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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB $0 / $299 Upfront on Telstra $99/$69 P/M 12M Contract (New / Port-In Customers) @ JB Hi-Fi


No free buds but now 5G model instead.

Sure you can still do telstra ETC of $594 on $99 plan

I think $414 ETC on $69 plan but pay $299 upfront so no point going $69 plan if you going to ETC.

However cancelling plans and pay ETC fee might show up on your credit history.

Another JB offer to stack on top with 20% off buds live or watch (can get Active2 watch down from $499 to $279)

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    Is it exynos or sbapdrsgon processor?

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      5g model is Snapdragon

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      I think all 5G version is the Snap

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      5g is Snapdragon

    • -1

      After seeing how good the next generation upper midrange Exynos perform, I think I'll just wait the few months for next generation. These new 5nm chips seem to be offering a massive jump in performance.

      • +4

        how about battery? i prefer processor with 25% longer battery with 5% slower performance

        • The newer process leads to a more powerful SoC with more efficiency. If Samsung upper midtier is better than Qualcomm current best chip, just consider how much better Qualcomm offerings and Samsung next flagship chip is gonna be over current ones. Always better buying a new flagships at the beginning of the release cycle, especially when there’s been huge gains. Probably won’t see major new gains for another couple of years when they move onto a newer better process.

  • +5

    Snapdragon in 5g

    And 594 for this is very noice!😎

    • Don't you normally need to pay for the first month or does it not apply here?

      • +1

        Can cancel when your still in the shopping centre! Won't be charged or would be charged pro rata Maybe but I wasnt in my last deal😎

        • Which deal did you do this for? and has anyone else here done this?
          I'm planning to do so if it works :D

      • What if you can't afford to pay for it?

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    fukhel dropping like a rock in days

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      Sorry, but what is fukhel?

      • +1

        not a wisdom word for sure

      • I think it's related to a sex act

        • Sex Act in hot place not sauna heh

  • Is it Snapdragon 865?

  • +13

    This deal should prove pretty popular if you can obtain the S20 FE 5G for $594.

    • +2

      Feels like the last few generations have had very small incremental improvements…. Easily resisted, for now!

      • +1

        I feel if the upvotes on the deal gets over 200 it will become harder haha

        865 Snapdragon and 595 is a good deal for a Samsung

  • Anyone know how quickly I can get off and back on to telstra to be eligible? I heard 2 months but others have said days.?

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      If you just need the phone, get new number and cancel that once you get the phone.

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    However cancelling plans and pay ETC fee might show up on your credit history.

    is this Telstra's credit history?

    • +1

      Want to know this as well. I can’t imagine it would affect the credit score. I paid the money to exit the contract. Correct me if I’m wrong

      • +9

        Credit check is performed at the point of applying for the plan and it appears as a line item on your credit report.

        The line item stays there irrespective of cancelling or carrying on seeing it through the full term of the plan.

        TL;DR: It makes your credit report look busy and impacts your credit score

        • +9

          To add to this, most buy now pay laters do a credit check as well. So if you have been getting your Zip/Latitude etc 'free' monies you will have a similar entry on your credit report.

          When applying for big boy stuff, like loans and mortgages they might query it.

          • @Shon: If you have lets say $1K limit approved with Latitude, do they do repeat credit check when you keep buying within your credit limit?

            • @amsaini15: Generally speaking there is no repeat credit check. Only if you increase your limit they could do another one.

        • Thanks, on a side note I really don't understand why a busy but always paid on time credit report would be ranked lower than one with very little activities.

          • @zgjshadgh: Hard to define what "busy" is. Last time I spoke with an advisor he said more than 2-3 enquiries in a six months period is not good. Credit score also depends on the type of credit you apply for. A credit card enquiry is not the same as a mobile phone plan.
            I personally don't think a random mobile phone plan is going to affect much unless you're doing it regularly.

    • I have a flawless credit history. How long would something like this stay in my credit history if I cancelled the plan?

      • +2

        I think all credit enquiries stay for 5 years on your file.

      • Its only telstra credit history as far as i know not luke actual credit score relating to loans outside of Telstra

    • +10

      The way it's worded is so, so wrong! If you cancel the contract and pay ETC you have complied with the contract. It's not a non-conformance and would not show up on your credit history as a red mark. The ONLY item on your credit report would be an inquiry from Telstra if you don't already have a Telstra account.

  • +1

    Want to upgrade from my s10 5g , but I don't want to lose headphone jack, but I want higher refresh rate and snapdragon . Hard decisions.

    • +2

      Do it. Snapdragon is better and longer lasting though once u go 120 Hz U never go back .. giggidy

      • +1

        Yea. I heard it's silky smooth

    • +1

      I upgraded from the S10 5G - no regrets

      • +1

        Don't you miss the jack?

        • +3

          No one misses the jack, thanks to eBay sales.

        • Go fe

  • +2

    Dayum thats a great price.. got a 5g on pre order with an upgrade from an S8, …cannot fault the thing ..brilliant phone

  • +7

    do this for a pixel!

    • +1

      I'd be in for that too

    • Get this phone,refund this phone, use refund to buy pixel.

      • +2

        I don't think you can refund a phone you bought for $0 🤔. I mean you can but you'll probably get $0 back?

        • +2

          It wasn't purchased for $0. It was $999, paid for with a gift voucher that was given to you for signing up to the plan. My receipt is just a normal receipt. Will report back whether it works tomorrow.

          • @brendanm: Please do!

          • @brendanm: This is going to be interesting

          • @brendanm: Did it work?

              • @brendanm: Nice leg mate - very sexy ;)

              • +1

                @brendanm: Daymn son! Nice score!

