[Price Error] Park Tool Home Mechanic Deluxe Workstand $16.99 (Was $379) + $35 Shipping @ Wiggle

Mod Note: Price Error has been confirmed by Wiggle via email

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Solid bike stand

Top Features:

Material: Super-strong Steel with Glass-filled Nylon fittings and top-tube internals
Finish: Durable textured Power coat
Compatibility: Fits 1" to 3" (25mm-76mm) diameter tubes and seat posts of any shape and material
Teardrop shaped tubing
Folds quickly, easily and compactly
Quick release height adjustment from 39" to 57" (99cm-145cm)
Includes height adjustable compact tray to hold small parts

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  • Ordered.
    $35 postage.


  • -3

    And its gone…!

    • +1

      I take that back, VPN throwing me to an out of stock now shows OK off VPN.

  • Sick. Let's see if they cancel the order.

  • This is a sweet deal, ordered thanks!

  • +2

    Thanks! I've been looking for one ever since I missed out on the aldi deal. Ended up with a better one.

    • The aldi one was rubbish. You missed out on nothing

  • +1

    Thanks OP, already got the Aldi deal but still bought this!

  • Missed :(

  • OOS

  • Sold out just as I was checking out.

  • have you read the reviews on wiggle…..

    • +3

      I've used them for years with no issues whatsoever.

  • Gone, out of stock! Already have a stand but its a bit dodgy and for $16 this is a no brainer!!

  • +1

    Bugger, out of stock, already have an Aldi one but this looks the goods :(

  • OOS but great find!

  • -2

    I will buy of these from someone if the sale goes through

  • Great price for a great bike stand. Shame I missed out.

  • There's no way this will be honoured surely.

    • I had a punt, and there's only one way to find out.

      • +1

        I'll be very jealous if you get it! Very jealous indeed

        • +1

          Right? I'm guessing there's a lot of rando's who don't know Park Tools but these stands can easily go for over $400 locally.

          If someone gets a real Park Tools work stand for $35 I'll be crying tears of Poly1000

    • The Op's name isn't Shirley.

  • Someone obviously missed the 4 in front…..

    FWIW it is an awesome stand.
    I have one which I got from Amazon a while back and it is definitely worth the $$$$ compared to the Aldi ones etc.

  • +1

    If you missed out, just bolt a clamp to a wall stud in the garage.

  • Heaps of other stuff on Wiggle at 90%+ off too; wheels, pumps, bike bags etc.
    Most likely a pricing error

    • Link lol
      Surly they won't honour them, good if they did
      I got a feedback sports sprint stand, different style but very sturdy, they've gone up in price since last year too

  • +1

    Wow, just ordered a set of Campag Shamal Ultra c17's….about $100 bucks delivered. I think 2 sets left if anyone wants one! Thanks OP!

    • +1

      I ordered two sets of these lol

    • +1

      I saw so many $50 carbon wheels out of stock. Congrats if you got them delivered.

    • Refunded..:\

  • -3

    Was able to add it to basket and now they have removed it… signed up an account for nothing…

  • heaps of bargains - just gotta search them

  • Damn, what does this tell you about these work stands? That their cost is like 1/10th of the RRP price they're flogging them for. Nothing much to the actual stand…

  • +1

    Refunded. No email, just a PayPal refund .

  • +1

    Just got an email confirming price error and it's being refunded.

  • +1

    We’re getting in touch regarding your recent Wiggle order that has been cancelled by us.

    We have identified a pricing error on one or more of the items on your order and as such have had to cancel the order. Any funds paid will be refunded back to your original payment method immediately, and will show within the next 2-5 days depending on your bank’s processing speed.

    Affected items have been removed from sale while we adjust the price, so if you would like to order again you should be able to purchase at the correct price within the next 24-48 hours.

    We’re sorry we dropped the ball with this one and for any disappointment the cancellation may cause. Mistakes like this are rare, but we’re only human so occasionally these things do happen.

    Please let us know if we can be of any assistance in helping you order an alternative product.

  • All of my orders have been returned :( Only one that still looks like its progressed to being processed.
    Sounds like someone is doing these manually and not a blanket return.

  • +2

    Wow, sorry to say guys, but as someone that has been agonising all night over missing out on the greatest wheel bargains in the history of cycling, the fact that it was a pricing error and they're all being cancelled makes me feel a bit better.

    • Did you actually believe that they were going to honour these substantial losses across all these products that were put up on OzB yesterday? It was a given from the get go of a price error. Hope you didn't loose sleep over it.

      • +1

        When i was going through there was some wheelsets where the SRAM and Shimano had been discounted but he Campy version was still full price. I wondered if there was a clearout of old stock or because Shimano was about to release a 12 speed groupset or because everyone is now buying disc brake wheelsets and they are clearing out old rim brake models, any one of a host of reasons. I admit, on the face it now clearly pricing errors, at the time I was seeing these bargains and irrationally panicking.

  • +1

    Nice to see the OG Yellow Wiggle getting into bikes now!

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