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Westpac Altitude Platinum 60k Qantas/Velocity (Exp)/100k Altitude Points ($0 Fee in 1st Year) (Spend $3k in 90d) (Existing Cust)


You must sign in to Westpac Online Banking to receive this offer.

Get 100,000 Altitude or 75,000 60,000 Qantas bonus points + 1st year annual card fee waived (usually $150).
100k bonus Altitude points currently gets you $350 in cashback or up to $470 in e-Gift cards with Altitude Rewards.
To earn the bonus points you must apply and be approved for a new Altitude Platinum card between 7 October 2020 and 3 February 2021 and spend $3k on eligible purchases within 90 days of new card approval. 
Apple Pay available.
Existing customers only. T&Cs apply.

Earn 0.5 Qantas Points or up to 2 Altitude Points per $1 spent on eligible purchases.
Ongoing annual card fee: $150
Ongoing annual rewards fee: $0 if you choose Altitude Rewards; $50 if you choose Altitude Qantas
Variable purchase rate: 20.49% p.a.
Variable cash advance rate: 21.49% p.a.
Interest free days on purchases: Up to 45 days
Minimum credit limit: $6,000
Minimum income required: $30,000

Complimentary cover for overseas travel, extended warranty, purchase security, transit accidents.

Eligible purchases do not include interest, fees and charges, cash or ATM cash advances, cash equivalent transactions, gambling transactions, payments to the Australian Tax Office, government charges, BPAY or similar transactions (such as Post Billpay), refunds and balance transfers debited from the card account.

The bonus Altitude or Qantas Points will be added to your points balance within 12 weeks of meeting the eligible spend criteria.

Existing Westpac customers who currently hold an Earth Classic, Earth Platinum, Earth Platinum Plus, Earth Black, Altitude Classic, Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black credit card, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer. Switches, upgrades or Westpac group staff are ineligible.

Mod 11/12: You must be logged in to see the offer, if you only receive 60k points please contact Westpac, some users have reported this.

Update 5 April 2021 - Offer has been extended until 7 Sept 2021 for 100k Altitude Points, but 75k Qantas points has expired and is now only 60k.

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  • +1

    Professional Card Churners look here.

    Are we going for QFF Points or Altitude Points? I've usually always gone QFF but due to COVID im abit weary.

    Anyone care to chime in?

    • Stick with QFF, altitude points get crunched when transferring to other schemes.

    • QFF

    • Weariness is a known symptom of Covid19.

      Just be wary you don't catch it.

  • had westpac low rate creidt card 18 months ago, westpac online account still active but cant see this offer under rewards and offers

    • use the phone app to log in. I had nothing when logging in using a desktop computer, but this showed up when using the phone app.

  • I have about 400k QFF points sitting in my account Is there any way I could sell them?

    • +5

      if you're going to do it, make sure you're willing to kiss the account goodbye and potentially never use QFF program ever again

      i got caught and had to beg them and write an essay. they let me keep the account, removed all my points and they are keeping me on a short leash

      • +10

        Username checks out!

      • In all seriousness, would it work if you try to book ticket for someone not related to you using points from your account and accept cash for it.. or is that not allowed at all? How do they detect the foul play? Sorry for these questions, I have no idea whatsoever. :)

        • +1

          Speaking from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend that could be me thats a friend.

          I think it depends on who purchases your points and how decent of a human being they are. The person who paid for points booked flights in peoples names with the points already had on the acc.
          gave them the details and they said they were going to book the stuff within a couple days, couple days pass and check the account and this all happened.

          HOWEVER… they also transfered in another 300k additional to book more flights in the account, that couldve been the detection that set it all off to the QFF Team.

      • Oh shoot are you serious? How many points did you end up losing?

        • Lost about 16,000. not much because had already sold majority of the points on the account and this was the leftover

      • Holy crap what did you get done for? Did you transfer points to someone else or let the person who bought the points login to your account?

    • just use it to buy stuff instead

    • +1

      Buy yourself some Bose 700 series headphones to use up some points etc. They are on special on the qantas website at the moment.

      • and from tomorrow there are more specials on the qantas store

  • +1

    Total novice to this so please forgive me here… So with this first year fee waived, I can get this card, spend $3k, pay it all off, then close the card prior to 12 months?

