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$50/Mth Credit for 12 Months on $115 XL 180GB 5G Plan (Was $115/Mth, Now $65/Mth for 12 Months) @ Telstra


Available when buying a phone or as a SIM only plan on it's own. As with all other Telstra plans, it's month to month so you can leave (paying out any device repayments if you bought a phone from Telstra) or change plans once a month at any time without penalty

Extra Large
Was $115 per month.
Now $65 per month.
$50/mth credit for 12 months.

Save up to $600
Get $50/mth bill credit for 12 months. Offer ends 16/11/20.
Credit applies each month you stay connected for 12 months.

Offer extended to 23/11/20

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    Does anyone know if the $10 monthly credit from the JB HiFi plan will carry over to this new one and stack? I don't mind losing it as I'm paying only $5 more a month for 100GB more, but would be good to know.

    • Probably not. You could try asking on chat?

      • How do you ask on chat? Anything i ask i get a reply from the virtual assistant which is of no use to me.

    • Would like to know as well

    • Definitely not. If you change any plan, your existing monthly credit will be lost…

      • Yeah, I gathered that once I got the email outlining the new plan. Still, it's only $5 more for 100GB more… can't really complain. :)

        • I used to be on old BYO plan which is about $69 for 60G data + unlimited international calls, and telstra give me $20 credit each month.

          Last month I got email said that there is a special offer for me, telstra give me $10 off for $65 plan. Then I'm thinking it's good, moving from $69 too $55 plan, I can add $10 international call pack to make the plan $65= 80G data + unlimited international calls… $4 cheaper and 20G extra data…

          As soon as I changed the plan, I noticed that telstra removed the $20 monthly credit…so in the past $49 = 60G + unlimited calls, for now $65 = 80G + unlimited calls…

          • @PeppaCat: Why do you sound surprised? You said in your post the offer was $65pm with a $10pm credit. You can’t just collect monthly credits and expect them to stick around in perpetuity.

    • Heya, I got a pdf statement from Telstra saying my ongoing costs would be still be $55, which is $10 off the $65 jb sign up rate. I'll know in the next billing cycle but signs are good

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    okay I called them.

    I can confirm that I AM ON the JB Hi Fi $69 plan ( $500 gift voucher) x 2 services - paying $59 , and called Telstra - She put it through as its treated as an upgrade - no contract and will be paying $65 per month for 180GB :)


    • Hey can you please tell telstra number

    • +1

      There's a huge loop hole here? What's stopping you from cancelling the plan altogether because of the no lock in? So you walk away with a $500 gift card and roam free? Lol

      • Yep. Been done numerous times previously.

      • +1

        Yea thought the same too. Even better with $0 phone deal omfg

    • Does this mean your 12mths contract will be converted to month2month. And if you cancel the m2m, then that's it? No longer attached to telstra?

    • Pretty good deal that, haven't had any luck via the chat or even the call centre, the call doesn't go through if I say I need help with the plan as it's not a critical topic apparently.

    • the chat is telling me there will be ETC.

  • Sorry if it’s too unrelated, wud it b a good idea to go for amaysim $30 plan with 40gigs of data and unlimited intl calls (includes destination of my interest)? Although on optus network, when I check coverage network, it shows covering very much the similar area as of telstra.
    All kind of comments are welcome.

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    Hi OzBargainers

    Please let me know if any issues with this promotion, we have fixed a small issue where the offer did not appear in the checkout flow.

    Offer should be available to all New and Existing customers moving to the $115 Extra Large Plan (Consumer and Small Business accounts).

    We will contact you in month 11 letting you know that your monthly credit will soon end.

    I will do my best to monitor this thread throughout the day and night!

    • I am currently in a $65 lock in contract with 6 months left. The new plan says no lock in contract. If i upgrade do i have to pay the ETC ?

      • Hey mate, $65 seems like the in-market plan but not entirely sure if its a JB plan
        If this looks like your current plan you should be right to change plan and payout any device costs

        Worst case, jump on messaging in the My Telstra App and ask the team, should be a straight forward request

        • Thank you for that. Mine is JB $65 plan if that is any useful ?

    • +1

      The real MVP

    • Will the credit remain when it’s migrated to the “Upfront Mobile plan” in Console
      Assuming the migration happens in the next year

    • Thanks for the support! Do you know if I can apply for this plan online and whether there are any further credits that can be applied to bring the cost down?


      • I wish I had that plan!

        From what I know, we have a group of customers trialling that plan, I don't know too, sorry!

      • Vodafone offered me $65 plan for $35 with 100GB data and international Z1 1000 mins and Z2 300mins. I can hold onto this but this deal is tempting, what do you think I should do, also point to be considered Voda is offering 10mbps unlimited data after I run out of the monthly allowance on 5G. Telstra haven't announced that but as soon as customers jump over Telstra may realise.

