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[Backorder] Xiaomi Mi Curved 34” Ultrawide Monitor $512 + Shipping @ Kogan


Preorder ships Nov 2nd
Kogan import
Free shipping with Kogan first

Code expires at midnight

Not the cheapest ever but very close!

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  • Don’t forget 2% cashback

  • Cashback only for new customers and first time purchase

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      Just register a new account

  • +19

    As OP mentioned, it is a pre sale and ships on 2nd Nov. Also not sure if I want to deal with Kogan if there is a warranty issue with dead pixel etc. Waiting for a sub $500 deal from a reputed seller without Latitudepay and who has a solid warranty service

    • Whats latitudepay? I have a 28degrees card and am curious. Thanks

      • It's pretty close to being Latitude's version of Afterpay https://www.latitudepay.com/

      • +4

        https://www.latitudepay.com/. There was a deal on Catch.com yesterday for this monitor and with a combination of Latitudepay + 8% Shopback, it was $500. However I am not a fan of "after pay" programs as it leaves a mark on your credit record so didn't buy this monitor.

        • +1

          Might also become an addictive cycle, so something to keep in mind as well. Personally I stay clear.

        • +1

          Zip money didn't leave a footprint on my credit file.
          I work in credit assessment field and was intrested in the impact to my score. To my surprise no enquires were present at any of three bureaus.

    • -1

      Not sure what problems Kogan has with warranty. I bought a 32 inch 144hz gaming monitor from them, it broke and I sent it back and got a refund no problems.

      • Sounds like not in your specific case as well as my easy claim resulting in a refund and keping usable product.

        But others with their specific cases were not so well served ( we don't know what happened and how that was handled,

        as after working in retail/service myself for some time you soon realise that the customer certainly is "not always right" ).

  • +1

    What’s kogan import ? Not with AU plug and warranty?

    • +3

      Comes with Kogan warranty and Australian cable according to the page. It is an overseas model.

  • +42

    Come on Gearbite. Go to $499 and I will pleasure you in ways you cannot imagine.

  • -1

    2nd of Nov is toooo far away to wait

  • Mobileciti, we are waiting for a price match!

  • -1

    And waiting for discounted GC’s !! LOL

    Checked few options like flybuys, cba cc points etc and none of them provides a GC in exchange for points 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      • No GC for Kogan catch n ebay n that’s where monitors are cheapest

  • -3

    Still rather expensive considering this monitor unusually discounted to 360 aud in China

    • +8

      We are not in China. I predict $450 black Friday

      • +8

        450 sounds good to me, i will pull the trigger

    • +2

      Why people always compare the price from China?

      No shipping no GST no labour here?

      • +2

        Chinese sales tax is 17%, so at this price they're obviously reselling retail stock.

    • Interesting exchange rate

  • +1

    Paid $505 yesterday for this from catch after lattitudepay $25 off + 8% cashback from shopback.

    This will be a better deal if Cashback brings it below $505.

    Couldn't wait for it to hit below $500. Widescreen games are calling out to me.

  • Does the Xbox One X or new series X support this resolution?

    • Just Googling my own question. The Xbox One X is adding support for QHD resolution output. The Xbox One X and Xbox One S already both support 1,920x1,080 (called FHD) and 3,840x2,160 (4K) resolutions. But many PC monitors use an in-between resolution of 2,560x1,440, also called QHD.Mar 2, 2018

      • The Xbox One X supports 1440p too.

    • +3

      Not Ultra Wide.

  • +11

    At this point I think everyone on Ozbargain has this monitor

    • +6

      I don’t. Waiting for better prices.

      • +1


    • splashing the cash!

      • -1

        lots of disposable income. What recession?

        • Thought this is what jobkeeper/ job seeker for?

          Or may even withdraw your super to buy this.

    • +2

      Probably half of us building business case with the missus

      • +1

        Followed by approval on the day when it’s under $50

    • Nope that title should go to Dell

    • … but why? I thought the gamut on these was pretty average?

    • Not everyone but many of us yes.

  • +1

    Bruh I don't use my gaming rig and I have a good monitor but these prices are getting super tempting.

    • +3

      Bruh just buy it. Be a man.

      • +2

        You could also give that money to someone who really needs it right now. It might bring more satisfaction than a surplus monitor!

        • +1

          Not sure why you got down voted for a pretty valid statement. I guess some people just enjoy adding to the landfill for no particular need and wear it like a medal.

