4 Tyres Needed 225/65 R17

Dear Ozbargain, I need 4 "225/65 R17" tyres for my Honda CRV located at Sydney. Any recommendation of good deal around? Thank you.


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    Try local tyre smaller shops and not the big franchises like Beaurepairs, Bob Jane etc.
    You already have the dimensions so you can easily call them.
    You should also research the tyre brand that you like

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      Beaurepaires sometimes has really good prices. According to one of their competitors they grey import some brands of tyres and sell for less than the Aus wholesale price. Could have just been a bitter competitor unwilling to price match though.

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        Not sure about that however if that is the case, then the buyer can negotiate with other competitors for the best price.
        The good thing about this is that the OP needs all 4 new tyres and balancing hence will be a decent spend therefore more room to negotiate.

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      I would add a warning to this. When looking for KO2s, found them cheapest at a local smaller shop but when arrived they were pretty old stock tyres (brand new but been in storage for years) with hardened rubber so refused them.

      Ended up going to Bob Jane for only couple dollars more per tyre but they did free alignment and free check-up & rotation after 3 months. They also have best price guarantee so you can price match. Only ever used them once but don't see why they're not recommended.

      • This free checkup and rotation scheme (inc. small businesses) is a scam IMO.
        They try to sell you wheel alignment to offset the free rotation. Based on my experience is that they use guilt trip tactics as an excuse to preserve your tyres..
        If you pay $100 every second time (or once per year) to align your tyres, you might as well buy new replacements.
        The only time I would check for wheel alignment, if I have hit a big pot hole, gutter etc or haven't done one for a couple of years.

        In relation to price matching, the T's & C's is another wiggle tactic.
        I tried with Kmart Auto (Now Mycar), same tyre brand, dimensions etc, and they didn't as it was from a smaller retailer

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          Didn't pay a penny at the 3 month check-up.

          Included in the service:

          Free wheel alignment service (if needed)
          Air pressure check on all 5 tyres
          Tyre & wheel damage check
          Standard wheel balance (if needed)
          Tyre rotation (if needed)
          Battery check

          It's all basic minor stuff but was free. Had free alignment both on purchase of new tyres and front ones tweaked at 3 months.

          • @Hybroid: Front and rear alignment or front only?

            Edit: Like you said, it is for free so better than nothing. But IMO they charge like a wounded bull.

            • @vinni9284: Front and rear alignment done when bought tyres. Front only adjustment at 3 month check-up as rears didn't need it.

              Maybe this is just an anecdotal good experience and others have had different ones. Suppose that's majority of fix-it garages.

            • @vinni9284: I've been quite happy with Bridgestone and their free rotation/check etc. Only suggested a 4-wheel alignment as it was pulling left @ $65. Though, they also found that I need new steering rack bushes etc and the water pump was badly leaking, so I guess they'll make some money from the free check :P.

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    Check Tempe/St George/Taleb then get MyCar to price match.

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  • Thank you for all the tips!

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    I would say go with Bridgestone, they do have buy 3 and get the 4th tyre for free.

    • But they are expensive right?

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        Tyres are the only thing that touch the road surface. Do you want to skimp on this? With tyres, you actually get what you pay for. Cheap tyres = tyres that are cheap for a reason.

        • this is true, and have recently replaced 4 tyres, with the 4-for-3 at Bridgestone (look up a local branch) at similar 17-in size of OP above - it turned out much cheaper per tyre than the other brand-name chains. The new Bridgestone 'Turanza Serenity plus' are noticeably quieter and grippy - and the tyres were stamped as made in 'april 2020'. And yes, be careful about new - but old - tyres, as the rubber compounds can harden and not perform as securely as promised.

      • They will match any prices for their tyres. Plus have free puncture repairs, free check-ups and rotation every 3 months for 2 years. If you get Turanza it's 50,000km warranty. They even gave me a free alignment at the 9 month mark. Don't know if any other tyre shop offers those extras

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    By any chance, anyone know the Costco Tyres Centre prices? My Costco abomembership expired lately, therefore I not be able to check for the prices.

    • You don't need membership to call and check tyre. Just call and ask for the price, if you are happy you can renew your membership

    • Recently I called and checked, expensive then Bridgestone's prices I told Costco that they are expensive. You do not need membership details to call and ask.