        • If 100GB is enough I'd continue paying half. If you're likely to need more than 100GB then go Telstra. No point paying $30 more if you wont actually get anything out of it other than on paper having a better balance.

          I also assume the Vodafone discount will remain past 12 months too, where the Telatra one doesn't. If thats the case then Voda might also be better long term.

          Telstra's plan is unlimited but throttles down to 1.5mbit.

          • @Smigit: Thanks it indeed is past 12 months. Until they bring in a tempting deal and get me off this plan which is a loss for them :)

            • @sajidmib: did they offer you $35 /100GB over the chat or on the phone

        • where did you get the offer?

    • I upgraded my plan to 80gb/$65 PM earlier this month, upgrading to this/twice in a month won’t be an issue will it? I can’t see how it will be

      • When I try to upgrade my plan in the app, there's a little note at the bottom that says only one plan change permitted per month so I don't think you can

        • It was couple days before end of September if they go by calendar month

          • @JMxoxo: I just double checked and it's once per billing month, not calendar month. Hope that works for you

            • @00broke00: It just worked and ticked over for me. I did so at 11:30am

    • If I pair this with a 24 month phone repayment, what happens after month 12? Can I switch to a new data plan or am I stuck on this paying $115 for the next 12 months?

      • I have an answer to this if anyone reads my Qstn.

        The answer is - you can switch from this plan at any time as there is no lock in contract :)

        • So what happens to the $50/month credit? Does that cancel out if you switch plans?

  • +4

    I've just completed my order, and it's only showing as $55/month, as there's an extra $10/m credit showing. Awesome!

    • Were you on the JB plan?

      • Ported in from Belong if that helps?

    • BYO plan or with a phone contract?

  • I'm a goof that's currently paying $99 a month to Optus for my phone/plan which runs out in Feb. It'll cost me $200 in mobile repayments to exit.

    Lets say today I walk into JB HiFi and switch my Optus number over to Telstra on the $99 plan, and pocket the $500 JB gift card.

    I then call Telstra and "upgrade" to the $115 a month plan.

    I'm now paying $65 a month for my mobile and have a $500 gift card to drop at JB when I want a new phone outright. I understand there are better value plans out there, but I could probably find a use for 180GB data so this seems like value to me.

    From the above posts, it seems like this would be possible, but has anyone done similar that could confirm for me?

    • +2

      They will charge you an ETC to leave the JB plan as you're going from a 12 month contract type plan to a month to month plan. Probably in the vicinity of $594 if you do it straight away….Plus the $200 you're estimating from Optus seems like an expensive exercise :(

      • This is exactly what happened for me. Just moved to the 12 month JB $99 plan with gift card and moved to this $115 XL plan yday. Have an ETC over $500 based on how long I have left on the contract. Would've been $594 had I cancelled right away.

  • Does the shopback $20 cashback work if upgrading plans?

  • +1

    Just to confirm, has any one moved from the $99 jbhifi + $500gc deal to this one? That seems like a big win if you can

    • +1

      I'm trying to do that now but they are not responding to my chat. What's the number to call them?

      Edit: Never mind, found the number

    • +1

      I can get to the final page when I try to upgrade via online account but I don't know if I will be charged ETC. Doesn't say anything about it.

      • +1

        I spoked to them just this morning and also on the same plan and been told that I will be paying 399$ to exit. Not sure if this will help.

      • +1

        I spoke to them in the app and they said there would be an early termination fee that they couldn’t waive because it’s the JB plan.

      • Same for me. ETC due if move from JB 12 month plan which I received gift card with to this

    • +1

      Yes me
      I done the upgrade for myself and my wife's plan
      Both have the jbhifi $65 plan.

      Doesn't say abt extras fees or so on.

  • +3

    Hey all, if you are still under your JB-Hi-Fi 12-month contract, you will be charged ETCs for changing to this plan. You can upgrade to this plan from the Telstra $65 Medium Mobile Plan as this plan is month-to-month.

    • +1

      there is no international roaming inlcuded nor international calling .. why is that ?

      Normally you would get it free for this Tier customers, plus what is the unlimited data conditions are they like 1.5mbps or 10mbps. Any clue on that will be great.

      Also if this can be coupled with iPhone 12 Pro Max

      • unsure about the first so won't make a comment on that one. But on the second question, if you exceed your data allowance on our latest plans, you can still use data but it will be capped at 1.5mbps until the next month.

        • +1

          about time its moved to 10mbps capping since Voda has done that already.

          How about the 3rd question? IPhone can that be just added as a phone or the iPhone will have different plans. I would like to go for this but I would later like the iPhone 12 to be added to the monthly bill, with no change to sim plan, i.e when the pre-order opens.

          • +3

            @sajidmib: I was told in chat that you will be able to get this plan with iPhone12.

