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Samsung Series 8 Q80R 65" 4K QLED TV $1895.25 Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi


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    LG unavailable to be shipped. Looks like there’s one available for pick up in Melbourne. Lucky if it’s in your 5km radius.

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      Delivery available for me though

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        Interesting. I tried a NSW, a QLD and a VIC address, couldn’t add to cart. Lucky you if you can.

    • available for delivery in Vic

  • What’s the price of the 75 inch version?

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    Someone found a single c9 behind the bathroom at the JB hi-fi warehouse.

    "We have stock!"

  • That's a G up if I've ever seen one

  • LG OLED link is dead.


  • looks like a lot of refurb stock as well

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    Thanks OP! Snagged a Q80R, don't forget to use the 5% off coupon!

    • Looks like you snagged the last (or only) one in stock! well done-

      • Ahhh, no I didn't. Just got a text from JB's, it's on backorder. I guess I was counting my chickens.

        • How does that work with an older model that they are most likely not making anymore? My guess would be Samsung have some old stock in other channels that they can't clear so are giving it to JB given they are faster moving.

          • @Flysuper888: Or JB ship it in from a different store when they shuffle stock around. I've had that happen before with the Sony WH-1000XM2's all the way back in 2018.


            I had to wait 6 weeks for those to arrive, I am not keen on waiting that long for a TV.

  • That's a bloody good price on the Q80R

  • all gone now….

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    Q90R for $1895 delivered VIC only


    if you want a refurb tv with 12 month warranty

    • It's letting me ship to Brisbane if I want to, hmm..

      • yea i'm quite tempted as well. Not fuss about minor cosmetic scratch as long as the screen is free from defects.

        What is "Refurbished Stock"?
        “Refurbished Stock” refers to stock which has a cosmetic blemish or imperfection such as a scratch, dent or rub mark, has had a fault that has now been repaired by the manufacturer, or is an ex-display model. Refurbished stock may also include products that have been returned with no fault found, these items will be in a plain unbranded box.
        This Refurbished Stock is in perfect working order and comes with a 12 month warranty from Samsung.

        • Did you end up securing one? I also just tried to checkout and got out of stock error.

          • @BeerCrisp: nope, i think there is a system issue. Either someone bought it all at once, or All their refurb items got removed.

          • @BeerCrisp: It's back in stock. Just made a purchase so hopefully it clears! I think it wasn't meant to be paired for 5%

            • @pippohippo: You must have got the last one, page was there for 30 seconds then I refreshed and no longer there :(

              • @BeerCrisp: Damn :( I guess it was the last stock.

                • @pippohippo: Now I'm tossing up the Q75R or do I wait for a sale on the Sony X950H, hmm

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                    @BeerCrisp: I had the same thought…if I couldnt get the Q90R, was to wait for Sony black friday sale (they have in the past offered 20% off, cashback if lucky). I have been using a basic TV (32inch and 43inch) my whole life so figured I deserve something better than during the prolonged covid lockdown in Melb.

                    …or get both.

                  • @BeerCrisp: Someone just bough it, was it you?! lol

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                      @pippohippo: Nope, wasn't me, I think I'll hold out for the X9500H to drop below $2k

                      • @BeerCrisp: Here to make you feel better. Item arrived with pressure damaged. Blue marking everywhere! Getting a refund and looking forward to a new Sony TV instead

                        • @pippohippo: Well that's dodgy..

                          • @BeerCrisp: not sure how you can pass that off as "cosmetic"! The store rep said unfortunuately refurb model occasionally have this issue - to me it looked like bad packaging (no soft foam covering) so it was sandwiched between 2 hard styrofoam.

                            black Friday just around the corner. So if the 65inch X95 gets 20% off… $3k down to $2.4k I might consider it…

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                              @pippohippo: You can currently get the 65inch X9500H for $2415 at TGGC, I expect it to get cheaper on black Friday though.

                              • @BeerCrisp: Ahh I don't have at TGCC account :(

                                But I can wait it out. TV prices only go down!

    • I think it means you can't pick up in VIC. Looks available to the rest of the country

    • Had it in the cart and said out of stock when I went to check out. Goddammit!