    • Dam that's a racist spellcheck lol

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    https://www.tempetyres.com.au/tyreproducts?toyo-2256517-106v... $129 each is what I'd for with a CRV. Tempe have tyres starting at $90 for that size but I don't think I'd buy those even if I was just about to sell the car.

    Jax have Laufenn for a few dollars less (if you buy 3 the 4th one is free) but Toyo would be a better quality tyre for sure…

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    Just buy a brand name, like Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Dunlop etc…

    Do NOT buy a Chinese Winrun, Goodride or any other nasty nasty tyre.

    • What about brackdonut?

      • Sounds like a winner <vomit icon>

    • Yep good advice, tyres are not something to cheap out on

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    • Have you had specific problems with them? I thought I'd try some Goodrides ATs recently as they seemed to have good reviews, and have had no issues with them at all. Seem to grip well in wet and dry on bitumen. No issues on gravel and don't seem to be wearing excessively.
      This is on an AWD people mover so not looking for pin sharp handling, though they managed a khanacross OK.

      I did fork out the extra for mainstream tyres on my mx5 though, just to be sure.

      • I’ve experienced a number of cheap tyres and as far as I can tell they sometimes have compound variabilities. Some will be ok in the wet whilst other will be dangerous despite being the same size and model with the only difference being production date.

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    Look for someone selling wheels. I got a set of almost new stock Impreza wheels (with almost new tyres) for like half the cost of the new tyres alone. The seller had just bought the car new and had opted for some 17 or 18in mags.

    • Same here just got a set of liberty 17s with 215/45/17 for half the price I was quoted for the tyres alone brand new. These tyres were close enough to new :) owner just upgraded as well.

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      Where to look for? EBay?

      • Gumtree in your local area or facebook. If you are in a built up area then ebay could be okay too. The sellers want to get rid of the wheels as they take up space…. I think your pcd should be 5x114.3 this is the wheel lug that they slot onto. You can check the exact pcd and offset here: Link

  • Buy good branded ones which last 80000 suggest cooper tyres

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    Finding a bargain is always great of course, but when it comes to tyres I would definitely look for bargain QUALITY tyres. If you haven't got the extra 100-300 to spare to get quality tyres you may not have a choice, but remember that good tyres make a car feel much much nicer to drive. I always look forward to getting new tyres because it feels like a car upgrade. The longer you are happy with your car the less likely you are to want to replace the car$$. The longer you have your tyres the more you will save. The better the tyres the safer you are! Cheap tyres can wear out in 20k kms and quality ones may last double that with better handling and safer driving. Worse still is if you drive older cars and you get uneven wear which will be much faster on cheap tyres. Continental tyres and some others often offer free 6 monthly rotations as well!

    Let's do the sums for 15k kms/yr; 3 years for $900 or 1.5 yrs for $600. With the latter you will hear squealing around roundabouts after just a year, you start aquaplaning in the wet and feeling the slip when turning at even marginal speeds. The same won't happen on quality tyres till well after 2+ yrs. This effects your joy, safety and resale value.

    If you can stretch your budget, for tyres it is wel worth it. Look for specials on the Continental UC6 or Bridgestone Turanzas for a start. Look for 4 for price if 3 and free tyre rotation offers. Treat yourself!

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    Should I be rotating the spare into use? Or do you generally just let it sit there until you need it, even though it's getting old?

    I guess if 4 for 3 specials are popular, then I guess spares aren't generally rotated in?

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      Yes you dont want to end up with a 10-year-old tyre as spare even if the tread looks new - it starts to degrade and crack or harden considerably after about 6 years from date it was made (check the date stamp on tyre). I've recently driven a Honda Jazz belonging to a little old lady who drove it less than 5000km in 5 years and it scared me. The tyres looked OK with lots of tread but on closer inspection, I could see the cracks and sure enough, they were 8 years old. Not a powerful car but I was struggling for traction climbing a hill in the wet. I had other passengers in the car and they all thought I was trying to skid on purpose. It was embarrassing also having other road users stare at me as if I was skidding on purpose (it was a 2 lane road and everyone was passing me as I couldn't get to 60km/h speed)

      Get the spare on the car if it's not too old otherwise when you buy 4 new tyres ask the tyre shop to keep the best tyre of the 4 that are on the car (and move it to spare).

