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EKO 50" 4K UHD Android TV with Google Assistant $399 + Delivery / $0 C&C @ BIG W


Long time lurker, first time poster etc.

Looks this deal is on again back from march 2020 - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/523595

Normally $599 down to $399. Just ordered one for pickup at Parkmore shops (3172). Don't forget to use your wish egift cards! brings it down to $379.05

Runs Android TV OS and looks like decent image quality from previous posts.

Product Features:
4K Ultra HD with HDR (High Dynamic Range)
Android TV 9.0 OS - All the content that you love, exactly how you want it. Welcome to a smarter way to watch.
Google Play Store - With the Google Play Store for Android TV, whatever you're into, there's an app you're sure to love.
Android TV comes with your Google Assistant built in. Just press the Google Assist button on your remote control to quickly find the latest blockbuster or check the score of the big game
Chromecast Built-In - With Android TV, you can quickly cast photos, videos, music and other content that you love from your favourite device straight to your TV.
Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube pre-installed for your viewing pleasure.
Netflix and YouTube buttons on remote for easy access.
1.07 Billion Colours

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  • +2

    Need to 65" version. They are still OOS.

    • +2

      yeah using it for my bedroom.. already got a 75" in the living room. I would have preferred the 65" myself but at this price just took the dive lol

      • +1

        Is the 75" one good, I'm thinking about getting one the next time it is available

        • ah the 75" i've got in the living room is a sony X8500G so a different kettle of fish… sorry should have been more clear on that

  • any reviews on thia guys? i know you get what yoy pay for but this a solid deal?

    • you get what pay for is correct

      don't expect anything great for this price..

      might as well get the aldi tv
      at least you get 60 days to return it.

  • +3

    I use a 50" in my bedroom, 65" in the lounge and my parents have a 75"
    these TVs are great for the price, the Android TV works, but is a bit laggy (compared to my Nvidia Shield)
    very easy to install/sideload apps and make them run.

    i don't use the speakers on the TV, so can't comment, but image quality, I'm very happy with. a bit bright on the default settings, so all 3, i have had to lower the brightness and backlight.

    Only issue I've had with the 50 and 65" inch is that they sometimes randomly turn on?!??! it's happened a few times within the past 10 months I've had both… must be the Android TV trying to sync something, or wifi switching.

    • I used to face random power on issues too. My solution was using a smart plug and setting up routines

      • +1

        Maybe that's when they are reporting back to base? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

        • haha :P

      • +2

        I can't verify 100%, but I believe if you turn the tv off (by holding the power button and confirming), rather than putting the tv into standby (normal power button push), I think this solves the problem?

    • +1

      Thats not your tv. That's paranormal activity.

      • +9

        You mean paranormal acTVty..

    • Not the random on!!! My kogan does it too’

    • Is there a game mode for these things? and do they take ages to boot from standby?

    • I bought one yesterday. I only ever have cheap TVs so compared to my 7yr old soniq it looks amazing. Not quite as good as mates 4k TCL but def good enough for me. Sound is nice and clear with a little bass.
      Not sure how long any of this will last as the soniq was great for months before it had issues.

      Anyway to the point. When I was setting it up there was an option for Chromecast being always on. It sounded like you could use other devices to connect to it to turn the tv on. Perhaps that setting is being triggered on your tv?

  • +1

    Looks like 65" is back to stock but no deliver (pick up only)


    • +3

      use a bus like a true ozbargain

    • Back to full price though. Might as well wait for the 75inch at $999 again.

  • Philips 50" is $424 if that's any better quality than this

    • link?

    • Link?

      • +2

        Goodguys commercial. The Philips TV is not Android though, which is a big part of the appeal of this set IMO.

        • Much better to use Google chromecast with Google TV than built one on this and I guess updates will be faster on chromecast

          • +1

            @Pricebeat: I have a cheap TCL bedroom TV with Android and I much prefer using that via remote versus fiddling about with apps on a phone and casting. That said when I have casted using the built in chromecast on the TCL it has worked without issue. Not sure whether that will be the case for this TV, but if so it's better than Chromecasting IMO. Prime, Netflix, Stan, Optus Sports, Kayo, Disney+, Binge all have apps that work pretty well in my experience.

            • @CanadaAye:

              I have a cheap TCL bedroom TV with Android and I much prefer using that via remote versus fiddling about with apps on a phone and casting

              Guess you haven't seen the new Google Chromecast? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/569685

              • @Pricebeat: I have, but that's 1/4 of the price of this TV and opens up a different discussion about the best stand alone devices.

                • @CanadaAye: Depends if you already pay for Netflix and the reason I chose that specific one is that it has Google Tv and comes with a remote.

            • @CanadaAye: Couldn't agree more. Don't want to add extra stuff and complicate things even more.

  • Have this TV from the March sale.

    Get what you pay for. Colours are nice enough but the blacks sometimes cause artefacts. Sound isn't good so use a sound bar since its in a bedroom.

    I find if I don't turn it off fully when not watching, next time I try to use it, apps like Netflix and Youtube play up and then it needs a proper reboot.

    Overall happy with it for 400 dollars though.

  • +1

    We need fancy 75, 85 sizes!

  • -2

    You really get what you pay for!!!

    • Is this the same with Kogan's TV ?

      • -1

        Yes!! Craptacular

  • +1

    yes cannot expect much at this price, really would love to know though from someone who has it, how does sports look on it (ie footy).
    fast panning does it crap itself out or picture looks ok?

    • can't say for sports sorry, because I don't watch any, but for gaming, i notice screen tearing when there's fast panning of the screen, and car games.
      I guess the refresh rate is 75mhz only? or even less…..

