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[Prime] New Model NB F80 9kg Gas Strut Monitor Mount $35.20 Delivered @ ScreenMounts via Amazon AU


The ever popular North Bayou F80 is being offered on special again as part of the Amazon Prime Day promotions.
The NEW Model F80 has 9kg monitor capacity, easy torque adjustment and super easy flexible positioning. Goes Live at 2PM till 10pm Today
Includes Clamp Mount and Grommet Mount options in the box.
VESA compliant 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm - (Not suitable for RECESSED VESA Mounting points)

F100A Prime Deal is LIVE NOW till 8pm.

If you have recessed VESA Mounts we suggest the H Series Mounts - H80, https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B071FB2CS5?ref=myi_title_dp
H100, https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08DKBWS18?ref=myi_title_dp
H160 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B071LHHNHM?ref=myi_title_dp
and H180 - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0714DN1QH?ref=myi_title_dp
H80 - $34.37
H160 - $59.96
H100 - $51.96
H180 - $76.76
All plus shipping if applicable.

1 item per customer - Lightning deal

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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    • I've been checking since midnight last night and it's always $44 for me.

      Thought it might be a cookie issue but this is across multiple browsers.

  • Has the H160 ran out also? Showing its in stock for $74.95

    • Amazon cleared the special. No idea why.
      I have just put it back.
      Should be back in a few minutes.

      • Thanks! Bought one :)

  • Hey OP,

    Great post :) Which Monitor Mount would you recommend for the Dell 27" 4K IPS 60hz Monitor S2721Q? I have no area of expertise with this.

    I have a wooden office desk which is about one and a half inches thick. Thanks!

  • The bloody H80 got ozbargained'

  • Showing as $44

    • Me too. Sitting here refreshing for 30 mins and it's never dropped.

  • Been watching the H80 which has for me all morning and showing at $44 and now it says not available

    • same for me…
      refreshing every 30mins or so, and has always showed $44

      • The op said the deal is at 2pm

        Edit - meh i'm confused with all the models lol

    • The h80 was showing 35$ all morning for me marked down from 45$ this was before I went to bed at 3am lol

  • It showed up now as $34.37 direct from supplier link ( Screen mounts ) on Amazon

    • Yes, finally, I think Amazon is trying to hide any deals not PRIME focused.

  • H80 would be fine for this as it is a recessed VESA Mount.
    Special deal still up and running now - https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B071FB2CS5?ref=myi_title_dp

    • I think you were trying to reply to my comment ? :)

      So I bought one of the H80! Thanks mate!!

      Dell 27" 4K IPS 60hz Monitor S2721Q

      Do I need anything else to make the monitor stand compatible with my monitor as I cannot see screw holes on the back of the Dell monitor?

  • As mentioned earlier, the F80 goes live at 2pm this afternoon until 10pm or stock runs out and the F100A starts at midday and goes until 8pm or stock is gone.
    So many comments it doesn't take long to get lost.

    The op said the deal is at 2pm

    Fair deuce mate fair deuce

    Confusing la~

  • Hi OP, when I go to checkout it shows as $42.96 for the H80. Has it ran out?

    • +1

      Refreshed and back to discount price - thanks OP!

      • Really? It's not changing at all for me, what gives? Is the sale '2pm - 10pm' or is it now? @ScreenMountsAu

        NVM I'm looking at the F80

        • So confused. It didnt show up in the price when I added to cart, then refreshed and it updated to the lower price.

  • H80 is Coming up as + $18.30 delivery - so this isn't prime?

    • Sorry, these will be under the $39 shipping cutoff and these were not setup as PRIME deal, we just put the H Series specials in place for OzBargain subscribers - despite Amazon.
      Various OzBargain people asked us to add the H Series Specials to the F80 description.
      The F80 is a PRIME special and will go live at 2pm.
      That is why it says the plus shipping bit at the bottom of the H Series information.

  • Hi op what’s the weight limit for the f100A? Thanks

    • 12kg despite the description that we have not been able to change.

      • That’s good to know cuz the description is a bit misleading saying only up to 9kg

      • So the height is 530mm which is slighter lower than the h100 550 but taller than the f80, is that correct thanks

        • +1

          Yes, almost correct. On North Bayou's spec sheet, they say 550mm for both H80 and H100. Much taller than the F80 415mm.

          • @ScreenMountsAu: H160 & H180 have a taller pole than H80 & H100? Looks like H160 goes to 613mm and H180 goes to 630mm?

            • +1

              @caprimulgus: That's right.
              H160 and H180 have the same pole but H180 arms are longer so it goes a little higher.

  • Hi OP, H80 changes back to full price when added to cart. Has it run out of stock? ta

    • Try it again now, it didnt work 10 minutes before but now it is.

      • it now shows full price even on the product page lol

        • Oh, it always showed full price on the product page when i checked. Product page now shows discounted price though.

          • @ATangk: Got one now, thank you.

            For anyone experiencing similar, try a different browser. Firefox shows full price, Chrome shows the discount.

  • Wow 400 upvotes. This isn't even the cheapest price this item has been?

    • +1

      This is the new model rated to 9kg and the old one was going for several years and had 6.5kg rating. The manufacturer increased the price with the new model quite a bit.
      I guess they wanted to pay for the revised tooling faster.

  • Is there a model which I can mount through the desk via a hole (not a clamp) like the F80, but is also recessed? Like others I have the S2721Q which is a recessed VESA, but my desk has a large metal bar right where the clamp would sit. The only option is to mount through the desk. If I get the F80 and chisel off the edges like others have mentioned, will the screws still fit (or be too long?). Thanks!