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    Simply eBay the size

  • Try Tyroola. The cheapest of all so far for me. Plus if you use afterpay or zip u get further 15% discount. You can also choose local fitting stations with very reasonable prices. As for brands, unless you drive high performance vehicle or huge mileage is a necessity, the cheap ones work just fine

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      Where have you seen that you get 15% off at tyroola using zip?

      Edit - their prices seem a bit rubbish anyway, the tyre I want is $100 more per tyre there than from bob Jane.

      • Oops I guess it was limited time 15% promo with afterpay when I bought my tyres 4 months ago. It’s not there anymore but I know they run different promotions all the time. I guess it’s just a matter of keeping an eye.
        As for prices, I’m not sure which brand you want but I bought budget for Camry at $48 p/t.
        Also forgot to mention Tyroola have this amazing offer where you can save up to 50% each when you buy with your friends

        • I would highly recommend not buying $48 tyres. I'm after nitto ridge grapplers.

          To get the offer, your friends have to buy the exact same tyre, pretty unlikely scenario.

          • @brendanm: I’m very happy so far with my $48 tyres, no noise/vibration, excellent wet grip… Also Not true about MATESRATES. Friends just need to use your referral link to buy whatever they want

            • @fishka2: Ok, if you are happy, that's all that matters.

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    I just got a set of Bridgestone but 225/55/R18, paid $1200 all up with wheel alignment, probably got screwed but needed same day and only Bob Jayne had a set in stock in my town.
    Lucky I can claim gst back and they are a tax wright off, business vehicle, great tyres.

    • Wow, too expensive for me…

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    I recently replaced a buggered tyre on my CRV at Costco. I am sticking with the Michelin Primacy series as they were the OEM tyres on the 2017-current CRV. The price was competitive with online prices that I compared to at the time (June this year).

    • Eh? I got Toyo Proxes R45 on my 2018 CR-V :(

      • Serious? Mine's a 2018 MY bought in Nov 2017. Well, I stand corrected then.

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          FYI Apparently Michelin Primacy 3 ST are OEM on the higher variant only.

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            @John Kimble: Ah, thanks for the clarification. Mine is a VTI-LX which would explain the discrepancy.

            I've blown 3 of them so far due to nails/sharp things on the road and the tyre places never have the Michelins in stock so they always try to get me to swap to the Bridgestone equivalent at a roughly 30% lower price but I have resisted so far - I like having the same type of tyre on my car :-)

            • @symowallo: Yeah, I only have the L7.

              Jax is saying $289 per tyre! Is there anywhere else cheaper? Do tyre places even do sales?

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                @John Kimble: Mate I reckon you should try Costco. That's where I purchased last time and they were the cheapest (not in stock however for the Michelins, but they were definitely price competitive). Prior to that I purchased at Mathews in Campsie in Sydney. They were good and price competitive but I had to get the Bridgestone as it was going to take a while to get the Michelin, so I use the Bridgestone as a spare. Thank God the CR-V has a full size spare!!

                Tyre places only tend to do sales like 1 free tyre when you replace all 4, I've noticed.

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      How much is the Costco charged?

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        When I bought my tyre, their costs were slightly under the online places I checked at the time. Just call them, that's what I did.

  • I know that you said Sydney, but I just had a great experience with Tyrepower Gateshead. Good discount by buying 4 Toyo C100's. Same tyres elsewhere 50% dearer average per tyre. They are located near O'neils, and Bridgestone which might explain their competitiveness.

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    Any feedback, review on this tyres?

    Rapid 2256517 102H ECOSAVER HT


    BRAND: Rapid
    WIDTH: 225
    PROFILE: 65
    DIAMETER: 17 Inch
    LOAD RATING: 102
    SKU: A085B007
    $90 each

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    Give eagle tyres a call


    They are highly regarded and their shop is always busy with cars lining up the road to get their tyres sorted.

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    Do you know how to fit them…? If not you are looking at $28 or so per tyre to fit and balance. This is not easy if you have not done it before. Also you could damage your new tyres or wheels. Might as well look for a local place that includes fitting.

    • I never done it before.

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