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[Prime] Echo Dot $34 (Dot/Clock $59), Kindle $99, Eero Mesh $119, Ring $105, Echo Sub $99, Show 5 $79, Show 2G $229 @ Amazon


Amazon devices are now on sale for Prime Day.

Don’t forget cashback.



Ring Video Doorbells

Ring Security Cameras

  • Ring Indoor Cam - White or Black - $69 (Was $99)
  • Ring Stick Up Cam - White or Black - $139 (Was $179)
  • Ring Spotlight Cam Wired - White - $249 (Was $329)
  • Ring Spotlight Cam Battery - White - $249 (Was $329)
  • Ring Floodlight - White or Black - $279 (Was $379)


  • eero mesh wifi router
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • No firestick ???

    • +1

      import the Fire Cube from USA during Prime day.

      • Any idea how much it would be ?

        • +1

          cheapest in the next two days. LMGTFY

          • @Nurcopolics: LMGTFY ?

            • +2

              @shrini101: Let me Google that for you.

              It’s a website that does just that.

              It’s also an insult to those too lazy to use google.

              • @silverrat23: I think is more for nerds who think are insulting the lazy. The truth is the lazy don’t care and happily will let their nerdY friends keep googling the answers for them 😄

  • +2

    I was hoping to see a discount on the new 4th gen Echo. Oh well, I suppose they will do it eventually

  • Does Ring Door View Cam detect motion just as security camera?

  • +11

    These prices are pretty underwhelming for a Prime Day Sale imho.

    • +1

      Good way to push products to collect data that's about it

  • 3 pack eero mesh wifi devices can be splitted for example, 2 in office and 1 in home?

    • Probably. You can with Google Mesh.

  • Can kindle expert recommend first time user which model is good enough? I dun need waterproof or bring it traveling much. Not a heavy user too

    • +1

      The $99 is the way to go. Great price and all most people need.

      • Thanks i was leaning on that.

        Just wondering is the screen on the paperwhite that much better to make it worth splashiing $50 more?

        If it doesn't hurt the eye as much I dun mind paying more for the better screen. The lens on my specs are thick enough as it is..

        • I'm in the same boat, deciding between the two. I'm thinking the main difference is going to be the waterproof element.

      • +1

        I have an older Paperwhite and my son has the 10th gen/$99 one. I wouldn't personally pay half again for a Paperwhite. Now that the cheaper ones are viewable at night like the Paperwhite the $99 is a no brainer.

        • Yep going with the $99. Cheers for the input

  • +1

    Is the Kindle 10th gen worth it? It seems like this has the backlight on it now. I'm not much of a reader, but want to get into reading. I find iphones, ipads etc a little harsh on the eyes.

    • +1

      It’s gotten much better as it now has features similar to the 2015 paper white… it’s great for reading

  • Does Ring camera need cloud service subscription?

  • Can anyone say if the echo sub is compatible with Echo Show 8?

  • +1

    Got kindle paperwhite 8gb for daughter, saved $50 on buying it last week, thanks OP.

  • Has anyone used Kindle to read comics? What's the experience like? Is it smooth?

    • I tried with last gen kpw and it’s slow loading the pages.

      Also screen is too small to display a single page.

      Not sure about the latest model but my guess is you’re better off using your iPad or android tablet.

    • yea too small. a light, fast 10 inch tablet would be ideal. ipad air has superior form factor but i dont know how you would read comics on it. i imagine reading from a website would be fine

    • +1

      I bought the japanese Kindle Manga edition. Had 300 dpi, 32gb and a faster cpu in I think 2016. Nope. resizing to fit the 6" screen makes alot of text and detail impossible to make out so you can tap to zoom or just have it slightly zoomed in and deal with the slow refreshing as you try to follow it. There is a manga mode that tries to predict the flow so each tap moves you to the next bit but I didnt find it accurate or enjoyable. (they ended up adding all those features to the main firmware and adding support for comics. The ones they sell are quite low res (I havent bought many) which does speed up the process.

      Maybe the 7 inch screen on the kobo libra h20 would suit (I read comics/manga and korean webtoons on a nexus 7 and find it reasonable - 8" is probably a sweet spot), plus you can view the kobo in landscape or portrait. That said I havent used kobo software for years and unless the change is dramatic I would still suggest a cheap tablet that is the right size for you preferably with at least hd+ res; higher gets to expensive and at that size 2000:1200 is nice and clear if this will be a main use. Apps are also good for getting updates.so besides buying comics from them (they almost always have the definitive version with any extras/ side stories and the quality is excellent.

      If you find a good eink reader for comics please let me know.

  • Just doing some research - does anyone know if the eero secure plans are available here in Oz?
    On their site it seems it's US/Canada only.

