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Luno: Get $30 in Bitcoin for Free When You Buy $99 Worth of Any Crypto - Limited to First 50 People (20 Left)


How to claim your Free Bitcoin with Luno.

  1. Sign up to Luno (iOS, Android or Web)
  2. Verify your identy
  3. Deposit the required funds
  4. Enter the code LUNOAUS under the Rewards Tab > Enter a Code
  5. Buy $99 of any crypto using Instant-Buy on the home page*
  6. Instantly receive $30 in Bitcoin

Visit https://www.luno.com/
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/luno-bitcoin-cryptocurrency/id...
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.bitx.androi...

*Luno Exchange not included
FAQs and T&Cs: https://www.luno.com/help/en/articles/11000029864

Referral Links

Referral: random (66)

Referrer and Referee both receive A$20 worth of Bitcoin when referee deposits money into Luno wallet and buy or sell Bitcoin to the value of A$199 (Luno exchange not included)

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  • -1

    Is it buy $99 of btc or $99 of any crypto?

    • -2


      Any crypto on our platform:
      BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC or BCH

      Exchange not included

  • I've created an account to start with.

  • How do we know when the 50 is up? I'm not going to bother otherwise.

    • 47 clicks already, probably gone by the time the next person reads this.

      • Pfft says review takes a 'few days' also.

        • +2

          The review took less than 10 mins to be completed for me. I highly doubt more than 50% of clicks actually end up signing up.

          • @wangasm: Hi All

            There is still availability!

            We will mark it as depleted once the 50 is up.

      • Hi All (@bitcoin @wangasm @runean )

        There is still availability!

        We will mark it as depleted once the 50 is up.

        • Is it worth me joining? Worried it's likely to be used up (50ppl)
          & Can I instantly deposit with Google Pay or Debit Card? If not what are the other instant options besides Apple Pay? Thanks :)

          • @Clarky77: It hasn't been used up just yet, so yes, it's worth joining :)

            Cards are not yet available - but keep your eyes on our social media for announcements.

            Use PayID for instant deposit - funds should reflect within a matter of seconds.

  • +2

    Note there is a 2% service charge when using the insta-buy. Though the prices are pretty close to the market price.

    • Exchange is excluded though, just beware.

    • Do you remember where you saw the 2%. I can’t seem to find it anywhere on their website

      • +1

        It showed on the confirmation screen when I was buying the Crypto.

        • Ok thanks. It must be on the app.

  • +2

    Did it. Cheers

  • Made an account but in order to get this offer, you need to deposit funds into the account which will take approx 2 business days to clear so Im pretty sure I'm gonna miss out on this offer as its for the first 50 people.

    • +1

      payid was instant (a few minutes)

      • Deposited $100 but didn't get the $30 even though it said I had redeemed the code….ah well

        • You have to deposit THEN purchase crypto

    • You still have time, we haven't reached our threshold just yet.

      • +2

        My 30 bucks turned into 50 due to bed pumping. Very happy

        Also, your app has terrific user design and looks slick. Very much like it. I'll support.

  • Verification is taking a while if you fail the first one…

    • Ugh you're right. I thought it was instant.

      Update: I've been verified. Not quite instant, but not shabby either 😄

  • +1

    Bought BTC and instantly received $30 in BTC.

    I think the T&Cs could be a bit clearer though - was it $99 precisely or $99 or more, and was it $99 including / excluding fee? I just bought $99 worth of BTC including fees (approx $2) after I did an instant transfer using PayID.

  • +1

    I got the bonus $30 BTC.

    just withdrawing now which will take a few days. looks like $25 after fees and exchanges.

    • +2

      I'd leave it in there

    • Redemption conditions
      New customers may only redeem one Invite Code when making their first transaction after signing up with Luno. To be eligible for the Reward, the new customer must not have made any prior transactions using Luno, must deposit local currency and use Luno’s Instant Buy or Sell feature to perform the minimum transaction values specified in the Programme, and must otherwise meet any conditions specified in the Programme.

      Cool so your the expert on minimum transaction .
      Fire away what it is Bud ?

      PS a million other t&c's in there BTW , its not worth my time :)

      • BTC boomed in the last week, my free $30 is now $50.

        Not bad Luno, thank you!

        • +1

          @dddddog - TO THE MOON!
          Be sure to check out the BTC Savings wallet too, make those Sats work for you.

  • +2

    Just a reminder about eToro offer
    Incase anyone missed it, I think anyone who likes this deal would want to try that one also.

  • +2

    Got it, thanks.

  • This promotion can only be applied before your first transaction

    Gotdammit I forgot to add the promo code to my account prior to purchase 😫

    OP, would you kindly override this for me and manually add the $30 please?

    • +1

      Looks like you guys have pretty poor customer service. Doesn't instill confidence in continued use of the service…

      • As a gesture of good faith, we've resolved the issue - you've got mail 😉

        • +2

          Thank you very much. You have won me over ❤

  • +1

    Instantly receive $30 in Bitcoin

    Are you guys doing KYC to get $30?

    • KYC is required.

  • +1

    4 days and still not approved.

  • This promotion is not available in your country, I am from Australia although still stranded overseas not sure how the app deals with that.

    • Try again with a VPN.

      • I did though it still didn't work

        • it automatically sets the location based on your IP, you need to go to your profile and change it to Australia.

          • @thydzik: Wont work because the number i have now is not Aussie too much a pain, but thank you for the help.

  • Hi Op, Is this still active with about 150 clicks ?

  • Still available?

    • +1

      Signed-up a few minutes ago, and it worked.

      • @Nathw it is!

        Hope you enjoy the platform.
        Be sure to look at the BTC Savings wallet.

  • +1

    Since signing up, my experience with Luno has been great. Would be good if they possibly supported more cryptos, but since they do cover the main players it’s fine for most general users.

    mod: use referral system

    • Can we stack both ?

      • No idea mate, give it a whirl and we’ll both soon know though.

        • Yes, you can stack both!

      • Yip! Give it a whirl.

    • +1

      KYC shouldn't take more than 5 minutes during business hours.

      Make the account, upload the ID and done. Anyway company that can't KYC in 5 min during business hours have change their KYC procedure.

  • I have applied the LUNOAUS reward code. But i have not received the 30$ reward, I thought I did it wrong and deposit 100$ twice, and bought 200$ or bitcoin already.

    Could you please check?

    • Would you PM me your email address?

      • +1

        Just PMed, thanks!

  • @LunoAustralia Is the 50 people still available? If so I'm gonna sign up. 🙂