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Free Large Pizza by Downloading The App @ Domino’s


Got this email from Domino's where you get a large pizza by downloading the app.

VOUCHER: 1 Free Large Pizza Choose from: Premium, Vegan, Traditional, Vegetarian Plant-Based, Value.

Voucher code is sent via text message and valid for single use through the Domino’s App only. Selected stores only. Valid for pick up or delivery. Minimum delivery order $22. Valid for one week from date of issue

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    • I didn't get my sms either. Been hours. Anyone else has the same problem or how do we reach out to domino about it?

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    Ozbargain'd but SMS is still arriving. Took 10 minutes for my SMS to come thru.
    Is the code unique to the account used for sign-up? Can this code be used by someone else in the app, or lets say without signing on to the app?

    • Works without signing in

  • Message popped up in app and received SMS 5 mins later. Thanks OP!

  • No pop up or anything for me :(

  • Got SMS 5 minutes after activating. Ordered. Thanks OP.

  • my sms took like 3 minutes :)

  • easy as

  • Great deal. Had to do double take when I saw the Domino's app is 60MB to Download& Install though. Damn that's huge for a pizza app.

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      Gotta look at those UHD pizza pictures haha.

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      Unity Engine - It's for New Pizza Chef with AR - check it out!

  • Has anyone tried applying two coupon codes in one transaction to get free delivery?

    • Only works 1 code per transaction

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    Thanks,it worked great.

    Though,i accidentally deleted my SMS.

  • Worked for me just a few mins ago :-)

  • "Unable to create your voucher"


    • Check that you've got a valid Australian mobile number.
      If you've put in a landline, you have the opportunity to change it and still get the code.

      • Cheers now waiting for the text

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    I got an SMS on an existing account, but when applying the code, it says its expired…..

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      Please, when talking add More context…. Did u use the account u signed up for when applying the code? Is that something that needs to happen? Did u have the app installed prior, ect. Will help us understand why it is saying expired…

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        Had domino account prior.
        First time install app.
        Received SMS within 1-2 mins (11:37am)
        Applied code immediately and subsequently, still says code expired. Tried both pick up and delivery.

        • Did u apply code via app;) ? Only works through app. Could be your account is glitched in some way too. Try again ?

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            @Calmerancer: Yea I applied in app.. no luck..

            • @chew_chew: Hey chew_chew, that's a strange one. Get in contact with us via FB messenger

              • @swyber: I had the exact same scenario. Code expired before I had a chance to use it. First time downloaded app and first sign up. Recieved code instantly. But expired.
                And no ability to chat on FB messenger unfortunately.

  • Is this really redeemable on Premium Pizzas as well. Whatte deal!

  • Ordered - with those having issues you need to wait for pop up to open on the app, I got sms 2mins after - ordered in advance for Saturday.

    Thanks Op!

  • got message to existing account and oredered vevry noice guy Dominos

  • Thanks OP and Dominos 😷

  • Thx OP, just ordered for Sat night, would have been a much better deal if it was for New Yorker pizza 😜

  • Thanks. Got one (took couple of minutes for text message to come).

  • Thanks Op! Got one. Lunch sorted.

  • Thanks op, dinner sorted for ps5 release day

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      Its valid for 1 week only btw

  • Anybody know how long this promotion will be available for?

    • They've said "Limited time offer only". It may run out of stock anytime.Better to claim ASAP.

  • Thanks mate! just got it

  • Got the code sent instantly ty

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    Open app. Free pizza. Maybe its Maybelline

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    Had to disable AdAway on my phone then it showed up as soon as I opened the app.

    SMS took about 3mins to arrive.

    • Thanks, this pointed me to the right direction.
      Gang, pause your pi-holes as well.

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    Was I supposed to be prompted when I first installed the app? I didn't get anything and it's been a 5-10 minutes already.
    edit: nvm, lithius above solved it - needed to disable adblocker on phone.

  • Any recommended hacks for maximising the pizza to $ dollar ratio for $22 delivery?

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      pick up?

      • Yeah, looks like it might be the best solution.

  • Thanks heaps OP (and Dominos)!

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    Thanks OP. Got one via sms in 5mins. Dinner sorted.

  • Have had app installed for ages. Opened app. Free pizza pop up. Claimed. SMS received instantly. Thanks OP!

