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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD 21:9 FreeSync Gaming Monitor [Au Stock] $479.20 Delivered @ Xiaomi Mi Official Store


Original Coupon Deal

Similar to the MobileCiti deal, it looks like Xiaomi Official Store is also part of the ebay plus sale tonight. Not sure whether it is worth the extra 2cents to get from the official Xiaomi store?


Xiaomi Mi Curved 34" 144Hz WQHD FreeSync 4ms Ultrawide Gaming Monitor - A gaming monitor with a big 34" ultrawide WQHD screen, high 144Hz refresh rate & Freesync to allow you to take gaming to the next level.


  • 21:9 wide panoramic view - With a 21:9 ratio that is 30% wider than the average 16:9 ratio, get extremely wide field of view to provide you with the extra peripheral vision
  • High Resolution Images and Detail - Get a spectacular gaming experience with its large 34" 3440 x 1440 display
  • High brightness, contrast & vivid picture quality - Up to 300nits display brightness and contrast ratio of 3000:1 ensures that the viewing is accurate and vivid
  • 144Hz refresh rate, 4ms Response Time - Get fast response times and smoother actions and transitions to get the edge over your opponents.
  • 1500R Curve - The 1500R curved design gives you an immersive experience, enhancing your sense of depth
  • AMD FreeSync - Reduces tearing to ensure fluent frames output, optimised for fast and lag free performance
  • Multiple port options - Has HDMI x2, DP x2, Audio x1
  • Aspect Ratio: 21:9
  • Contrast: 3000:1
  • Definition 3440 x 1440
  • Panel 34" VA
  • Highest Refresh Rate 144Hz
  • Curvature (lower of this value provide larger perceived images ) 1500R
  • Color Spectrum 121% RGB
  • Response Time 4ms
  • Ports "HDMI x2 DP x2 Audio x1"
  • AMD Free Sync

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          • @wisdom: They use CourierPlease - last time delivery (Express) was after 2 days, expecting the same in this case.
            Posted on 14th and expected by 16th. :)

            • @b0nd: Thanks buddy

            • @b0nd: A StarTrack tracking number was updated on my eBay status

              • @beagem: Good on ya.. I’ve always been a victim of courier please when ordering via official store. Cheers

              • @beagem: I got a StarTrack tracking number as well. ETA tomorrow in Melbourne

                • @chromium: Maybe they have changed the partner now !!

    • Got mine - pretty huge screen :)

      • Nice! Mine still says "At Delivery Depot" and that status is from 3 hours ago

      • where do you live?

      • It actually looks small to me. The fact that it's now sitting where a 40" 4K monitor once sat might have something to do with it ;)

  • Anyone have experience with monitor arms?

    North Bayou F80 vs H100?

    • F80 works well as per old post and few in Reddit

  • Waiting for Friday delivery

  • Being no surprise to anyone, my monitors did not arrive today as stated on the ETA. Hoping for tomorrow.

    • I got mine, no tracking ID on ebay though.

      • Have you received yours with resealed box, original xiaomi tape already cut broken.

  • Got a text message from Couriersplease. Monitor arriving today, Melbourne metro.

    • Sad, no txt msg for me - Mel metro

      • +3

        Yeah Melb Metro for me and no text message or email either, still holding out some hope of getting it today though.

        • they will probably just dump it down at your front door, so check outside every now and then.

          • @9hundred: yeah especially with couriers please, had issues with them before

    • Mine seems to be coming through StarTrack who confirm they received the tracking number but no updates on transit or whether it is out for delivery.

      • Everyone is just sitting at home waiting around all day for nothing…..i doubt it will actually arrive today.

  • What would be a good Dell (or equivalent) monitor to pair as second screen to the right. Ideally, would be a slim bezel, physical height and screen resolution would match to make it as seamless as possible…

  • My monitor just arrives :”)

  • Arrived! Delivered by StarTrek

    • Did you get a message with tracking or anything saying it would be delivered? Or just popped up?

      • +1

        it just beamed down like magic!

        • beam it down Scotty!

          • @jonnoyeo: seems there is hope for us who haven't received any notifications then

            • @ryan1815: Check your Auspost app - mine got loaded automatically there

    • +1

      Have you received yours with resealed box, original xiaomi tape already cut broken.

