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Amazon AU: up to 10% Cashback (Was up to 7%) @ Cashrewards


Amazon Devices 10%
Apparel 10%
Jewellery 10%
Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 10%
Home 7.5%
Luggage 7.5%
Watches 7.5%
Premium Beauty 7.5%
Automotive 7.5%
Sports & Outdoors 7.5%
Wine, Beer & Spirits 7.5%

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 14 days.

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  • +5

    That's a bummer
    Was hoping for some boardgame love for prime day

  • +13

    When will electronics cashback come back… ;|

    • +3

      never Amazon know they have that market and buyers don't need incentives to at least check amazon out for those items.

      • +2

        Hopefully it'll come back on prime day for just a day or two! Wishful thinking though :/

      • I've always found Amazon the most expensive for electronics in Australia.

        • And sometimes they're cheapest, particularly with US/UK items. I've sometimes found things that are niche listed by smaller outfits using FBA as well that makes it a good deal not having to pay for shipping. That said, I haven't bought much off them after the cashback changes.

          • @ethan961: I agree. I recently snagged a 1650 low profile GPU for $220 including delivery. It was from Amazon UK but was by far the cheapest. Quick delivery time too.

    • +3

      I just realised today that the Boost My Super cashback site (search for it on this site) has rebates >0% for categories currently 0% on shopback and cashrewards. I have ignored this service until now.

      Consumer Electronics & Accessories, Mobile Phones, Televisions 5.00% Was 2.5%
      Luggage & Bags, Toys & Baby Products, Home, Kitchen & Kitchen Appliances 9.00% Was 5%
      Music, Movies, Video Games 3.00% Was 2.5%

      I plan on using it as an alternative to shopback and cashrewards for 0% categories from now on.

  • +1

    Hmm don't see electronics or computers on the list.

  • +12

    Wish they could bring back Electronics/Video Games/Toys back by Prime Day.

    • +3

      Santa? Is that you?

      • Santa has his elves to help make the presents.

      • Santa will be self-isolating this year, there will be nothing but full RRP.

  • +2

    Sadly no cashback for Computer/Electronic categories.

  • +26

    Sick of these threads. Title should say "Amazon AU: up to 10% Cashback (boring categories only)"

    • +1

      yah - and it should read "…up to 10% Cashback (Was Up to 7%)…"

    • +5

      The first thing I do is go through the list to look for Computers/Electronic/Video Games/Toys. I then let out a sigh of disappointment when I cannot find them on the list.

      • +2

        And then I go back to playing with my lego while listening to my bluetooth headphones…

    • Yeah Alcohol's heaps boring.

  • +12

    All the categories that people actually buy - 0%

  • +1

    Baby - 0%

    Well there goes any incentive of reproducing. Thanks Amazon… -_-

  • +1

    Off topic, but I hope Cashrewards are using the Shopback Hack as an incentive to independently audit their own security posture as well.

  • Why don't Cashrewards and Shopback ever mention the end date for these boosted rates in their OzBargain posts?!

  • Does anyone know whether automotive cleaning products e.g. Waxes, polishes etc. would fall under the 7.5% automative cash back?

    • Nice profile pic. Precious Venus.

    • Yes, if it's in the proper category. The cleaning products are a sub-category of Automotive.

  • Is there an easy way to figure out what category an item belongs to? Most of course are obvious, but some aren't.

    • Yeah, scroll down to the bit that says the best sellers rank and it will say there.

    • +1

      Just above the product picture it shows the product category (and all the sub categories)

  • Does a PC case count as an electronic?

    • Look at the product's page on Amazon. It will list which category the PC case is in.

  • Yayyyyy, now it's on the cashback site that I'm not super suss about.

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