    • +5

      help boost the chinese economy

  • +2

    This is a great way to support the struggling Chinese economy.

  • +1

    I wonder how many people are returning these monitors after trying to scroll in dark mode or game at 144Hz…

    • +1

      What do you mean?

    • Care to explain please?

    • please provide more detail about these issues…

      So did you return this monitor?

      • +13

        He’s implying this $500 monitor isn’t as good as a Dell 34” Ultrasharp for $1200… ground breaking research

        I’ve got this monitor and it’s great value for money

        • -6

          Not even close to my point.

          • +10

            @jasswolf: why didn't you post some more detail to what you mean in your first comment?
            instead of many of us here(who don't own the monitor) trying understand what you mean by this..

            -trying to scroll in dark mode or game at 144Hz

            I understand this monitor has some limitations due to the VA panel..
            but currently there is no other monitor with these specs in this same $500+ price range.

        • +4

          yeah i understand there might be some ghosting due to the VA panel.

          What exactly does his comment mean though?
          -trying to scroll in dark mode or game at 144Hz

          Do you noticed these issues?

          In terms of $500+ for a monitor this size and type
          This is probably current the best one and most valued for money..

          Now that Xiaomi is in the monitor business
          hoping to see more monitors with IPS come at later on..
          And we know they will smash the price compared to other competitors.

    • I don't - I've been rocking a Dell Alienware AW3418DW for the past 2 years. My next purchase though will be a 49 inch super ultrawide - but only when OLED ones are available.

      • Probably won't pan out that way. You're looking at some option between (in chronological order) QD-OLED, QNED or far off in the future, microLED.

        QD-OLED won't be considered for monitors until at least 2022.

    • I have this monitor and gaming at 144hz is perfectly fine, there is some smearing when there's white pixels moving through black but putting the monitor to 120hz and setting "response time" on the monitor to medium completely removed the problem.

      I can honestly live with playing at 120hz so its fine for me, but for those who are fine with the smearing its really not noticeable in-game, especially with "response time" set to medium.

    • This is why Kogan is better than those other places, you can get easier return ha ha ha

  • +2

    Pre-ordered back in August from Kogan - supposed to get it 5th of Oct, the received another e-mail saying it's coming in in November. Cancelled the order last week and bought from Gearbite. I received it yesterday and can say the monitor is amazing!

    • Also ordered from Gearbite, kicking myself for the $$$ difference but happy with the monitor

  • Paid $589 through Kogan and still not received it. Asked if they would honour this price or cancel the order and I’ll reorder.

  • +2

    Good for the price. Be aware there are flickering issues with Gsync.

    • +1

      There is no. I have it

      • +1

        There is for me and many others.

  • +2

    How good/bad is this monitor for tasks other than gaming? Web surfing, office software, working with graphics (photo editing, vector)?

    • Web surfing, office software

      You will see the deficiencies of this monitor when you scroll through content.

      working with graphics (photo editing, vector)

      The curve may distort objects, VA panels do not offer the same colour consistency of IPS and are not suitable for professional colour work.

      • +1

        LMAO are you saying there would be issues when SCROLLING through a spreadsheet?

        Yeah, that seems rather extreme.

        Your judgement in this thread seems super biased and unreasonable.

        I'm sure if there are noticeable deficiencies while simply scrolling, no one would be buying it.

        You are talking out of your ass.

        Besides, you don't even have the monitor. All your opinions seem to come from a YouTube video, which by the way, doesn't mention anything about scrolling issues.

        • These are issues with almost all VA panels, which I have experience with.

          It will be most notable in dark mode, as I originally said, but you will see smearing from all dark colours in all scenarios.

          The clips are for you to see what I'm describing, but probably don't watch them on a phone to see it. The UFO test was done and described in some of the links I posted, and it's very clear and obvious.

          All the best with your decision.

        • I've got this monitor and use it with Visual Studio and everything else on windows in dark mode - there's no problem. It's fantastic for everything web and office related.

  • Does this ship on the 2nd of November from Australia or does it ship from China? Debating whether to jump on this or wait for a deal of a monitor in AUS.

    • +2

      Wait !! ;)

  • Will Kogan cover warranty replacement if there are dead pixels?

  • FYI guys it has not expired yet. Still avaliable today on the 18th and cashback brings it down to $498.82

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