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Sony 65" X9500H 4K UHD TV $2415 I 75" X95H $3397 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Technical Specs βˆ’
TV Processor: Picture Processor X1 Ultimate
Screen Size: 65"
Screen Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Display Resolution: Ultra High Definition
Additional Features: 4K X-Reality PRO, Object-based HDR Remaster, X-tended Dynamic Range PRO
Colour Technology: Triluminos Display
Dimming: Full Array Local Dimming
Refresh Rate: 200Hz
Smart TV: Android TV
HDR Format: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG
Sound: Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos
HDMI Input: 4
USB Input: 2
VESA Wall Mount Size (mm): 300 x 300
Weight with stand (without stand): 23.7kg (22.3kg)
Release Year: 2020
Height (mm): 906
Width (mm): 1449
Depth (mm): 353
What's In The Box: Table Top Stand, Remote Control, Batteries, AC Power Cord, Operating Instructions, Quick Setup Guide
Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year

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  • What's the best way to get membership?

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      Added the link at the bottom of description

      • Thank you

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    I have a GGC account with my ABN, the local store will price match commercial store anyway if you screen shot the product, so have only used it for that.

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    Worth the extra $700 over the 75" X9000h from yesterdays GG 10% off deal?

    • Tough question. 9000h better for gaming, this better for HDR due to higher brightness. See rtings for comparison.

      • no plans for upgrading my gaming console in next few years but possible down the track.We use the TV in a fairly dark room so not sure how important the brightness is in that scenario?

        • Can't really comment on gaming because I don't do that. But for using your TV in a dark room, LED LCD TVs all suck, you really want OLED. I watch movies in total darkness and no LED TV can beat my plasma from 2015 so still waiting for OLED prices to drop.

          • @chewkl: So does it mean LED would be better for not so much dark room?

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              @Mistredo: LEDs blacks are nowhere near as good as OLED, so the lower the room lighting the more evident it can be, depending on the tv and settings. It can vary a lot, and it depends how fussy you are. Think of it as one of those things, if you're happy without OLED blacks now, then its probably not that important to you and id suggest putting other factors like features and screen size higher.

              OLEDs peak brightness and HDR performance in well lit rooms leaves a bit to be desired compared to LEDs. As long as the room is not bright with bad glare it should not be a big factor though.

          • @chewkl: That's a little extreme. There were plenty of very average plasma's (i had 2 of the better ones and still have 1 of them), just like there are now some decent LEDs. For near perfect blacks sure pay the far fetched OLED tax and sacrifice screen size, but 2020 is a bad year to be going down that path especially for sizes over 55".

            • @Xizor: I beg to disagree and I am merely stating the point. Stuntdriver's TV usage will be in a fairly dark room. Any OLED will beat out any LED LCD TV in this scenario when calibrated. Peak brightness does not matter in this case as well. Sure you'll get much bigger size for a LED compared to an OLED for the same price and some people value emersion vs PQ and I respect that.

              Also, I have a top tier Panny plasma and I've never seen any 4k LED LCD TV that can come close to that in a dark viewing environment. (Of course comparing 1080p source to be fair).

              Don't listen to me it's fine, but take note of Vincent's point no. 6. :)

              • @chewkl: Yes, it will. Never said otherwise. I still have a panny plasma as well. But he never said anything about wanting an OLED or than black levels are of particular importance. You're glossing over the differences in LEDs for the sake of a pointless argument - no one disputes OLEDs strengths. What matters is what is fit for his purpose, and from what he has said the Sony 9000H should be.

              • @chewkl: Pretty sure my VT60 was the last Panasonic plasma sold in Australia and that was 2013.

                Father in law has 75" Sony 9500 (is that the same as this deal?), anyway it's full local dimming 4k. Honestly unless you're pixel peeping side by side, I'd much rather have that, even when watching The Dark Knight, in the dark.