              • @brendanm: @brendanm Did you ask for the buds or were they just given to you as part of the deal (I note the OP says specifically that the buds aren't included, but I see they were on your receipt - thanks for posting btw).

                • @Mr Buggles: Asked for them. They thought it was only for pre orders, so I had to explain that it wasn't.

                  Looks like they aren't doing the free buds deal anymore though.

              • @brendanm: How I asked them if it's possible to swap and they said no

                • @Benni85: You'll have to expand on that a bit.

                  • @brendanm: How do you swap the Samsung s20 Fe for a pixel 5. I asked 4 stores and each said no
                    All I can presume is you just get the Fe
                    Then go to another store and swap. The receipt looks like a voucher so maybe the person won't know and assume it's a normal voucher.

                    • @Benni85: Correct.

                      They knew mine was from the Telstra deal, they commented on it, did it regardless. As I said in the other thread, I've read through all the terms and conditions, there is nothing written that says you can't do it. So if you are able to press a point, they can't say no.

              • @brendanm: Was anyone else able to replicate this?

                • @drup: No idea, thread got taken down.

                  • @brendanm: Going from S20 FE, to the Pixel 5… isn't that a downgrade?
                    Did you get extra money in return?
                    Did you get to keep the "Free Samsung Buds"?

                    • @Kangal: Depends on what you're after. I hate the samsung UI so for me it's a very large upgrade. Prices are identical. Did not get to keep them.

                      • @brendanm: Thanks for the swift response.

                        I think you could've done better. Sell the Brand New Samsung S20 FE for $900 online (the Pixel 5 would fetch a little lower). Then add a bit on top. Then buy the OnePlus 5 Pro. Or maybe a straight swap with another owner. Overall, very similar experience to the Pixel 4XL/5, but better hardware. And I'd say once you MOD it, it has a superior camera too.

                        Honestly, I missed your thread otherwise I would've copied you. Too late. About an hour ago I bought a new $270 Boost SIM to recharge mine next month.

                        I'm pretty happy with my +1 year old OnePlus 7 Pro current daily driver. However, I was trying to upgrade to the new Sony Xperia 5.2 which came with a free Sony XM4 Headphone, but only overseas and noone would honor it when purchasing from here in Australia. Bummer.

                        • @Kangal: I don't wish to mod anything. I don't want a OnePlus, don't like them. Pixel has an excellent camera, and performs the other basic phone functions I require, and is waterproof. It is brand new, I don't have to deal with weirdos on gumtree, and has excellent warranty. That is all I require. I got it for $600, so I'm happy. I wouldn't pay $1k for it.

                          • @brendanm: Ah, no worries.
                            There's always a price for "the best" and in terms of Android devices that happens to be the price of effort to get a few MODs done initially.

                            I'm just salty at Google, usually giving us substandard hardware, sometimes buggy software, and always priced at a premium. Enjoy your Pixel 5 : )

                          • @brendanm: Go one better and see if you can activate a telstra service on it to gain a free Google Home Hub Max

      • Please update us!

  • +1

    Whats the best way to get this deal living in Victoria, do we just call them up?

    • +1

      No you can't, tried no luck.

  • +3

    The previous deal with the included earbuds was marginally better (even with the upfront handset cost of $149), because at least you could easily sell them for at least $200…

    But this is a great deal too and you don't have to go through the hassle of selling the buds so all in all its much of a muchness

    +1 from me

    • +1

      Exactly right, only ~$45 more through this deal, depending on what the Buds are sold for. Honestly can't believe how good these are for a two-week-old Snapdragon 865 phone, I guess they're pushing it hard against the iPhone 12? I wonder when Telstra will really start questioning all of the early termination requests coming through. They can't change the plan terms after purchase can they?

      • Can we change from 99 a month to some other cheaper plan for free from Telstra after buying the phone at 99 a month rate from jb hifi?

        • +1

          I did this after purchasing a Pixel 4 last October. I paid $199 for the phone along with a 12mth $65 plan. The next month I dropped down to the $45mth plan. No questions asked.

        • Yes, by registering for a Telstra account online. However sometimes you get charged a fee when changing, just check.

  • +1

    Victorians can't get it :(

    • Their website says you can phone order their plans so worth a shot

      • Only for the gift cards you can but for phones no go :(

        • +1

          Yup. They said they can do the olan but not the phone. Doesn’t even make sense..

        • +2

          That sucks. Poor Vics still getting screwed

          • -1

            @whitelie: Bloody Dan

          • +2

            @whitelie: Feel for you guys but welcome to the world of being excluded from every second deal because of where you live like us on WA.

  • S20 FE with 256Gb has 8GB RAM. This is a much better phone as 6Gb might not be enough for future OS upgrades. Even Google Pixel 5 now comes with 8Gb RAM!

    • +5

      It sounds like you're living in the past. Contemporize, man!

    • Currently Android OS only uses around 1GB RAM. I have Pixel 4 with 6GB RAM that's guaranteed to get Android 12. It'll be fine.

    • -1

      Pixel is terrible at RAM management. You have better battery life with 6GB, and JB hasn't discounted the 256GB version! It now costs $250 more, and no plan offered with it.

    • +8

      It sounds like you're working for your phone…. simplify, man!

  • any other phone/plan deals?

  • are there any s20 australia version that's dual sim without the e-sim?

  • +42

    Samsung got it all wrong. No wall adapter, low refresh rate and a magnet is what people have been wanting. Not a reasonably priced flagship spec phone.

    • Hahahaha.

  • How to get this deal for $594 thanks

    • +6

      Go in store, sign up a new plan or port a number across. Take it home and cancel the plan via Telstra chat. Next bill will be $594 potentially plus a pro rata charge for the month's access…at least that's my understanding.

      • Hi, what made 594?

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