            • @apple2016: that's great news.

            • @apple2016: Been told different. I am also planning to get the new iphone and been told I need to pay 399$ for ETC then get a new plan.

              • +3

                @Fredfloresjr: on the chat now and the customer service agent said, If i get an ETC, i just need to message them and it will be waived.

                • +4

                  @apple2016: sweet. Can you screenshot that convo? and send it to the rest of us in here. =)

          • @sajidmib:

            about time its moved to 10mbps capping since Voda has done that already.

            Optus still charge $10/GB excess, so I'd much rather 1.5mbps shaping over excess charges IMO.

      • Normally you would get it free for this Tier customers, plus what is the unlimited data conditions are they like 1.5mbps or 10mbps. Any clue on that will be great.

        What do you mean by tier? The onlyference between Telstra's plans is literally just the included data allowance - you don't get anything more than more data, the more you spend.

        If you want international calls, you don't need to spend $115, just add them on for $10 to the base plan if you don't need that much data.

        But yes, data is throttled to 1.5mbps

        • What I mean is that if a customer is on largest plan tier, they get upto 4GB of international roaming and international calls included to some destinations plus allowance to call on roaming from these destinations to other countries. I’ve been on plan like this with telstra in 2019.

    • +2

      Is there a way to cancel the plan change? I wasn't aware of this, and definitely do not be wanting to pay a $400 or so ETC.

      The email I got for order confirmation very clearly said $0 upfront cost to switch to this plan, so surely the ETC won't be charged on top of that?

      • I second that, it is what i recieved

        • Did you receive any ETC notification?

      • Would be awesome if you guys can confirm on the etc once verified :)

    • +2

      I went onto the app and selected manage against my plan.
      There was 2 options: Switch or Cancel
      The Cancel showed an ETC
      The switch to the XL plan displayed $0 to switch.
      I took screen shots.

      • +1

        Yep that's what I see too.

        Currently trying on chat to see if I can get it done but it's slow replies atm

      • Look like your 04XXXXXX ends in 12 months on 27 September 2021

        Thinking about switching or cancelling your plan?

        Plan early termination charge $394.34

        very misleading even though it say at least $0 today to switch below what can i do from here.

      • It also says if you received a bonus when you signed up, you may need to pay additional costs associated with those too. If you have either of these we can assist you 24x7

      • can u please share your screen shot with me.. i proceeded without taking my screenshot of the same thing… and now got wacked a $400 early termination fee. and wont let me revert back to my jb hifi plan ..

    • How much is the extra charge? Thanks

  • if you are "upgrading" and buy the pixel 5 from them. you can redeem a Google nest hub max: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/569689

  • This is actually a ripper deal

    • +2

      it is a ripper deal. I will be contracting a new iphone 12 pro max on a 12 months term. better for my cash flow and doesn't hit my wallet in one hit via outright route.

      • hey, what is your recipe for chicken adobo? the best.

        • +2

          ginger , garlic , soyo , salt , pepper , coconut vinegar and bay leaves . let it boil for abit then add in the chicken. then add water.

  • "You don't have any services to upgrade"

    This is what I am seeing when trying to upgrade online or on the app.

    I am on the $99 JBHIFI deal with Note 20 offer.

    I got excited for a bit but it did not last long

    Anyone else been able to upgrade from this same plan?

    • Why not chat to their online support

      • I am trying now but I just wanted to know if anyone else managed to get it done before me

        • I got it done but despite upgrade site saying $0 to upgrade, have been charged a $594 ETC. Disputing it on chat but not having much luck

  • On the My Telstra app it says the following

    "You can switch your plan, but we need to let you know that it will cost at least $0.00 today."

    Now if I do get charged any extras I'm pretty sure we can use that against them.

    • 'at LEAST $0.00'.

      Technically it is warning you that you COULD be charged full ETC.. wording is dodgy.

      • +1

        This! They could charge a million dollars and it'd still technically be at least $0!

      • Shifty buggers. Know exactly what they're doing.

  • Wondering if the 10% student discount can be honoured with this deal bringing it down to $58.50?

    • +1

      No, it doesn't - at least not online.

      The 10% discount overrides the $50 credit.

  • +1

    Sorry I don’t get this at all. Why the huge upvote considering it’s still $65 a month?

    Lots of mentioning with JB HI-FI deal, are these connected or something? Does this work best when I sign a new phone contract from JB and then change to Telstra? As I am on the prepaid 12 month with 60GB with Boost and it only cost me $12 a month.

    Can someone please explain? Much appreciated

  • So theoretically you could sign up to the $99 JB plan and pay $0 for the Samsung S20 FE 5G and then switch to the $115 plan and occur no charges as it's technically an upgrade which then switches to M2M and then cancel and pay no ETC?

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