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Woolworths Wish eGift Cards 5% off @ Cashrewards


Just received this email from Cashrewards. Time to load up on 5% off Woolworths Gift Cards this weekend!!

ENDING SOON: Save 5% on Woolworths Gift Cards

As a valued Cashrewards member, we want to tell you about upcoming changes to our Woolworths Gift Card program.

From 21 Oct 2020, we’ll offer 3% discount on Woolworths Gift Cards.

From 19 Nov 2020, no further discounts will be available.

This decision applies to a wide range of partners advertising Woolworths Gift Cards and lies outside the control of Cashrewards.

Stock up and save

There’s still time to save 5% instantly with Woolworths Gift Cards. Stock up now to keep on saving at Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, BIG W, BWS, Caltex and more.

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$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • Physical gift card has $5.5 delivery free. If I buy e gift card, can it be used in store?

    • +3

      Yes, u get a barcode/ long number and pin code

      • +2

        There is also an egift number which is shorter but the checkouts now have an option to scan the barcode, which is great.

        • +1

          Yep, though I was hoping this would make it contact free but still have to enter the pin on the machine

      • +1

        just wondering, does anyone ever got their money stolen from the egift cards?

  • Sad news.

  • Ahh this is sad news but oh well, glad to find out, I've stocked up on $1000 worth, thanks!

  • It would be good (but probably wishful thinking) if there was clear information on which partners, if any, would be keeping the 5% discount offer…

    • +1

      Most of them probably won't say anything but by next year they'll all be the same

  • Is SunCorp still doing 5%?

    • Soon will be nowhere doing it. Suncorp is cutting as well.

  • +3

    Frustrating. I rely on this 5% and the 10% off from our mobile and insurance policies to get 14.5% off the weekly shop.

    Could stock up on a few months worth… 5% guaranteed return for 3 months or 6 months would be hard to beat at the moment.

  • +1

    Sad news indeed, stock up $500.

  • +4

    damn… there's a $1000+ hit I wasn't expecting to spend in the next few days

    • +8

      950 😀

    • Same, although with the credit card bill not being for a month and having enough money in my account I doubt I'll notice

  • +2

    Oh well, I’m sure we’ll find other ways to save a buck out there.

  • No more shopping rest of month ☹️ spend all money for buying woollies and bigw card for next 1 year spend !🤨🤨

    • Yeah I don't know if I would be committing $'s to BigW, they're on the brink…as a gift card holder, if they go under, you become an unsecured creditor with 0 guarantee to get your money back. Woolworths can be pretty cut throat when it comes to putting a brand to sleep.

      • Bigw gift card works for woollies in past…so not the issue.

        • +1

          I would rather go for BWS than BIG W.

          Possibilities of eGCs that can be used in Woolies.

          BWS>Dan Murphy's>BIG W.

  • +1

    Looks like Woolies is going to have a big wave of cash into their account, everyone is pre spending money for the next 6-12 months

    • i only did for next month…. why you want give your money to woolies for 6-12 months? you should keep the money in the off site account

      • +5

        Are you paying more than 5% interest on your mortgage?

        • +3

          No, he's got all of his money in cash stored under a mattress off site.

        • +2

          The problem is when things go wrong you can't pay your mortgage in WW gift cards.

  • +2

    Bye bye woolies.
    First they announced they’re going cashless and now dropping the gift card discounts.

    • +7

      lol, umad?

      Your comment does not even make sense.

      You are mad they don't accept cash, but then you reveal that you don't pay with cash anyway.

      • +1

        I can't use both? If I order online, I use gift cards. If I go into the physical shop, I use Cash.
        I find it problematic that we're heading towards a cashless society.

        • +1

          Why would you use cash in-store instead of a gift card?

        • +4

          Lol! More holes in this story than a block of Swiss cheese. The majority of people concerned about a cashless society are people who have cash they need to spend that they haven't paid tax on and are running out of options to spend it on something not traceable…

          • @thestig: I've heard the argument: "cashless means I can't give my kid $10 to buy lunch"…
            The kid that has 3 smart devices and was literally born into a digital age where all 3 devices have multiple payment methods built into them…

            is there any other reason for cash apart from tax evading? Change my mind..

            • @massafiri: For the homeless

              • @avoidfullprice: One could argue that reducing tax evasion can increase funding into welfare which can help those who are truely in need?

                Cash for the homeless is a bandaid fix to something we need to fix systematically.

            • @massafiri: I'm pretty much cashless, but can depend who's eating the fees.. Stores that absorb them, or have cheap enough prices and reasonable fees (ie Aldi) is no problem. There may be times at the odd small restaurant or something that charges fees on top where we might use cash.

              The kids buying something from the canteen is one of the rarer occasions we do use cash.

              If the kids want to buy themselves a treat from the canteen they take some coins from from their jar, which means they can physically see that what they are spending they wont have any more. Being quite young still, I think it's something they won't get that idea of if they start out cashless.

              The canteen doesn't have any payment terminals either so to put in a lunch order and not pay cash we need to use the stupid Flexischools thing, which charges fees, and then credit card fees on top of that. So it's just easier to use cash.

              • @bamzero: Cashless surcharges will become illegal in the next 10 years and the fee will be worked into the Cost of Good sold. All those venues that currently do not charge fees are working them into their prices.

