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LG 48" CX OLED TV (OLED48CXPUB) $2,799 Shipped @ LG Australia (Order via Email)


Offer period from 8 October to 25 October. Strictly limited to 1 per customer, and limited stock available.

Understand it's not a REAL Ozbargain Deal. And you can purchase larger sizes for Cheaper on recent deals. HOWEVER I know many have been waiting for an opportunity to purchase this TV in the smaller form factor, and it's beyond my budget atm. So wanted to help fellow OZB. PS. This is arguably the best TV for Next GEN PS5 and XSX at this point in time. 4K 120FPS OLED.

Instructions are to Email: [email protected] and request an order form to purchase: Their automated draft below:

Dear LG,

I would like to be one of the first Australians to buy the 48 inch CX OLED TV.

Please send me a sales order form. Once I receive the sales order form, I will complete and send this back to you with a copy of the payment receipt.

Thank you,


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    Cue #NoRRP comments

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    Realise that GGC commercial offer the 55" for only a little more

    LG CX 55 Inch OLED $2545.75 + Delivery or C&C at The Good Guys eBay

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      for less actually

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      55" is cheaper

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    Here before the negs and RRP police

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    Sorry but this pricing is nonsense …. its more than what 55inch costs usually!

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      Totally agree, and most will have the same sentiment :)

      • Pretty friking disappointing.. I was kind of waiting to see if it costs similar to say rrp of the 86 nanos but 1k more… No thanks

        • Yep LG charging massive early adopters Tax!

          • @T-BARHQ: The cost is mostly because the 48 panels actually cost more to make than the 55 due to making the pixels small enough in the smaller form factor to get 4K. Australia wasn't even meant to get this model due for this reason, but I guess there was a demand for it.

      • Normally have a lot of time for Vincent's work, but in this case he's not bothered to cover that an 8.5G mother glass as per his specified dimensions could produce eight 48" panels without much wastage.

        It won't be the priority in the production orders, but the 48" supply doesn't have to be purely dictated by the demand for 77" panels. Whether LG opts to go this way is another thing entirely, but it seems like easy money to me.

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          That's a good point. I wasn't trying to claim this video was the sole authority on this, but it's got some interesting discussion and relevant to the thread.

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            @skrot: LG are probably kicking themselves after the way monitor demand shot up this year. If they'd gone ahead with their 10.5G plant on their original schedule, they'd have been selling WOLED monitors all year.

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    Don't most LG retailers sell their products for about 10% less than the listed price? At least that's the trend for the monitors.

    • Correct

  • Too pricy

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      everything's going to be scarce for a while and a real bargain won't come for months. It's the new world we live in.

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    I absolutey love all the "55 inch is cheaper" comments. They completely miss the point of this product. Shoud I go and buy the 55" because its cheper even though Im unable to use it due to it being too big for my use case? The only people interested in this product are people who need the smaller size.

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      Unless you live in a caravan?

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        Many people including myself will be using this hooked up to a pc as a secondary screen for gaming/movies, but im sure u realise that. even a 48" screen is a bit big for this.

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          Double down and use the 55 inch as a single replacement monitor for a 2 screen setup :p I've got a C9 55' as a 3rd monitor in my setup and its pretty decent for movies.

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      And when this actually becomes a bargain, it will be worthy of a post. This is glorified marketing.

      • im not arguing against this, it isnt a bargain, just advertising availability.

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      I would love a 40" because I want to put it next to my computer to use for movies and console, but I understand I'm an edge case.

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    HDTVtest has an interesting video on this- Vincent is saying that the 48" Panel is cut from the 77" top of the line panel that's why production is low, cost is high. But yeah, ill take the 55" over the 48 :b

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    Best to wait until it gets a general release then negotiate a cheaper price at the usual suspects

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    laughs in $1750 LC C9 55"

    • I got in at that price last yr!

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        Same. The writing was on the wall so I'm glad I listened to my gut feel

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          Me in 2019: meh, I'll get it next year. It'll be under $1500 by then….

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    This should really be more of a forum post.

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    Let's all send LG this:

    Dear LG,

    I would NOT like to be one of the first Australians to buy the 48 inch CX OLED TV.

    Please DO NOT send me a sales order form. SHOULD I receive the sales order form, I will NOT complete and send this back to you with a copy of the payment receipt.

    Thank you,

    Not your Customer.

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    $2799 rrp likely list around $2399 from most retailers then wait for a eBay code to stack, likely 1-2 months to get it around low $2k

    Need Samsung to enter the oled market, lg has to much control with Panasonic out of Aus

    • Samsung is working on the successor to OLED and is not interested.

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        That why their qleds have dropped in price, relative to oled? Gap was smaller when I bought 2 yrs ago choosing b/w the 2.

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    Yeah, no.

  • Yeah free shipping doesn’t really make this a deal. More details on why the 55” is cheaper:

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    It's just come out… It's full price and the 55" can be had for way less ! belongs more in the forum's

  • Waiting for HDMI 2.1 monitors to arrive. Other will settle with the Ultragear 27GN950.

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    I thought this TV was just receiving a somewhat limited release hence the odd purchasing method. Therefore, I don't think you'll be seeing this slashed in price at retailers and subject to eBay codes and all the usual antics.

  • Since I've seen 55" TVs go as low as 1.6k, I really hope this can drop below that eventually.

  • No deal until it’s $1300

  • Shouldn’t people wait to see that next Gen consoles can indeed push 120 FPS on games? Even 3080 struggles on some triple A titles to stay above 100.

    OLED is amazing no doubt but if consoles can’t push such high FPS then it would be disappointing to spend so much on a tv just for one key feature.

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      It's not for 2.1

      It's for those blacks.

  • This should be a forum post.

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    I got my 65 inch C9 this time last year for $2800 from the Goodguys.

  • Ha! nope

  • Anyone know when they'll be shipping?

  • Holy Jesus that is terrible value. So glad I bought my 55 inch C9 for $1836 last year.

  • Wow, I really want this TV, I dont care that its hard to get, I dont care that they are blatantly ripping me off either… But god damn, the process u have to go through to purchase it is bullshit. No retail sales (so if you have issues, no one is going to help you with warranty besides LG themselves.) No credit card/paypal payments, direct bank deposit to LG only. You have to email them, wait for them to send you an order form, fill it out and email it back to them including proof of the direct bank deposit, then you have to hope they have one in stock for you. If not, wait for them to refund you.
    Also, its free postage to metropolitan areas, so I guess im shit out of luck there too. They dont tell me how much postage would be to my address, nor how i go about finding out. These guys are a bunch of clowns….

  • I think this will see retail release, as alluded to the 'one of the first' statements that this has been marketed with. Hopefully by the end of November when we see wide availability for computer parts and consoles.

  • I contacted LG regarding this email. Due to the fact that the next email you get was a direct bank transfer. lG told me that it was a scam and I forwarded all the emails to LG customer support

  • Email doesn't work.

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