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[NSW, QLD, WA] Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Case (Red) $27.65 @ Officeworks


Was browsing for clearance accessories and came across this. I like the build of the Apple leather cases, but usually overpriced (as are all accessories). For those holding onto the iPhone 11 Pro Max for another year.

Bonus if you have the Green phone and get into the spirit of Christmas early with a Red/Green theme.

Edit: Seems to be sold out in Victoria, SA and Tasmania. Still available in NSW, QLD and WA

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    For anyone wonders how it will look like with a green iphone.

    (Or this video)

  • Great deal. Bought a black one for $26.27. Cheers OP

    • In store or online when it was in stock?

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    Wish there was a discount on the SE version

  • Apple leather cases, but usually overpriced (as are all accessories)

    It's quite the juxtaposition to have overpriced accessories with such reasonably priced, good value Apple products…

  • Gah, in Victoria so getting the "this product cannot be purchased online"

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    I've had two red leather cases back on a 6 and 6s plus. Something to just be aware of is that the red, along with some other lighter colours, has a real love it or hate it patina that will develop with time. That's normal for leather, and part of the charm, but I don't think the red ages as gracefully as some of the other options. Saddle brown is an entirely different matter and looks great after it has aged. Definitely recommend doing a google and checking to see if its a look you'll like or not as the case almost certainly won't remain a vibrant red for long.

  • Thanks ordered the iPhone 11 pro in black. Still stock in WA

  • Bonus if you have the Green phone and get into the spirit of Christmas early with a Red/Green theme.

    Ho Ho Ho

  • Pela Case FTW

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    Now I need a deal for ip 11 pro max

  • Not leather, but I find the Pelican soft texture ones are quite nice to hold, Amazon is selling for $73(around $50 at other stores) but you can get it at JB Hifi for $10

    • This is the exact case I am swapping for this deal. I am not a fan of the way the buttons feel on the Pelican case

      • I have several models of Pelican cases, including the one above and yes, the buttons are a bit more rigid. I am currently using a Pelican air vent magnetic mount one from another previous cheap JB Hifi deal (wireless chargeable due to the square magnet design). The latter got to be my favourite iPhone cases I have used to date, fits well, looks good, feels good, protects well, coping several drops on either screen or camera lenses sides! The buttons seem to work fine for me. But then I have never used an Apple branded case before (due to cost).

    • Damn I’d love a case like this for my iPhone XS.

    • TGG have a version by Cygnett for $5. link

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