    So it hasn't cost me a cent, but I end up with 75k QFF points ? (Yes the offer is showing for me in my Westpac account)

    • +7

      You are correct, welcome to card churning.

      • +1

        Well i am a dummy, new to the world of churning.. had a qantas CC, got the 120,000 points but thought i had to wait the full year before cancelling the card, so cancelled just before my 12 months was up.. good to know you can cancel the card once the points land in your QFF account!!

    • +3

      To receive Qantas points for this deal you will need to pay $50 Qantas rewards fee (this is in addition to the normal annual card fee). $0 fee with Altitude Rewards

      • If you're new to Westpac you ca get $50 for Open the Choice Bank account which should offset the $50 Qantas Rewards fee.

        • Only if you're under 30 years old.

          • +1

            @spiff: Just says under 30 allow to apply in branch nothing about not getting the $50.

            • @nightelves: I called up and the lady said that it's meant to mean the offer is only eligible for under 30's. (Or 30 and under) and she acknowledged that the wording was misleading and staff had queried it with the promotions team already.

              • +1

                @spiff: So I'll probably take a screenshot of the promo while I can in case they decide to change it. Thanks.

      • and $0 Qantas Rewards Fee for the first year ($50 p.a. thereafter)

        First year Qantas Reward Fee waiver: A first year Annual $50 Qantas Rewards fee waiver is available when you apply and are approved for a new Altitude Platinum card between 6th August 2020 and 11th November 2020

        • OK great, that's how I read it

      • Is that only after the first 12 months though ?

        The exact statement is:

        Ongoing annual card fee: $150

        Ongoing annual rewards fee: $0 if you choose Altitude Rewards; $50 if you choose Altitude Qantas

        My take on that is its after the first 12 months ? ie: Ongoing

    • You actually have to pay $50 if you go with the Qantas Points earning credit card.

  • Anyone knows if I have to close my current credit card prior to applying in order to not getting rejected? I currently hold amex and another card, very good credit scores.
    I don't want to close my old one until I move all my direct debit to the new one.

    • Your combined credit limit is factor they banks access when applying.

      My course of action is to close one and knock down the credit limit of the live card to the minimum, and them make an application.

      But you don't really want to be holding two cards at the same time. Although I am guilty of this right now.

      Good deal OP - just have to close my Amex this week and I'll jump on this.

      • Do you know how soon Amex reports a closed account? Your credit file might still show it is open. I got denied by ANZ last year so I closed 2 cards at the same time and waited like 3 months and applied again.

        ANZ told me I still had Citi card open and they needed to take that into account. Couldn't care less when I told them I closed it a few months ago and just used what they could see in my credit file. Thankfully another card (Amex) was reported closed and that was enough to get approved.

        • +1

          Amex is within 7 days

  • I am seeing 60000 Qantas points without logging into my account, and if I follow the link: Earn 60,000 bonus Qantas Points
    When you spend $3,000 on eligible purchases† in the first 90 days. Eligibility criteria applies>.

    Is there something else I have to do to get 75000 points?
    Also, will it be better to get Qantas points or Westpac altitude?

  • +5


    I was immediately rejected by Westpac, despite being a long-time customers of theirs any having never missed a credit card repayment in my life (>10 years of credit history)

    I called customer service and they WOULD NOT give give me a straight answer why I was rejected.

    Income: 100k
    Rent: $400/week
    Other expenses: $150/week
    Current credit: $10k (two cards)
    Savings: $40k
    Equifax credit score: 793 (very good)

    I was basically told that the computer made the decision and that was that.

    I had previously upvoted this deal but can't change to downvote, otherwise I would

    • Just because you think you shouldn't have got rejected doesn't mean this is a bad deal that warrants a down vote. My personal experience dealing with Westpac was quite neutral and judging from other comments, a few others have been conditionally approved too.

    • +1

      What credit limit did you applied for? Also $150 living expenses seems suspicious. In other credit card applications they wouldn't even let you put less than $1500 a month for living expenses.

      • $6000 limit (maybe they wanted applications with higher limits?)

        I live with my fiancé who also works full time.

        $300/week easily covers our food and other living expenses, especially with COVID..

        Roughly speaking, $100/week on shopping, $50/week opal (just one of us), $50-100 restaurants, and then sometimes other discretionary expenses every 3-4 weeks like clothes and gifts.