                But then after 5 minutes I forget what TV I am looking at anyway and get engrossed in the content so don't mind my rubbish opinion

              • @chewkl: The TV i am replacing (moving to another room) is a 65" Panasonic VT60 so fairly good in terms of Plasma TV. I am mostly watching FTA and a few hours of movies and streaming each week. Main reason for the upgrade was to move the 65" into another room to replace my old 42" panasonic plasma. Am i making a big mistake should i just get a cheapo 65" to replace the 42" and keep the Plasma as my main TV?

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                  @Stuntdriver: I have a Panasonic plasma ST50 and you can't beat FTA quality on the plasma with the natural colours. Unless you are going to make use of the 4k options on netflix and streaming, I would stick with the plasma for now until you're ready to replace it with an OLED or high quality QLED.

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                  @Stuntdriver: I wouldn't replace the 65" VT60 with any LED LCD TV unless you are going to a bigger size and that is your main purpose for replacement.

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    What is the price of 43" X8000H on the Good Guys commercial website? Sorry I don't have access to TGG Commercial so would be good if someone can let me know before I look at getting access.

  • All the stores I go to in vic will do a price better then com price
    If u ring and say price a bit cheaper then com price

  • How much is the lg oled 65x cx?

    • $3860 on good guys Commercial(if you need a screenshot just PM me)

  • Just picked up my 65" X9500H for $2500 from JB, using gift cards I got for 10% off got it to $2250. Not too bad, didn't want to wait until black Friday and risk it not even getting cheaper than $2250.

    • Great deal, well done. How have you found it so far?

      • Yeah amazing! My first 65", looked huge at first but definitely gotten used to it. The Android TV is great, Plex direct plays 80gb 4K files so it's great!

        • Great to hear! I have just ordered the 75” and really looking forward to seeing how it goes.

    • Any chance you can post the receipt?

      • Receipt is here, you could probably get it for cheaper now but that's the best I could do at the time. Then used the 10% off gift cards for $2,250 price.

        • Thanks, got them to match GGC @ $2415 with free delivery. Stacked some extra him her 15% cards as well πŸ‘

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    I don't play games, and just picked up a 75"" X9500H. Holy Smoke, it's awesome coming from a 55" Soniq TV that was 5 years old. It was even better after a calibration.

    Had a choice between this and an 65 LGCX OLED. I didn't like the way the OLED looked watching the Rugby state of origin. It was weird and gave me negative vibes, like how you'd get motion sickness playing 3D games.

    • Do you recommend professional calibration? I hear it’s quite good out of the box. How have you found watching sports?

      • Only if you are a video fanatic and wishes to get the most true to life picture quality as possible - which I am not.
        You'll get very good picture quality on the "Custom" picture mode settings pre-configured out of the factory. The default picture mode or "Standard" picture mode is too saturated for my liking - colours pop out, but a little too much. I like my picture settings dialed back to be closer to real life.

        • Great, thanks. How have you found watching sports?

          • @El-Rhi: Personally I found it better than the LG 65CX Oled. I had it and the X9500H next to it at the demo stand in the store - they played the State of Origin game on the screens, which was what I wanted instead of a demo loop video.

            On the LG Oled I found it hard to track the moving ball, it felt like there were motion blur. I also found it hard to track the blades of grass on the field as the camera panned around. Maybe I was concentrating too hard, but it didn't do it for me.

            The game was much more enjoyable to watch on the Sony TV. There was less visible motion blur when tracking the ball, and I could distinguished the grass better. The blacks better than I expected for an LCD screen, with the full array LED back-light.

    • Great! Ordered a 75inch x9500h. Delivery today. Excited, as I am currently using a 50 inch Hisense.

  • hey guys. can anyone who has the 75 inch x9500h tell me what the width of the stand is when oriented inwards (the short base orientation). the websites say 1675mm stand width. is that the wide base or the narrow base? this will make me decide between the the sony x9500h and the samsung q80t 75 inch. my TV stand is only 1400mm wide. please let me know. thank you

  • Could someone please post a screenshot of the 65 X9500H so I can try and price match? Thanks.

  • Csn some one please post 75inch x9500h price screenshot?

    • I just got the 75" X9500h for $3200 + $50 bucks delivery from the good guys. Cheep Cheep.

      • How?

        • How?

          Please send the screenshot of invoice

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