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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 7 3700X $415.20, AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT $639.20 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay


Saw these listings on Computer Alliance's ebay page. This would make it the cheapest deal for the 3700X and 3900XT.

AMD Ryzen 3700X - $415.20 Delivered
AMD Ryzen 3900 XT - $639.20 Delivered OOS @ Computer Alliance

Note: 3900XT In Stock at Other sellers such as Futu Online and ShallotHead OOS in most places now

Note: New AMD Processors have been announced (5000 Series), but they will be more expensive at release on November 5.

Original Coupon Deal

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    Could be another price protection claim, down to 433$ so far lol.. 4 times already

    • Which bank/provider?

    • Can you claim price protection for eBay offered discounts?

    • I have never thought of claiming on mine I should

    • Are you using 28 Degrees?

      • yes 28d sorry, have been able to claim %off codes yep.

    • Are you Coles?

  • +4

    I expect 3rd gen ryzen to drop more once the 5000 series is out.. Would wait for Black Friday unless you really need it now

    • +10

      maybe a little but probably not much more, like the 5900x is expected to be around $900 making the 3900xt already 30% cheaper

    • +1

      They seem to be holding back the budget 6 and 8 core options specifically to prevent those kind of prices for as long as possible.

      Seems they'd rather clear the entire line before continuing to issue something like the 3700X and the 3600 as simple binnings for everything that fails testing for use in Zen 2 EPYC chips, similar to the 1600, 1600 AF, 2600, 2600 revision, 1700X and 2700/2700X before this.

      The whole thing seems to be geared around upselling people to 12 and 16 core parts.

    • +1

      Agree with In28909 .. i would dare say if there's no stock of the 5000 series and the 3000 series stop production it may even go up in price… the prices are going to be pretty high for the new CPU's

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    Crazy prices

  • Absolutely would not be buying 3000 series Ryzen until 5000 comes out. Prices will drop and you will have the option to purchase better cpus. It's a no lose situation for waiting less than 30 days.

    • +1

      eBay Plus, buy now, ryzen 5000 release:

      • price drop further, return this order

      • price does not drop further, keep the order

      conclusion, win-win

      • Can you return it if it's been used?

        • no don't use it, if you are planning to wait for the new 5000s

          use it if you want it now and won't be able to return

      • +20

        Could be a play. One thing I hate doing is posting stuff though. So I'm far to lazy for that. I'll spend hours and hours researching to save $10. But a trip to AusPost? THATS WHERE I DRAW THE LINE!

        • fair enough, my post office is 2 mins from me so I always do this

      • +4

        I doubt you will see much better price than sub $400 for this chip. The new 5000 series will start from $500aud and i dare say this is probably going to be better value
        3700x vs 5600x

  • +2

    AMD usually runs promotions when they need to clear out old stock from shelves or to promote people buying new hardware. It's a good idea to hold off on purchasing until they decide to re-run a Raise the Game promo, as you could potentially miss out on $100+ worth of other freebies like games and XB Game passes.

  • Couldn't they still price jack before this goes live?

    • eBay fully cover this discount I think

  • Damn I'm in the market for the 3700x. Is there anyway to get this deal without ebayplus.

    • +3

      You can sign up for 30 day trial

      • I tried to without realising I'd already tried so I paid $50 for the year.

        With that $50 I get $105 off the CPU price, plus a $50 eBay discount code so $155 total discount for the price of the $50 membership and I still get benefits for a year.

        Worked out to buy eBay plus lol.

  • Question; anyone have issues with 3700x bottlenecking a RTX2070s? Anyone with this set up?

    source: Userbenchmark CPU review - Was comparing a i5 10600k to the 3700X
    "At $320 USD, the 3700X offers reasonable value to full time media encoders but general desktop users, gamers and even streamers should look elsewhere. Streaming with dedicated hardware such as NVENC or a separate stream PC will nearly always result in fewer dropped frames. The 3700X severely bottlenecks a 2070S: gamers should investigate the 9600K, which is both cheaper and faster. [Jul '19 CPUPro]"

    Edit: Looking to build a new rig after 9 years. Mainly for gaming at 1440p - hoping to get FPS over 120. Snagged the Ballistix rams 3600 this morning as well and a second hand X34p yesterday! :D

    • Purely for gaming? 10600k and OC to 5ghz (you have to OC it). 3700x can't compete. 10600k also $100 cheaper through CA ebay tonight

    • +6

      You're comparing a 6C/12T to an 8C/16T
      Just determine how many cores you really need and pick one, both are good options.
      At 1080p your CPU core speeds matter
      At 1440p there is basically no CPU bottlenecking with these two options, the GPU basically does everything.