      • Yup thats what i was also thinking. Also on top of that, he doesn't even use cash to buy the wish ecards. Go figure . 🤪

  • +1

    There goes my house deposit.
    Does anyone know if they'll stop allowing WW gift cards at the petrol pumps?

    • Why would they do that?

      • The petrol stations are now owned by a different company

    • No one knows, but I wouldn't count on it.

  • +5

    Getting closer to 2%.

    Might as well just use HSBC 2% cashback.

    Also means you don't have to convert your money into a second currency, and then keep track of them.

    • Since 2% from HSBC the WW and Aldi gap narrowed.

      Also use 2% a lot more in retail compared to credit card.

  • +2

    bought 2 x $500. Sigh

    • Same, will probably buy a few more $500 egift cards

    • +1

      I always wonder if there's a chance someone finds out the number and uses my whole $500. I'll be going for 5 x $200

      • They'd need the PIN too.

      • My egift cards get delivered by email.

        Someone would need to be able to read an unencrypted email as it travels across the internet to steal it - oh, wait a minute.

        Slightly less secure than sending cash in an envelope (particularly if the cash is tucked safely inside a greeting card).

        • +1

          Yeah, I know. One would think there would be some type of two factor auth like code to mobile.
          This is why they recommend to delete the email once you have clicked on the link to get the code (& made note of it safely). That wouldn't help if email is already hacked.
          I store the codes in KeePass until needed (if purchasing more than one) and definitely delete the emails once code noted.

          • @Borg: I know right.. Considering the 2FA I need to go through to add my rewards card to the app just to be able to see my points balance and fuel vouchers, and then the (for a while there, constant though not so frequent now) need to re-validate…

            I guess we forget the gift card would historically be bought to give to someone else so mobile verification might get tricky (ie businesses that give them as rewards etc).

            On a side note, why did they have to make the gift card barcode so damn big in the money app.. why not the same size as the reward card. PITA trying the scan it, especially on the small scanners at the manned checkouts.

        • I always wondered why they ask for your Everyday Rewards number when purchasing if not to implement some kind of security/verification check before allowing one to use the gift card.

  • will entertainment book still have the 5% egiftcard?

  • Suncorp has a banner up now about the discount reduction

  • Will woolworths still be having the 5% with Shopback then? I have not heard anything from Shopback

    • Like all the others, almost certainly no.

  • A bit off topic, has anyone managed to purchase a Wish Card, using A Woolies e-gift card?
    I am a AIA Vitality Member and have over $100 in $5 vouchers :)

    • +2

      No, you could do that 3 years ago.

      I think the best way to use them up is through online shopping. Simply copy and paste, no need to type or scan instore.

  • There is no mention of reducing the discount on Woolworths Liquor and Dan Murphy's eGift cards in Suncorp rewards.
    Perhaps, they will stay the same 5%…
    And you can use them at Woolworths and BigW.

    • It'll drop to maybe 4%. They are included in the description of "Woolworth Group Gift Cards".

      • BWS, Dan Murphy's, Woolworths Liquor, Big W stay same at 5% off as of today.

        Since there is no store called "Woolworths Liquor", it must be a universal Wish eGC.

        • There is a card called Woolworths Liquor @ Suncorp. They sell it with 5% discount.

  • Anyone know if RACV also will stay 5% ?

    • +1

      None of us know however it is likely they will drop as multiple Woolworths partners are dropping their rates as dictated by Woolworths.

  • +1

    Worst birthday gift ever

  • Can you scan the egiftcard barcode at Woolworths Petrol or do you still have to enter the numbers in the keypad?

    • Still have to key in the numbers

    • Depends on the store

  • +4

    I used to make my way there when I had a GC, no reason now. So as much as it is sad it's also liberating. Thanks Woolies.

  • -1

    Any news on Racv offering GC’s?

  • I have just ordered a new phone. If I am using the money app and have the egift cards loaded on it, will it be a problem to transfer to the new phone? I can't see anywhere to log in or out of the app.

    • You'll have to re-add them to the app on your new phone.

      • previously when I tried to give them to other family members, they were not able to add them, so I thought once they have been added to the app, they cannot be added again.

        • I just bought the poco x3 and didn't have any issues.

        • +3

          I share the same egift on 2 sometimes 3 phones.

        • Same as Coops1

  • +1

    Anyone else getting a long delay between purchase and getting the email with vouchers? I bought $1000 worth yesterday morning, got a tax invoice but no vouchers yet.

    • I ordered some around midnight last night and they came within an hour… which is actually quicker than I expected (since it used to take 2-3 hours for me). I suspect people are stocking up now though before the discount drops which might explain the slowness.

    • +2

      ordered multiple last night and received them in under 10 minutes

      • Same.

    • Thanks all, I called them just now and something got messed up, they were able to resend them. Phew.

      • Same here. I had to call and get them resent.

  • I'm unable to buy this morning. Is anyone else having issues? I've had transactions fail on 2 different credit cards that have both worked fine in the past. Phoned one and they said no card block on their end.

    • Just ordered on cc, no problems at all and gift cards arrived in five minutes.

    • mine did that and it failed, tried again and it worked

    • Try submitting your orders in smaller amounts. It gave me "Transaction failed the purchase you are conducting cannot be completed at this time" when I order 10 $300 GC in once, but succeeded when I make three separate purchases of 10 $100 GC.

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