      • All the refurb stock just disappeared. Either OzB or it wasn't meant to be listed

      • I think there is something wrong with their stock system, because 10 minutes ago there were around 10 different samsung TV's in 65 inch and 75 inch which are no longer showing up. It's possible you wouldn't have gotten it anyway

        • Makes me feel less gutted. Way better TV than I was ever going to get under $2k

          • @LaHug: same, thought i missed out on both deals! Waiting for Sony black friday deal, hopefully 20% off again. The X9000h seems alright under 2k

            • @pippohippo: I'm after the X9500H or the Q80T as both seem the best affordable models for sport. I'm hoping one or both will be under $2k before the end of the year. But the Q90R seems to smash both of them - so it was a bit of a "raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly".

              • @LaHug: yea i was thinking the same. I think the 9000H would be pretty decent for sport still.Have a budget for $2k for a 65-75inch. but i don't think the 9500H or Q80T will go under 2k for a 65inch model just yet….

  • How does the Q60T compares with this one ? Currently around $1610 after 15% of ebay goodguy

    • Q80R seems a lot better as it has local dimming to improve picture quality…but this is a refurb so that is a downer


    • Q80r is closer to the q95t this year.

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        why did they go down in quality. I mean there is a q80, q90 and q95 but many say the q95, which should be the absolute best, isn't even that good?

        • Samsung did that with all the models this year, i think they wanted to make the 8k models a clear flagship. They didn't go completely down one model, more inbetween and the old and new models have pros and cons as you can see here. https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/samsung-q80r-vs-sams...

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          For the last two, three years Scamsung have basically made their new models one step lower from the previous year. So Q7 becomes Q8, Q8 becomes Q9. Ripped out local dimming from Q6 and 7, when before even the non QLED higher end had local dimming. It's disgraceful. Did it to make their 8K model seem better with more features and drive customers to spend on that. For the last two years their Q9 has been worse than the previous year's. I'd never purchase a Samsung until they started treating customers better than a 1984 reference.

          • @Monstalova: To be honest I think it's just using their 'QLED' branding to their advantage. Every QLED TV used to be top of the range, now they've slowly slid them all, but people will be more inclined to buy the Q60T over a normal LCD/LED from another brand, cause well, it's a QLED. Though in reality it's crap and there are much better options from LG and Sony at a similar price point.

            • @BeerCrisp: Much better options available especially with their motion issues compared to Sony. Even QLED models have dropped in colour volume and gamut range, so they are selling their "premium TV's" with even less features but charging the same price if not more for them

              • @Monstalova: Whats the best 75"-77" TV for around 5-6k?

                • @nicolemcmilllon: There isn't one anymore. Those LED sizes Sony, Samsung etc. have made them all wide viewing enhanced. So you get a slightly better picture when looking at the TV from a wide angle but you lose the best picture quality when viewing from straight on. Contrast, brightness, colour, everything suffers more to get a wider viewing picture. Don't know if you want to go OLED, only looks good in a completely dark room because the brightness is very average. Even dimmer with HDR content. 2017 models were the peak of this current generation. Gone downhill ever since.

                  • @Monstalova: absolutely infuriating. 6k isn't cheap and to think theres nothing spectacular for that price point is crazy.

                    worst part is, even if you pony up >7.5k on a 77 CX then you got the brightness issues you are talking about plus the burn in issues when watching sport/ playing games

                    • @nicolemcmilllon: It's awful! They've ruined LED TV's to try to compete with OLEDs viewing angles. Instead of having contrast ratio 10000:1 it's now sometimes not even half that for 75 and bigger sizes (some 65 inch models too). Problem is at least 90% of people watch their TV directly in front or just slightly off centre so that won't even affect anything for them. I think it was made more to do with looking at them in the store so people won't see too much of a difference wherever they are in the shop. OLED is organic too so that means it will fade over time. When you have a much better picture on the 55 inch compared to 75 you know there's a problem.

  • dang good price for a q80R, since last year's range are much better than this year's 2020 models (other than the lack of eARC).
    I'll be surprised if they have any stocks, since most stocks were cleared out at the start of lockdown at full RRP

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    Samsung Q60T 65" QLED ULTRA HD 4K (2020 edition)

    Price $1895.00

  • Gonneeee

  • anyone know how much was the C9 listed for?

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      i think it was 2500

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        • probably best to wait for CX to drop sub $3000 this year

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