      • yeah to be expected i guess.. thanks for the reply :)

      • I'm quite confident in saying that the refresh rate is substantially lower than 75 megahertz.

      • 60Hz

        can't you just turn vsync on to get rid of tearing?

  • Wasn't planning on buying a tv anytime soon but at this price bye bye 32" bedroom tv. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Just beware EKO has 0 customer service. Have tried to contact them multiple times to organise a replacement remote, which is an option on their support form, and have had no contact whatsoever.

    On a related question, anyone know if a universal would work on these?

    • You can use android remote, and change volume if the tv is in your Google home app.

      If you need a short term solution.

    • I reached out to their support team through Facebook Messenger and they were quick to respond. Probably give it a try.

      • +1

        Can confirm their support on FB is very responsive.

    • Yep - I use a WeChip android remote (with usb dongle). Works great.

  • Missed out on the Eko 55" QLED here, so I'm considering buying this one.
    But then again, the clerk said that the QLED model will be on sale next week. Not sure if that's true, but I might hold out in case.

  • Does anyone have feedback on this TV with regards to watching sport? Looking for a 50inch screen to install in my patio just for footy, cricket etc

  • can you install Disney+ on this or is it just Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube?

    • Android 9.0 yes you can, all the apps.

  • does big w have a return policy like aldi where if you dont like the tv you can return it under 60 days?

  • +1

    No need for Vodafone TV or Shield with this bad boy. Big W is killing it with TV's right now. EKO is decent so is Polaroid from experience.

  • About 10 or so left at Belmont Big W in WA (6105). Just grabbed one.

  • Should i buy now or wait for Black Friday or christmas sales? Will tvs get cheaper?

    • Most prices are quite a bit higher than pre-covid, unusual in an industry where prices continously drop.
      Since the price spike we've seen specials almost every week (presumably as more stock finally fills the shortage) so I suspect the supply/demand change will see much better prices in the coming months.

  • Is anyone able to confirm if this tv has an arc hdmi port?

  • How do we get the 5% off wish gc’s?

    • Sign-in to cash rewards website & search Woolworths gift cards. It will give you a 5% off link there.

  • Could I use this as a computer monitor?

    • Ha. We see this comment on every tv deal I swear.

      You CAN, but you probably shouldn't. Input lag on tv's aren't as good as standard computer monitors.
      It just wouldn't be a nice experience.

      • Haha, yes wasn't really sure, I have 2 X 32" fhd monitors at the moment. I don't game, but I wasn't sure how clear text would be using a tv

        • Ended up buying one :-) to try as a monitor
          Text is super clear which i'm happy about, curved would better, but hey $400, 50" is a bit huge at the moment, but i'll probably get used to it, i had 2 x 32" 1080p before and i thought they were big
          4k is awesome, Its amazing to have four+ windows open and functional
          its like having 4 20? inch monitors, but the ability to full screen any window to 50"@ 4k is good shit
          luckily my desk is probably 900mm deep
          TV wise i have only tried netflix 4k and its very good!
          Great buy for 400

  • Thanks, got one to replace my parent's TV.

  • Anyone get one and give a bit of a review?

    • Anything in particular you want to know? Haven't really used it much but the Android OS seems pretty snappy to me… have launched Netflix, Stan, Prime connected a Switch to it. Animation on Netflix/Stan looks fantastic so does the Switch (kids playing now). Audio wise I have it connected up via optical to a set of Edifiers.

      Biggest problem was figuring out how to take the back off the remote to get the batteries in. I'll chuck some Kayo sport on it to see how it looks a little later.

      Dark scenes on Netflix were crushing the blacks quite badly, only had it on briefly so not sure whether it was compression on Netflix or the TV.

      Overall for the money it's amazing value IMO, especially with 4 HDMI ports.

      • Would love a bit of feedback on some sports ie footy or Motorsport.
        If I’m to get it, I’ll be watching a fair bit of sport on it, and it’ll be an outside tv. Android os is the biggest plus for me as I use it all the time on my Sony TVs.

        • +1

          I watched a few minutes of an NRL game with the default video options earlier and the picture looked very clear however the motion looked somewhat unnatural. After turning some of the advanced video options off it did seem that the motion was more natural. I will have to spend a bit more time as that was only across a few minutes and using Kayo.

          • @CanadaAye: What did you turn off? The motion when watching sports looks super choppy and unnatural when viewing it on my 75' Eko TV…

        • +1

          got it and set it up yesterday, watched some bathurst and it was not fantastic, however this was replays streaming through foxtel.. i will give it another run this afternoon through free-to-air but it was a bit choppy when following cars. I guess it's the 60hz refresh rate struggling to keep up. Value for money though, I would buy this again, absolutely bang on for value.

      • +2

        Haha yep I got stuck on remote as well. Didn't want risk breaking the PCB so looked at installation section in the manual for instructions & there wasn't any.
        For anyone wondering the whole back panel lifts up using that little gap.

  • is it worth spending extra $200 for a Hisense tv with 3 year warranty ?

  • +1

    Picked one up to replace a bedroom FHD Sony TV, excellent value for money so far, bluetooth remote, Android OS, 4K, decent colour, excellent for the PS4 - would recommend to anyone on the fence about it. Only negative so far is I just can't seem to get the USB drive to accept any format to load though.

    • Mate, do you know if the TV has your standard VESA wall mount?

      • It has some sort of wall mount, 4 equally spaced holes on the back, using it with a Kogan wall bracket - not sure if it's standard VESA?

        • +1

          I ended up buying one. Standard vesa 200x200

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