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[eBay Plus] AirPods Pro (AU Stock) $277 Delivered @ Wireless 1 eBay


Cracking price from Wireless 1 for guaranteed Aussie stock, including free delivery. One hour only tonight (8-9pm AEDT). Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Thanks to skido2 for the original PLUSFLASH eBay post.

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    Good luck in getting a pair

    • -2

      should be fine, if you miss it just go to this one multiple sellers though $10 more

    • +2

      Yeah, I think the problems is that they have not really sold many in the last few months.

      Even if their inventory levels were a years worth of sales, that would mean there would be ~100 available. Which makes it another lottery at 8pm on the dot.

  • +2

    Why no ARSEPODSPRO code??

    • Cause eBay are lame.

  • +1

    its getting cheaper every month, at this rate its going to be free in 2 years

    • Apple's event in about 13 hours from now (4am AEDT).


      • Is it at 3am AEST?

        • yes - for Queenslanders.

      • Will they announce 2nd generation of airpods?

        • Nope, they did it last year.

        • I am assuming you mean a 2nd gen of the Airpods pro, and not the normal Airpods which have also received a 2nd gen.

          If that is the case, all the rumors point towards a 2nd gen of Airpods pro not coming out until later in 2021 or even 2022. So you most likely have at least a year until these get superceded.

          • @John Stone: Yep, you are right. I was meant the airpod pro. By the way, thank you for the responds.

        • I’m undecided if I want to pull the trigger on this deal or wait to hear if the rumoured AirPod Studio over ear headphones are announced tomorrow morning. I’ve got a Dolby Atmos soundbar with surrounds and subwoofer but we’ve just moved from a house into a townhouse and it’s too loud. The AirPods Pro will simulate the Atmos sound effects with the new update but I don’t need them to be small and portable and would rather have an over ear model as they don’t hurt my ears like the buds…if I wait, no doubt Apple will put a ridiculous price tag on them and I’ll regret not getting these. You’d think being in Melbourne I’d have bigger issues to worry about but sadly, no.

    • lol

    • They will be obsolete before they become available for free :-)

  • In before anyone says:
    'The code is not working'

    • +2

      The code is not working.

      • 🙉🙉

    • The code is not working.

    • -1

      "but code is working"

      I am from future

  • i'm pretty sure the ebay promotion does not apply to this listing.
    apparently the item needs to have "the coupon redemption code PLUSFLASH is displayed in the item listing" (T&C). when you compare it with the listings from computer alliance they show the plusflash code in the listings whereas this one doesn't.
    also confirmed by ebay rep on chat when I queried another product sold by binglee which wasn't applicable for the promotion.

    • +2

      Wireless 1 is in the process of being added by eBay to the group of stores for the flash sale. You'll have to trust me :)

      • Awesome, good to know! :) Would that be the same with binglee?

        • +1

          You'll see the Wireless 1 AirPod Pros listed here now.

  • Does this work with the free 30 day trial for eBay plus?

  • So over these shitty hourly deals

    • -1

      This is not the only website on the internet, champ. You're welcome to leave any time you like.

      • Who’s talking about ozb?

  • Anyone using these with an android phone? Assuming you would miss out on a few features, but is it still worth it? The regular airpods don't really sit in my ears very well.

    • Just bought one the other day. It’s phenomenal. I have xm4 and the buds live as well. Love mine airpods pro. Sold the airpods 2

  • Do you think if I bought form the one witless deal that was $299 they would refund the difference?

  • Is it one per an account?

    • +1

      You will be lucky to get one with one account.

      You can try 2, max 120 dollars off, 3 items.

      • ye will be just about 132 discount for 2

        edit nvm it says min spend is 120 and max discount 200

      • Its $120 min. spend , max $200 discount per transaction

  • T-5

  • +1

    How about fastcomm? $342 so a bit cheaper

    • link?

    • thanks! missed out on Wireless 1 but got from fastcomm instead and cheaper by $3.40 too, bargain! just a bit longer delivery.

    • I bought from this seller as well but now reading the negative reviews but concerned if they are legit and would even fulfill the order at all?

      Secondly, they advertiser AU stock. So that we would see if it would be au model if and when it arrives.

    • Guys , I am returning the airpods Pro I bought from fastcomm. These are first quality replicas .

      Check the serial number on apple website for one.

      Secondly, I bought another pair from mobilecity same day eBay deal and guess what , both boxes had subtle differences.