      Really comes down to what games or applications you're running, pick the one that runs better for them

      • +4

        In that case wouldn't I just keep my i7 3770k system and just upgrade my GPU if I'm going to play 1440p since its GPU and not CPU bound?

        Edit i7 3770k OC'ed to stable 4.4 ghz atm.

        • How are you cooling your 3770k? I've got one and it goes pretty well. Around that speed I start getting pretty warm tho so have settled around 4.2ghz. Got an old 212 evo cooler.

      • +3

        That, and considering both next gen consoles are 8C/16T, more games in the near future are going to want 8 cores. So if you're wanting this upgrade to last you for awhile, your 6 core CPU (even with a faster clock speed) is going to show its far age sooner than an 8 core CPU will.

        I'm going the 3700x today, and in a couple of years I'll pick up a cheap or secondhand 5xxx series to upgrade to and grab more cores because it'll still be the same socket.

        edit: just saw your question.

        Same as above. My i5-6600k is starting to struggle in games because 4 cores / 4 threads is not enough. You could probably milk yours for a bit longer, but the next gen Ryzen chips are going to be pricier, and Intel aren't expected to beat them on performance for at least a generation now.

        • +2

          That makes sense, and I'm also leaning toward the 3700X. Just that there is so much info it's easy to get lost. The 3700X also seems like a good buy as the mobo can be retained and just swap out the CPU later on (lol maybe prime/ebay plus sale 2 years from now hhaha) if had with a X570 board for future proofing.

          Worth going the 2070S today as well or wait out the 3070 for 1440p gaming?

          • @Chromeo86: I think I'm planning the same as you. Yeah I'm looking at getting the 2070s for 1440p today as well. Just need to find a mobo (either b550 or x570 will work with the 3700x and the soon to be released 5000 series)

    • +11

      Avoid userbenchmarks at all costs. They are the biggest of Intel shills. The 10600K is a really good gaming CPU, better than the 3600 for sure. But the 3600 does not bottleneck a 2070S at all, and the 3700X especially doesn't. Besides, if you move to 1440p, the difference shrinks between the 10600K and 3600 and at 4K, the difference is essentially nil.

    • +1

      What a crazy claim. Just ignore User benchmark.

    • CPUBenchmark is biased against AMD, do not trust them.

  • +1

    Been keeping my eye out for a 3900xt, this looks to be a good deal. I'm aiming for 4K gaming, so don't think the new series will make much difference. Have already got the rest of my system purchased so just waiting on a few bits getting delivered. Also a bit worried that we'll have a situation similar to Nvidia where it may launch but sell out immediately and I can't be bothered waiting a few more months.

    • Dude I'm in exactly the same position.
      I only game in 4K, have every other piece of my new build delivered (aside from my 3080 rip) and I'm trying to figure out if it's worth jumping on this or waiting for 5000 series which could have supply issues.

      • +1

        Ha, yeah. I think realistically even with a 3080/3090 the GPU will still be the bottleneck for 4K. Given this deal, and the 5% shopback that stacks, it's probably going to be at least $200 cheaper than a 5900x at launch (Current exchange at $549 = $767, then there will be GST + Australia tax etc).

        • I just don't know if I'll hate myself for not at least trying to get the best thing on the market. Hmm.

          • +2

            @Kybakz: Computer Alliance showed nothing available at 8pm on the dot. Futu had it for the same price so grabbed one from them.

            • @conan2000: Apparently I'm not eligible for an eBay Plus trial anyway so guess I'm rolling the dice on Zen 3, glad you managed to nab one!

              • @Kybakz: Use a different email address to register ;) I had to do that to get ebay plus earlier in the year.

                • @conan2000: I tried but couldn't get one in time, then the sellers all seemed to raise their prices $35ish?
                  Was odd, anyway I missed out after making a new account and everything. Sad times indeed hahaha.

                  • +1

                    @Kybakz: Ah well, just saw this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrzqoeQVg4k , and confirmed for me there is absolutely no need to wait for the 5xxx series if gaming in 4K. No real performance difference between a 3600/3950/10900k.

                    Could go for a much cheaper CPU for gaming needs, but I want the extra cores as I run a VM for work stuff 5 days a week at the moment and my old 4 core is spending most of the time close to 100% util.

  • Can't get the codes to work.
    Get message saying "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later."

    Is there a solid time at which it will work, or just 'later' ?

    • This particular deal is 7pm tonight, QLD time given it's a QLD store one would assume anyway?

  • Oh man. So tempting to get the 3900XT for this price. I was looking at getting the 5900, but I don't know what stocks and price will be like. $640 is a pretty good price for this.

  • Can someone explain for a simpleton how much better 3700x is compared to 3600(x)? Is it worth the extra money or not really?

  • 3900X is already showing out of stock.