        • +1

          What about other living expenses like health insurance, car insurance, rego, utilities, phones, internet, ozbargain purchases, etc? I'd suggest this may be your reason for your auto-decline. I've had more immediate approvals since I've had higher expenses. When my expenses were genuinely really low I hardly ever got immediate approvals .

          • @thestig: No health insurance, no car (or rego), electricity gas and internet included in the rent, phone paid for by employer.

            You got me on Ozbargain purchases though :P

            • @Ghogger: I'd say that the expenses were your problem. I often see people complaining on these deals about being rejected when they have good incomes and very low expenses.

        • +3

          Yeah you probably got done for living expenses.

    • +1

      call them and say you will go to AFCA if they don't give you a reason for rejection. Tell them a friend with similar income expenses got approved. Sometimes their system rejects it when ID check fails, happened with one of my friends with St George (part of Westpac) and he basically asked them reason and asked to escalate to manager who manually looked into and confirmed system glitch (ID check fail) caused the rejection. good luck

      • +1

        Thanks for the tips, I think I will go into a branch (just a few minutes walking) tomorrow and see what they say.

        • +1

          Good luck getting a response at the branch. They probably end up calling someone on the phone and you'll have to just stand around while they connect you through.

        • dont go to branch they are useless. they will also call the helpline.. call and insist to get an answer

    • Mighn't be a bad idea to check your full credit report as well or at least something like creditsavvy.com.au and see everything looks correct. My friend got denied by another bank one time with a good profile. I told him to sign up at Creditsavvy and he found someone used his ID to get some kind of loan and missed some payments. Kinda weird that person even paid back after stealing his ID.

      • Sounds a bit fishy to me

    • Same thing happened to me and I earn the same 80k for 3 years same employer, no debt. 831 credit rating.. i dont understand

      • +2

        I've had this happen before, especially citibank. I am convinced they have some algorithm that rejects people profiled as extremely low risk & unlikely profitable.

    • Rejected also. No way mine was based on financial or credit score as both are excellent.

      I called and got the usual spiel that they can't tell me why.

      • Just applied for ANZ FF Platinum. 60k QFF, $0 fee, $3k spend in 3 months.
        Lets see how this goes

        • And approved by ANZ. FU Westpac. 15 years with them, 2 mortgages (now sold and loans paid out), various cards all paid in full, all my everyday spending, savings history - they can get stuffed. I'm moving the lot and they are also out of the running for a new home loan I am looking at within the next 12 months.

          • @JBucks: Sorry mate, I don't seem to be able to find the ANZ offer you mentioned, can you please shed some light here? Thanks!

            • @moneytomyway: I saw it the other day on the ANZ website but just checked now and it's gone :'(

            • @moneytomyway: Yep its changed. The FF Platinum is now 75k points & $150 back, but $295 annual fee

          • @JBucks: I expect that all banks are like this though? I've been with ANZ for nigh on 20 years and they didn't even blink when I said I was moving to Westpac because they had a more attractive refinancing offer.

    • Yeah i feel Westpac is going the same way as Citi. Both erring on the side of caution, in a similar boat and autorejected after never being rejected before.
      Maybe they're cracking down on churners

  • Still waiting on the black, already did the platinum on ANZ with fee waived so looking to get a decent sign up bonus + daily earner

  • So do you have to pay $50 to go with qantas points? Or only for following year's fees?

  • Just signed up and was conditionally approved - great first deal, thanks OP!

  • Great just in time. My Wespac's 12months cutoff date was last week.

  • I take it it's not worth trying to hit that $3k spend just for this offer when I usually don't?

    • unless you had a big purchase coming up or some reno's around the house you were putting off then yeah might be hard for some people especially if it is only yourself/not a family..

      luckily we were renovating our bedroom so Bunnings/Furniture Stores helped us get to our 3K spend pretty fast!

    • +1

      Buying gift cards or prepaying bills can be a handy way to bring future spending forward.

  • +2

    Had the Westpac Black card before and cancelled 18 months ago. Still have the online login but no active account with westpac. Log into my online portal got no offers there. But when I log into the westpac mobile app, I got the 75K offer (first year annual fee waived) (just need to tap on products then credit cards). Ask about this in the online chat and the agent confirmed that it is fine, I am eligible, just need to follow the in-app link. I did it and applied with in 5 minutes, the in-app link is really efficient, most the of the info are pre-filled as I am still in their system. Got conditionally approved straight away.