      When I first checked the serial on apple website , it was working . After 2 days , it says these have been replaced recently.

      Just a heads up. Be extremely cautious in trusting this seller

  • Too easy

    • +3

      Totally. Way better than the normal crap!

      • Agreed

  • Got it, thanks!

  • lol sold out in less than 30 sec.

  • Thanks OP, managed to get 1!

  • sold out

  • Got it too! Thanks!

  • Thanks! Got one!

  • +5
    • Different seller but good find!

    • where have you been? only appeared after i placed an order with wireless1…

      • Only saw it as someone posted the link above

      • Not displaying OZB spirit, keeping things lowkey!

    • +1

      sold too

    • Is this seller legit? Bought one as well. Not sure right decision saving 10 bucks going by their reviews.

    • Bought and returned.
      These are first class replicas. See my comment above.

  • Thank you :) Managed to snipe a pair!

  • Now wait for Amazon to beat it tomorrow!

  • How about this one? $276.80 with plusflash code

  • +1

    Back in stock Again. Just got one. Be quick if u want one.

    • +1

      they increased the price to $283, I don't wanna buy anymore.

    • See my comment above. These are replicas.

      • They were real for me

        • Haha. The difference are very subtle

          • @OneIdiot: How can you tell the the difference

            • @eckers19: No hard and fast rule, these replica makers have become very good at manufacturing these.
              Just see some 2020.videos on YouTube that explain the difference.

              You may well have received originals.

              Just check the apple coverage.
              1. Then check the paperwork in the box has round edges rather than sharp square corners.

              1. The led light on the case should be flush with the surface rather than deep inside.

              And more

              • @OneIdiot: But does the box look any different?

                • @eckers19: Unless you have the original alongside, you cannot tell the difference from the box.

                  What I can tell you is, the pair I bought from mobile city , the text was bold , the ink was more black and clearer especially on the sticker that has serial number

                • @eckers19: Do you have an iPhone ? If so, connect them, and go to settings, airpods Pro, and about. Check serial number matches in there with box and airpods case inside the lid.

                  Secondly, the serial numbers on each airpods should be different then that of box and case. ( Only box and case serial should match, and not that of each airpod)

                • @eckers19: Best thing for you is to watch some videos on YouTube from 2020. And understand the difference. Could be a real airpods that you have.

                  If you have iPhone, then after opening check serial on the phone. If it matches. Then yes.

                  If it doesn't you can easily return using eBay plus and starting they are counterfiet.

                  Either case update us all

  • Was surprised to snag one. Yay.

  • Anyone see their item shipped?

    • Not yet 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Nope

    • Got my shipping notification around ~2.30PM today for estimated delivery into Melbourne on Friday.

      • Yep me too around 3pm today. 👍

      • Same 3:34pm

  • Just updated mine too, but no tracking number

  • +1

    Received mine today. It does have a Malaysian card? Is that normal for AU stock? I’m unable to get AppleCare on it… concerned. Apple is closed so can’t contact them. It does say the warranty expires 27 October 2021 at least.

    • Which seller.

      The fastcomm seller is selling replicas. See my comments above

      • +1

        Wireless one… :s

        • That should be legit. I am talking about fastcomm

        • Mine too, I guess it’s Malaysian product. Also unable to get AppleCare. I am trying to contact wireless 1. :((((

          • +1

            @StratholmeCuller: How’d you go?

            • @rmk: Wireless 1 replied something useless, they said that’s because the website error of Apple. Hell no. I am waiting for a day off to go to the apple store.

            • @rmk: Got it registered had to call them to do that. Weirdly though, on the Apple Support app, it's not listed under My Devices?

          • @StratholmeCuller: Wireless 1 are useless! My AirPods were addressed to the wrong person. They don't respond do their email support, and I wasn't able to get through on the phone. Thankfully I'm a regular at my post office and providing them proof of my purchase, etc, I was able to pick up. Haven't tried registering them for AppleCare yet but seriously are these a substituted overseas product?

            • @pro: Yeah they are just acting it’s not their fault. I think there is highly chance those products come from Malaysia. Cause inside the box there are an apple Malaysia service card and a paper with all Malaysian. Idk what it means but it seems is a Malaysian government notice or something. I pretty sure that’s why it can’t have apple care plus.

    • +1

      How’d you go, were you able to get Apple Care plus In the end?

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