    I think without that functionality it just becomes another mesh system, no different to the tenda, tp-link etc.
    But then again, do I want to pay an ongoing subscription for that stuff?

  • Is Amazon eero mesh better than the Google one?

  • I'm after a screen (Video) for my parents to accompany their Ring doorbell, can someone recommend one? Currently only have Google products but will need a Echo screen as ring notifications don't go through to google devices.

    • echo show 8 at least
      show 5 has a terrible, laggy screen and its quite small

  • does Eero have VLAN tagging?

    • No it doesn't.

  • would the ring doorbell 2nd gen automatically show the video feed when someone rings the doorbell?

  • Does the Kindle Paperwhite have USB C? Refuse to buy any new device unless they have USB C

    • Nope, I have one and it has Micro USB, no usb c which is :(

  • +3

    Wonder if they will do a deal on Echo studio

  • Interested in Ring Door View Cam but my peephole is behind fly screen door and in fact it will be totally blocked the camera :-(. What's an alternative installation for the Ring Door View Cam?

  • +1

    Wish they would include specials on pre-ordering the Echos announced a few weeks ago.

  • can paperwhite read newspapers like the age etc?

  • So many Ring Door Bell options now :/

  • +1

    new users use PRIME15 for $15 discount on new orders.

  • +1

    If I am playing something on TV using firestick, can the audio be additionally played on an Echo device?

    • +1

      As far as I know not supported in Australia. I complained a while back and they said they will work on it to bring it here. The not e people that want it the more chances it will get here one day.

  • I'm confused !! what should I gest :) ??!

  • Just use hey Siri on your iPhone.

    • +1

      Siri's trash. Never used Alexa, but Siri is nothing compared to Google Assistant. I honestly can't see how Alexa could be worse than dogshit siri.

      • Dude what does google do that Siri can’t?

        • True technically you can shortcut into Google assistant on ios.

  • Anyone tried the Echo Auto?
    My BT stereo acts like a microphone even when no microphone is connected to it, makes handsfree phone use impossible without touching my phone (which I am against as is the law).
    Was wondering if I could use the Echo Auto as a microphone and my stereo as audio out?

    • Yes you can.
      Also another feature that is available is The availability to play google music or any audio from your phone and it plays on whatever the echo auto is connected to.

  • Is that all that’s included in Prime Day? Or there will be more offers, sorry about the stupid question new to Amazon & OzBargain both

    • I'm sure there will be more after Prime Day starts

    • No these Amazon Prime Day deals went live early. There will be more deals from midnight.

      Prime Day is an annual deal event just for Prime members on Oct. 13-14, with an extra 18 hours of deals live on October 15 through the Global store, delivering incredible savings on products from small businesses & top brands. Shop for everything you need & love on Prime Day!

  • Viewcam 89 bux is pretty insane

  • I am keen on the ring door view cam.

    Any reviews?

    • Its smaller than what I expected. But yeah it's pretty good

  • Eero Mesh or TP Link ? Any personal opinions?

  • Any thoughts on the echo show 5 vs echo show 8?

    • Show 5 is good as a bedside clock, but may be a bit small if using elsewhere IMO.

      • Thanks! Ended up getting the Show 5. See how it goes

    • IMHO the Show 5 is a bit small, slow and the microphones dont work as well.

      The 5 is ok if you dont want to do much visually with it, like not viewing Ring cameras, no video chat etc and just want a clock and some photos running as a slideshow. The screen resolution is only 960 x 480 px. where as the 8 is 1280 x 800 px

  • Does anyone know if the Echo Dot without clock has alarm?

    • +1

      Yes it does

    • If you go into the Alexa phone app, there are a couple of Top Gear* themed alarms. It is mildly amusing a couple of times having Clarkson tell you to WAKE UUUPPPPP

      *Grand Tour if you want to be picky.

  • Trying to buy something that I had in my cart earlier this morning and it now says 'You have already claimed this deal' even though I didnt go through with it earlier.

    Have a lost that deal now?


  • Ordered a show 5 yesterday and it arrived today. Much better than I thought, feels a little laggy at times but still ok and is amazing for a bedside alarm clock, looks great and the perfect size. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to use this as a bedside alarm clock due to its size but if you want it for a living room or main area then definitely worth it for the step up to the echo show 8

  • Echo Sub sold out before I could grab one :(
    There isn't any word of it being replaced or phased out is there?

  • 😔😔. Only 2 of each item allowed

  • Eero 3-pack is now "Temporarily out of stock" and back up to $429

  • +1

    Eero 3-pack is back @ $257

  • Anyone know if you can browse your Spotify playlists with Amazon Show 5 (not via voice command)?

  • November delivery

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