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    I had an old number in my account. I've changed my number now to my new number, how can I get them to resend the voucher to my new number?

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      Might be easier to just create a new account with your new number.

    • Had exact same issue, uninstall then reinstall invoked the popup again.

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    Finally, my iPhone is jailbroken and i had installed UHB (adblocker) and after removing it I opened the app and voila. Claimed and received SMS instantly. Lunch Sorted. Thanks OP.

    • Yep that’s exactly what I did :) but instead, I rebooted the device and got the code from dominos then rejailbroke😊

  • Keeps saying they can't create my voucher and to try again. Anyone else?

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      same here

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        Enter mobile number in your account and it will work

  • Has anyone got it working on Bluestacks, or another emu?
    I don't get any pop-up/notification of the deal in the app.
    I don't think Bluestacks has built-in adblocking, but it could.

    • You have double checked that this doesn’t work on the same device?

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    I have opened the app doesnt work. i re installed the app signed into my account doesnt work still. can anyone tell me how does the pop up come? i have no ad blocker.

    • It popped up even before login, just opened the app for the first time and got greeted by "Free Pizza" popup, there was a button to log in and claim.

      • nothing comes up for me at all.

        • Android ?

  • this does not seem to work if you try to signup via facebook, what i did was sign up with an email address instead and have my nominated mobile # on it, and the code was sent in less than a minute…

    thanks OP! :)

  • If you have adblock on phone, the free pizza wont show up. Turned my AdAway off and then I could see it

  • Just did it. Thanks!

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    Dinner sorted. Thanks Domino :)

  • How good is free food?

    Thanks OP!

  • turns out i had accumulated more dominos accounts over the years than i realised..

  • Wow i only want to have a pizza today and i got this!!!

  • Woot have app and opened up free pizza thanks OP \o/

  • Must have had a heap of unclaimed vouchers after the ones from the recent 60,000 giveaway expired

  • Just tried signing up for my mother’s phone number and didn’t get the text message.

    Any ideas? Is it IP locked?

  • Anyone able to redeem? Mine said the voucher is not accepted on this device :(

    • Need to order in the dominos app, make sure it's not the offers app.

      • yes, I tried in the dominos app - the app that gave me the voucher. It's not letting me…

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          Weird.. Maybe try and re-install the app, that's the error I got on desktop and in the offers app but the code worked fine in the main app..

          • @doweyy: Thanks! Will try tomorrow - fail free dinner tonight LOL.

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    I spent a $3 extra to get an Extra large Mega Meatlovers. Dinner sorted!

  • When is the last date to download the app for this offer?

  • Thanks!
    When's the coupon expire?

  • Good find, thanks OP

  • I downloaded the app and logged in using an existing account. Added my mobile number. No nothing…

    • You need to get rid of adbock mate if you got that installed. That was stopping me until I disabled it.

      • How do you disable ad blocker???

  • Thanks OP and dominoes! Very delicious dinner, Went with one from the premium range. Wife was stoked she didn't have to cook lol

    • Might save my 4x vouchers for another day after all the free big macs today.

      • how were u able to get more than 1?

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          Partner had 1 i made 2 extra accounts = 4

          • @gottacatchemall: i tried making extra account, but didnt receive codes after the 1st one… Do you have more than 1 number?

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              @ahly92: Yeah I have a few numbers. Even the telstra free sims have 1 year expiry.

              • @gottacatchemall: Did you make the extra accounts on the same phone?
                Because earlier, I made another account with a different email and number on the same phone but didn't receive another code for the extra account.

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                  @SHiNiGaMi: Nope I didn't. I saw someone else mention it so I used a different phone using mobile data and it worked fine. I also have a dual sim phone with 2 imeis so I haven't tried to see if that works.

  • Mine worked got the code instantly. I’ll try to use it at lunch time tomorrow bet my local won’t accept the code though they are never included in the “some stores only” promos

  • Just scored two.

    Makes up for that stupid Facebook free pizza thing that went in almost a hour, for 5 days. Stupid promotion, these two free pizzas now make up for it.

    Go to phones settings clear data ect, then login, or sign-up.(depending it's android additional data)

    highlight top left corner for name or unknown in app, if email typed in wrong then terminate account and start again, the phone number cannot have +61 followed by the number, no spaces.

    If doesn't work clear data, cache and try again… No limit on amount you can make, but limited per number.