  • Delivered just now in Brisbane by StarTrack/Aus Post with Aus Post app notifications

  • Just received my onboard for delivery update with startrak, surprised considering I ordered mine pretty late in the sale

  • Yep just checked my Auspost app - onboard for delivery in Mel!

  • Mine still says "At Delivery Depot" on the StarTrack website, but I just checked the Australia Post app and it says it's "Onboard for delivery" as of 11:16 am

  • +1

    Delivered! Didn't receive any notifications, hope everyone gets their monitors today :D

    • same boat as you havent heard anything but hope it arrives, keep checking the front door haha

  • May I please ask your guys, did you get the track number either for AU Post or other courier. I can't find any delivery information from my order. Only a notification as "the item has been dispatched" two days ago.

    • +1

      Hey mate I did not receive any updates aside from that it has been dispatched just like you - and my monitor arrived 30 minutes ago. Fingers crossed it comes for you today!

      • Glad to hear you already got yours, I will just wait,hopefully they can get it delivered by today.

  • Mine just turned up. I heard a truck out the front, went out to see if it was the monitor and caught the delivery guy going next door with it!

    Luckily I was outside otherwise he would have just dumped it on their doorstep

    • haha wow, your neighbor would have won the lottery!

  • Mine is apparently due Monday via startack… It seems most Victorian/Melbournites will get theirs today…..

  • Looks like some people got it today and some didn't. Haven't had any notifications and haven't received mine. I'm metro Melbourne.

    • you'll get it on Monday probably

  • I havent gotten any tracking at all for mine :(, melbourne metro

    • -1

      …well you won't be getting it today, maybe Monday.

      • downvoted for refusing to accept reality

  • +2

    Has anyone received their monitor with the original xiaomi tape broken and box resealed with a new tape thats yellowish tinged? Checking as it might be a refurb.

    • Now that you mention it, yes.

      I haven't opened mine yet, but I just looked and it's as you described. Hope it isn't a refurb that was returned because of something wrong with it, like dead pixels or FreeSync/G-Sync flickering issues

      • I haven't opened mine yet as well. I hope its not a refurb.

        Anyone else?

        • I just opened it. Hard to tell if it's a refurb. Can't see any fingerprints or scratches anywhere.

          I'll fire it up soon and put it through its paces

          • @chromium: Please let me know how it is. I haven't opened mine yet as nowhere yet to put it. Planning to open it tomorrow.

            • @Punisher: I was wondering if maybe it had been opened to change the language to English. I believe these come set to Chinese out of the box.

              Anyway, my menu is already in English, but that might mean that the previous owner set it to English :)

              • @chromium: Urgh, I have OCD on my things so unsealed or resealed supposed brandnew items gets into my nerves.

                There's another person posting in the other thread with another retailer wanting to return the monitor as received the same resealed box as ours.

                • +2

                  @Punisher: Sadly I didn't receive mine today :( , but is it possible (as this in the international version) that they opened the boxes to put the Australian power cable for the monitor?

                • @Punisher: YES it has obviously been resealed with the yellowish tape over the original clear one.😷

                  • @9hundred: and my box was very dirty, so it's not brand new. feel cheated!

      • +1

        Mmmm same with the tape on mine

    • Well. I have a dead pixel. So now I wonder if it's a refurb that was sent back due to dead pixel and they've resold it.

      Any idea if they accept returns for 1 dead pixel? Also how do you even return something like this?

      It was cheap so I might let it slide. If I'd paid $1000 I'd be returning it for sure

      Also everything else seems good, uniformity, no backlight bleed. I also tried gsync at 144Hz and didn't get any flickering. That will need more testing though

      • Does the monitor come with warrantee?

        • on the listing it says 3 years local warranty

      • how did you get gsyn at 144hz? when i tried mine anything above 60hz flickers…..so does it mean there is a problem with mine? gtx1070

        • I didn't do anything. I did manage to get a little flicker in the G-Sync pendulum demo at low frame rates. I'm not using the Included cable though, I just used the cable that was already connected to my PC from the monitor I replaced.