    • Try Futu, they still had stock if you want one at the same price.

  • Just ordered my R7 3700X to replace my R5 3500X and to pair with my 3090 (already installed)!

  • Looks like the 3900XT is out of stock

    • +2

      In stock at other sellers:


  • +1

    Thanks OP. Picked up a 3900x for $655.

  • +2

    Stoked. Sat at my PC waiting for it to click and grabbed the 3900XT. Have been waiting for parts to drop during the prime sale and so far thats been a fizzer. good thing Ebay came through with the goods for once. :)

  • I bought from Shallothead on eBay - Today I received a message:

    Unfortunately due to an influx of orders, we have oversold the 3900xt and we currently do not have stock to fulfill this order. We have asked our local distributor and unfortunately they have not provided an ETA for a restock.

    At the moment, we currently have stock of the 3900x and we can ship that one out ASAP. You can find out more information here. :


    If you would like, we can change it to the 3900x and we can ship out ASAP. Otherwise, we will be able to cancel the order for a full refund.

    Sorry for the inconvenience caused

    Kind Regards,

    NOTE: Offer of a lower price item for the same price….. I find it VERY unethical to be selling items you don't have - it is way too common for this behavior…. I refused the 3900X - I wonder how many others had the same offer…

    • That is definately unfortunate. But it happens. It even happens on Amazon at times. Shallothead and Futu Online are the same sellers. I think they may have doubled up their stock count of 3900XTs from listings on both their pages. They probably didn't expect to receive that many orders on their higher end CPUs.

      Atleast they tried to fix the problem and gave you an alternate option (instead of just sending you a refund). After doing some research, there isn't a massive difference in performance from 3900x to 3900xt. Also the 3900x comes with a wraith prism cooler which you can easily sell on ebay/gumtree for an extra $30 - $40 off. If they giving it to you for the same price, note that this would also be the lowest price for the 3900x as well.

      • +1

        Understood but this is partly a question of ethics (Inventory is part of their business so selling items they don't own in my eyes is unacceptable business practice - I would not be able to do the same as an individual, and I obviously don't have the same buying power as an individual). The price at $798 as per their listing without the eBay flash discount is $79 above the Amazon price of $719 https://www.amazon.com.au/AMD-Ryzen-3900XT-24-Threads-Proces... - admittedly from the US so a waiting time but eBay cover the discount as far as I'm aware…. Shallothead not has the 3900X listed for $830 - $41 above the 3900XT listing..

        I already have a 3900X with an unused cooler which I most likely won't resell on eBay because of the effort involved - if they offered the same for the $40 less I'd consider it but no offer based on a normally lesser priced item is bad. I just want what I ordered and paid for…. Businesses should not be allowed to sell items they don't own - simple ethical practice which is no longer practiced widely…

        • Waited 2 weeks and shallothead cancelled my order without notification saying that I had asked to cancel! Just contacted ebay customer service!

          • @evanssm2jp: Same boat here, contacting ebay now. The worst thing is that they do have stock now, but cancelled our orders.

          • @evanssm2jp: This is the message I received


            Just an update. Unfortunately we have cancelled the order for this one but we have received a brand new and sealed stock of the 3900xt

            If you would like us to send this one, we can ship out the goods ASAP but you will need to send the funds first to us with the original amount paid

            • +1

              @Mu6227: The didn't give me the same offer….just said it was cancelled because it went end of life… I offered to hold out for the release of the 5900x and pay the difference, etc. already… Customer service seems fairly terrible - Ebay have messaged them also and waiting on the result of that…

              • @evanssm2jp: this offer means nothing, my order was cancelled as well, I think what they mean is I have to place a new order while the price increase from 799 to 869, I am still talking to ebay about this $hit….

  • After several days of chats with ebay over the ShallotHead sale on the 3900XT processors being cancelled by the seller the outcome is:

    Ebay take no responsibility whatsoever for anything - they sellers are allowed to cancel whatever they like without any consequences so long as they don't get above 0.5% of claims against them substantiated - the period this is over is very vague - so a high volume seller like shallothead would need 8000 claims+ against them to effectively have any action against them by ebay.

    Ebay plus codes are issued by ebay at their own expense and for the benefit of said ebay plus sellers getting higher sales… If the buyers actually benefit from the sale is irrelevant as there is absolutely nothing done if the seller chooses to cancel.

    I realise now that whilst being an ebay plus member might have some benefits, the sales are a sham - too often prices get jacked up before they happen, and when there is a good price on something it's absolutely not guaranteed you will get the item even after any effort made to be there for the sale…

    Shallothead still didn't reply to messages on ebay… I'd recommend avoiding this seller if you can

    Ebay sucks…..

    I wonder how many other 'sale' items didn't get supplied….