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realme X3 SuperZoom, RMX2086, 8/128GB $511.44 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Pretty good price for a good phone, with the only pain point being lack of a headphone jack.

120Hz display, good fast charging, a lot of camera hardware, with a SD855+ for good performance. FYI the 60x zoom is crap, it's actually just a pretty bad 10x image cropped in.

Cheapest price ever, according to camelcamelcamel. I can't guess why it's on sale right now, maybe they're clearing stock before the X7 Pro debuts?

EDIT: Price just dropped from $538.45 to $511.44. I should have waited before pulling the trigger :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Pretty steep price

    adjective, steep

    (of a price or amount) unduly high; exorbitant: Those prices are too steep for me 🤔

  • got an x2 pro few months ago and they are good phones with 855plus.
    Not sure about resale

    • Been looking for one of these for ages but can only find grey imports - I assumed you went down that path?

      • Yes, again not looking forward to my experience on resale. I had bad experience with OnePlus 5 when the OnePlus 6 was new…

  • shame that AU realme phones comes in normal boxes unlike the Indian realme phones which box in super star boxes ;p

    • Yeah but whose face would you put on au stock realme phone boxes. Which douchebags face will you want on it?

      • xoom's

        • In that case no one will buy it. I thought the idea was to sell it?

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    Showing $511.44 for me

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      Same here.

      • it just dropped even lower should have waited aarrhggh flaslkzxjc

        • Just cancel and reorder

          • @Aureus: I actually managed to price match it @ JB. A happy accident also happened, so I probably won't try my luck again.

  • What xiaomi is comparable to this? Poco 2?

    • I couldn't think of any AU stock phone that's comparable to this.

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  • This or a Oneplus 7T?

    • this is a solid $200 cheaper than 7T, with actual AU stock

      Build quality is much worse though, but it's definitely worth the trade.

  • have got the realme x2 pro .. its an awesome phone for excellent performance.

    Just need to be careful on the limitation on Realme OS (similar to Oppo ColorOS) where you can't change the default messaging app (since I look google messages).

    I've had issues with intune for work profile as well.. I've since moved back samsung.

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    I was almost sold until I realised no AMOLED display

  • show as $511 but when checked it out it showed as the original price? System bug?

  • Ah, missed it. Damn.

  • Wasn't it going at AU 434 during Prime?

    Didn't want it since already had the POCO X3 with the 120hz screen

    • How do you find the Poco X3?

      • Order in September and wait until November at Toby's XD

        Been waiting since the 4th Sep, its bloody robbery, but the phone is just too good specs for the price, better to wait.

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