    • Looks like most of their stands work using the clamp or via a hole cutout in the desk (grommet) - if you watch the first 10s of this horrendous quality vid from their website you'll see how it mounts youtube.com

      • It seems the video you linked (F100A) and the F80 both have the grommet (and also as stated on their website/product description). The H80 which I need for the recessed compatibility doesn't have this it seems, unfortunately. It looks like I'll have to chisel a F80 down to get a setup going on my desk.

        • All of the models including H and F series are listed as clamp or grommet
          All models except F80 do recessed (including F100A)

          • @blonky: I found it mentioned the grommets in the Amazon description, but not on ScreenMount's website funnily enough. Thanks for letting me know! Too bad they're out of stock now.

  • +1

    any laptop mounts to go with this?

  • +1

    Reading through all these comments with so many different opinions for the Xiaomi Curved 34 inch which every 2nd person on ozbargain has.

    I'm down to 4 repeated different mounts. Help me out here.

    2) h80
    3) f100a (where's a link to this monitor can't see it in thread or find it on Amazon).

    I can see the f80 can handle it without the stand etc.

    But what's the best pick? Can it handle f or h type mounts?

  • I have two monitors, is it better to buy two of these of one with dual arm?

    • That really depends on how you want to position them and what size they are.

      • Bought one will see how it works with the new Philips monitor :) thanks

  • h80 seems to be out of stock again. will this be coming back or are they gone for the day?

  • Does this fit Dell UP2716D

    • You will need the H80 for that Monitor as it has a recessed VESA Mount.

      • Thanks OP, will buy one once it is back in stock

  • hi OP, will this work with samsung C27F390 ?Thanks

    • Yes, this monitor has a standard 75 x 75 VESA pattern that will work with the F80.

      • Thanks, will wait and get one at 2 pm, i assum it is live

  • Op can you add the link for f100a, just want to make sure i purchase the right one lol

  • Hello, where there is a delivery fee for H80?

    • Because it's under Amazon's $39 threshold for free shipping.

      Buy 2! :)

      • Could I purchase two items from different store?
        I thought with Prime there is always free shopping?

      • Still charges shipping when tried to order 2 of H80.

        • Works for me: I ordered late last night (one H80 and one H100) and didn't get charged shipping. I just tried adding 2x H80 just now and it's coming up with free shipping for me. shrugs

  • +1

    Hello OP, would you please add H80 back in?
    Interest to buy one.

    • Yep think out of stock as well was looking at it just now.

  • will this be okay with a 32'' curved monitor?
    i bought a monitor stand (different brand) and noticed a lot of sagging at the base

  • Hi OP, I think you should mention what time each deal go live in the description to avoid confusion/redundant comments

  • The f100a only 12% off not 20% off like other items?

    • $70.36 down from $87.95.
      I think there were different listings creating some confusion. Sorry for that.

  • Which one is better for the dell s2721dgf f80 or h80? reading conflicting comments.

  • Lots of mixed comments here. I got two h80's and I have a Dell S2721DGF monitor, with my second arriving soon. Better to be safe than sorry as it is recessed, and most monitors nowadays have recessed VESA mounts. The only downside is you don't get a USB port on the base of the monitor arm, but my desk is up against the wall anyways so it has no use for me. Hope this helps some people decide that are on the fence.

    • Same. Ordered 2 h80's as most monitors have recessed VESA mounts. Better safe than sorry.

      • Good thinking. Just hope Amazon stops glitching the special deal.

      • Did you have to pay shipping? I am trying to order 2 x H80s but charging me the shipping.

        • Free shipping for me

          • @Sze Kai: Cheers for that. It's charging me $31.60 for shipping, probably a WA tax. :)

        • I had free shipping ordered 1 only and have prime - vic

  • Any recommendations on which mount would be best for a 38" ultrawide. I have the Dell U3818DW which weighs in at 11.6kg. Was thinking the H100 would be the way to go?

  • What's better the F100A or the H100A?
    Using a S2721DGF. Do they have the same viewing angles and function? Which looks cleaner? Any help is appreciated!

    • H series due to the recessed mount

  • Could we have H80 match $39 so we don't need to pay delivery fee?
    The delivery fee kills the deal

  • +1

    What is the difference between the H100 and F100A? F100A is $19 extra.

  • i have a Dell U3818DW. Specs say: (panel only) for VESA mount: 9.05 kg which a tad above the limit.
    Wonder if this will cope?

  • OP, I am trying to order 2 x H80 and it is charging me shipping cost of $31.60 to WA. Could you please check your listing to see if you have set it up correctly to charge no shipping (for orders over $39) for all states.

    • I think OP said that only F80 and F100 were selected by Amazon for the Prime Day deals.

      Might explain the postage.

      • Yeah but for the non-prime models people have managed to order without paying any shipping for orders above $39… Probably only for people in eastern states.

    • Sign up for the free Amazon Prime offer if you haven't already. Free delivery for prime members.

      • +1

        I am a Prime member already but these models are unfortunately non-prime. The seller seems to have set the listing to charge shipping for WA for some reason. In any case, I managed to snag 2 x F80s using 2 different Prime accounts so I am happy :)

  • when does the H180 deal go live?

  • Just got the F80, yay

  • Thanks, just got one!

  • +3

    Looks like can only purchase 1 at that price? Dam I needed 2 for my dual monitors

  • Ordered. Thanks OP!

  • +1

    1 per person unfortunately! I've ordered one anyway. Cheers!

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