  • Nice deal. Are people choosing the Qantas points or altitude points? I would normally just automatically go for qantas points but given I already have a decent balance and no real use for them I'm thinking maybe the altitude might be better (and avoid the $50 qantas rewards fee).

    • having the exact same thought.

    • Qantas

    • I might be swayed to opt for Altitude points.

  • good to see an offer for existing customers there should be more from all banks to reward loyalty. shame cant switch card to it.

  • Just applied and had to go through a step to verify my income. It says someone will contact me in the next day or two.

  • According to the application form it's impossible that you're not carrying a balance on your existing credit cards…

  • Can someone confirm whether rego payments will be considered an eligible purchase? I thought likes of Amex allow post bill pay to count towards the spend?

    • Assume rego is not counted towards min spend on this card. Rego would count towards the amex min spend though.

  • +2

    For anyone who is not a current westpac customer but has previously had access to Westpac online banking - I just logged in to my westpac online banking (with no current accounts) and I can seemingly access this offer. Going to try and apply and will edit this with my experience.

    • I was in the same position. Had a credit card with them about 9 years ago and could still log in to my account. Had to ring them up to get all my personal details updated however as my mobile phone number had changed.

      • But otherwise you're able to apply and they'll honour the offer? Or waiting to find out too?

        • +1

          Did last time and was accepted, no issues

        • After I got the details updated, I just applied online and could see the offer.
          Guess we will see whether they approve.

    • +1

      Yeah I was in exactly the same position. Logged in (thanks Chrome saved passwords), went through the application process. Got the link to upload my proof of income documents. Did that - got a call from Westpac about 15 mins later with a couple of questions. All good then 15 mins later got an approval text, then 20 mins later another text saying new account is available in online banking.
      Logged in again and there it was - new Altitude Qantas card account available. Whole process took like 2 hours from reading this post! Pretty impressed!

    • If anyone finds in future - can confirmed this worked.

      • +1

        I was able to apply online as well via the above method (had a card ages ago that has long been closed, but account logon still worked)…

        When I went to "products" and clicked on "credit cards", this offer was shown with some text that said something along the lines of, "Since you're already with us…", eluding that I was getting this offer as an existing customer.

        Application had most of my info already pre-filled in, but I was able to change whatever I needed to (phone number, for example). No need to call customer service as some above have said.

        Application took about 5-min, was pre-approved and just needed to upload some payslips, which I've done. Very quick and simple application process (assuming all goes ahead from here - awaiting final approval now).

        • Update - approved. Again, very quick and simple process compared to others that require numerous calls w/ call centre employees with marginal english language skills. Kudos Westpac!

  • Westpac approval is pretty fast! got an approval sms in roughly 2.5 hours and card is on its way.

  • For those interested, I currently hold a Westpac Altitude Amex Card from a previously bundled deal (cancelled the Westpac Altitude MC 12 months ago). That means I still have a Westpac login despite having no accounts or credit cards, and I can see this deal.

  • is this

    (Get 100,000 Altitude or 75,000 Qantas bonus points) + 1st year annual card fee waived


    Get 100,000 Altitude or (75,000 Qantas bonus points + 1st year annual card fee waive)


    • +2

      Former. I think to be exact it's:
      (Get 100,000 Altitude + 1st year annual card fee waived) OR (75,000 Qantas bonus points + pay $50 Qantas rewards fee + 1st year annual card fee waived).

      • thank you!

  • Fully approved within 4 hours. Fastest approval I've ever had by far! 'Digital Card' doesn't seem to work yet though :(

  • Logged into my old westpac account (closed) from 2 years ago… nothing there. No offers.

    • After you login, instead of clicking "Rewards & Offers", try clicking on Products —> Credit Cards —> Find out more (next to Altitude Platinum).

      • Champion, thank you! Better wait a few more days since i cancelled my amex last friday.

  • Does anyone know if you cancel a credit card, the QFF points that are still pending for that month will they still be transferred to your Qantas account? Or would you lose out on those points that you have earned that month if you close the card before the points have been transferred?

    • they were transferred for me when i cancelled my anz

    • Like pingualien, I too cancelled an ANZ Black card which had some QFF points owed on the final month and they were transferred after my ANZ account was closed. I did resign to losing them.

      That does not mean that all providers would all do the same thing however.

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