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Penrite HPR 5 Engine Oil - 5W-40 5 Litre $39, 30% off Bowden's Own @ Repco


Good lube. Might be good for car.

Copy paste:

Extra ten provides an extra layer of engine protection
Full zinc additive package for superior engine wear protection
Latest oil technology for less wear, sludge and piston deposits
OEM approved to maintain manufacturers' warranty and specifications
API tested and registered for quality guarantee assurance

I should sleep.

30% off Bowden's Own

Good shampoo. Might be good for car.

Bowden's Own very cool very good buy it.

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  • Merged from 30% off Bowden's Own @ Repco
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    Good shampoo. Might be good for car.

    Bowden's Own very cool very good buy it.

    • Wow very cool!

    • +1

      So many products available in the range - which ones do people recommend for someone like myself who doesn't have a hose or pressure washer and is just after a basic car wash and polish? i.e. Don't need to get it to showroom finish

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        This brand is overrated. I've found Auto Glym's wheel cleaner to work much better than Bowden's.

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        dishwashing liquid and a sponge / bucket combo

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          @ShannonN never ever use dishwashing liquid on paint, unless you want to completely strip it

          • @perhaps: I know, it was a joke I forgot the smiley face LOL

            I'm lucky I have drive in car wash nearby and use the pressure wand etc. on the ford, I'm careful not to blast at full tilt when using the hot wash option as that burns the clearcoat etc and wheels well they are lacquer? treated and never had a problem.

            I have some cheap approved car wash from Supercheap just to tidy up I got on special.

            • @ShannonN: All good hehe.

              Also be careful if you use the brush attachment at the car wash, they can have dirt and debris in them which could scratch the paint.

          • +2

            @perhaps: You can use dishwashing liquid when you want to strip the wax and polish off (e.g. to put a new sealant/wax on, or to prepare the paint before going to the bodyshop), it won't cause any issues, but yeah, don't make a habit of it! You need to use a good quality car wash followed up by 3 monthly coatings of wax/sealant if you want your paint to last and look its best.

            • @nubzy: Yeah that's what I meant as in strip it down to base for prep (remove the existing waxes and coatings). :)

      • https://purewax.com/products/purewax-waterless-wash-detailer
        This stuff is great if you don't have access to water, or just don't want the mess and it takes no time. Pretty simple spray on, wipe off.

      • I use this for a quick waterless wash (can be used for bucket wash too), it does the job and is very good value for money especially for $37.95 (4.25L + 4 Microfibre Towels).

      • The Nanolicious Shag Pack would be the go.

    • Unfortunately it's not 30% off all Bowdens Own

  • Bring back $29.90! I didn’t stock up enough last time :(

  • Full synthetic.

  • +2

    pity its not JASO MA-2..

  • Love bowdens package names.

    My favourites are Far Cough and Great Barrier Thingy

  • +1

    90% of the car detailing recommendations on OZB makes detailers richer lol.

    I don't mind being richer once the restrictions eased on VIC as I am a mobile detailer.

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      Why is that?

  • You should sleep

  • Merged from Bowdens Own 3 Way $24.50 ~30% Off, Plus Del @ Repco
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    Don't forget 2% cashback
    Other Bowdens Own products on sale at 25-30% off here: https://www.repco.com.au/en/brands/bowden-s-own/c/1887688507...

    Doing some reading about car cleaning and protection/shining products and found this special as a result. Helps prepare your vehicle's paintwork for later application of your fav wax/sealant….

    From Bowdens website: https://www.bowdensown.com.au/three-way
    Three Way is our Aussie made and developed solution for easy removal of embedded iron particles and other hard to remove contamination from your paint. We've been working on this one for the last year to use as a safe paint preparation product, that does three decontamination processes in one go. It saves you time and money and leaves you with beautiful smooth paint, so our final stage wax and sealant products can leave a greater shine and protect for longer.

    For the intensive removal of embedded ferrous iron and other hard to remove contaminants before paint cleansing, waxing and sealing.
    -Powerful, fast reacting formula safely dissolves iron contaminants on your paint.
    -Created to be super lubricating for use with our new Claying Rubber pad and Clay Towels.
    -pH neutral formula uses unique paint safe cleaners to help remove old waxes and sealants.
    -Thick liquid for slower drying and effective dwell time on your side panels.
    -Hydrophilic formula spreads better over paint surfaces, saving you product.
    -Safe on modern clear coat paint, matte paint, headlights, exterior trim, chrome, glass, rubber and doesn’t smell of pungent death.
    -Does not affect or remove good quality paint protection coatings.
    -Leaves a great clean surface, ready for easier paint cleansing, waxing & sealing.
    -Made with biodegradable ingredients and earth friendly formula.
    -All developed and made in Australia by our passionate team of detailers & chemists.

    • +7

      Was about to post the same deal, however I was not researching car cleaning when I came across this "3 way" product.

      • Ha ha, pay that. Was actually looking at Last Coat and Nova Jet sealants on youtube, plus a couple of related PAN vids.

        • The Last Coat is the best that I have used … Best gloss, best water beading and lasts a long time

          • +1

            @Logical: It was your comment which got me searching, so thanks for that. PAN gave it a wrap. Some test videos suggest there are better products. Always good to know what's around.

    • Bowdens is lucky guy if you know what I mean

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      Dupe I think. Aren't all Bowdens products 30% off at repco?


      • That deal was unpublished, which explains why I missed it I guess.
        25-30% off, depending on product. Irrespective, individual items can still be posted iirc (not that I'd usually bother).

      • No not all of them.

        • The only ones that aren't are already discounted as catalogue specials, so likely 25% off.

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