90% off $83.41?

    So cheap for 2 years.

  • This is a good deal with cashback otherwise not so much. TorGuard is US$30 a year and good value, works well and no complaints while using it.

  • Thanks OP, happy with the Windows and iPhone apps so far.

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