          I tried Horizon Zero Dawn and Forza Horizon 4 and they look great in 21:9 and smooth with G-Sync on. I've got a GTX 1080ti

          The dead pixel is a little annoying, but not sure it's worth rolling the dice again, I might get worse issues. I can't see any backlight bleed and the screen uniformity seems good.

          • @chromium: my monitor must be one of the faulty ones because it flickers at 100hz without playing a game.

            • @9hundred: Hmmmm. I'd try a different DisplayPort cable. I've read that the included one isn't great

  • Haven't received any tracking, got it posted to a parcel locker as I'm in the process of moving. Hoping for the best.

  • Got 3 dead pixels and the monitor's lower on one side with the stand, anyone else with issues?

    • Damn. Yeah I have one dead pixel, so maybe I got lucky. The stand seems ok

      • one pixel (especially if it's not in a noticeable spot) isn't bad, probably worth keeping over the hassle of returning it. I had a kogan 34" 100hz ultrawide previously, and the overall construction and frame on the xiaomi's better.

        • It's not in an ideal spot. It's about 2 inches from the top and an inch right of centre. Not all that noticeable though unless I go looking for it on a bright screen.
          I can barely see it from my normal viewing distance

    • Same previously bought one from a different store and got 3 white dead pixels, returned it and bought another from xiaomi store and hopefully it won’t have this issue again. Seems poor quality control over dead pixel in this monitor, I have never had any dead pixel on dells monitor

      • I had a dead pixel on a $1100 30" Dell a few years ago. They took it away and replaced it pretty painlessly though.

        • Dell has really good return policy ,you can even return for change of mind after using it, they will never refuse, as long as it is within 15 days of receiving the item.

      • yeah the QC on these are questionable. Comments above debating if these might be refurb stock due to the condition of the box/tape resealed, hoping that's not the case.

  • Received mine today. No dead pixels. Double tapped. Got lucky.

  • +1

    If anyone wants, i've just calibrated mine with a Spyder 4 - i know all displays will be slightly different but PM if you want the ICC profile.

    • can you post a rough guide? or a photo of your settings?

    • Can u please post a picture or send me the ICC profile.


    • Interested in the best/ most accurate picture settings that you found? And icc would be handy too, cheers.

    • interested too. could you please PM me? cheers

  • Mine got sent to the Post office yesterday.
    Collected today.
    No yellow tape and no dea pixels.

    Looks great for the price paid.

    • No yellow tape? So the original Xiaomi tape was still intact? If true makes me think mine is a refurb with the dead pixel

    • +1

      Same question, is the original xiaomi tape with logo intact? It's not really a yellow tape but a discoloured clear tape and sits on top of the original.

      According to the rep from mobicity all stocks are like that as the distributor needed to do something to make it suitable for australian standards.

      • That makes sense. It has an Australian power cable and the language is set to English

      • the original tape is clear, so it has obviously been opened and resealed with the discolored tape over the clear one beneath it.

    • Ah. I get it.
      Looked at the packing again. There is a Mi tape and another yellowish tape on top of it.

      I presume it was opened to put the power cable and possibly the warranty notice.

  • I still havent got any tracking or anything for mine, ive messaged them several times and no answer. The auspost parcel delivery already went past my street. :(

    • Haven't received anything either. It's crazy how varied people's experiences for xiaomi's shipping is for the monitor.

    • Same. Ebay says it's on its way and expected last Friday but no tracking info.

      • Same. Ebay status says shipped but no tracking number was provided.

  • Anyone received monitor today? I just checked ebay,it has updated star track tracking number, however it states it processed at facility melbourne. It mostly like I will get it tomorrow.

    • Checking my StarTrack tracking mine is On Board for delivery today. Also in metro Melbourne

    • Looking at the tracking mine is still sitting at the Tullamarine facilty since 9am Friday… :(

    • Just checked the status changed to "onboard for delivery, it's coming today".

    • Got mine an hour ago, tested all good so far. No dead pixel. And found no HDMI cable,only comes with DP cable.

  • Ordered on Tuesday 13th at 8:30 PM - Estimated delivery Friday 16th, still no delivery or tracking details, sounds like it's a bit 'hit and miss' their delivery notification system

  • Received mine today, seems no dead pixel.

    How to test 144Hz and FreeSync ?

    Update: Do you have tax invoice in the box?

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