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Bonus $400 JB Hi-Fi Voucher + $10 Monthly Credit + 20GB Bonus Data with Telstra $69/Month 12 Month Plan @ JB Hi-Fi


Receive a $400 JB Hi-Fi voucher plus $10 monthly credit for the first twelve months bringing the $69 plan to $59 a month.

Comes with a bonus 20gb bringing it to 80gb per month.
Total cost works out at $59 x 12 = $708. With the use of the $400 voucher would bring down the monthly cost to $25.67.
Offer available by calling 13 52 44.
Port in only
Appears to be in store too now

CIS: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0024/9803/5810/files/BYO-M...
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    Just talked to the guy on the phone, there is an ECT so no transferring (might try to "upgrade" to the $65 180gb plan) and it should be honoured till the 29th of October.

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      Careful you might lose your $10/month credit

    • +1

      I've tried a couple of times to upgrade via live chat but keep getting told the ETC is unavoidable.

    • +1

      There will be an ETC charged.

    • do they still have the $65 plan??
      i thought the 69 replace it.

      can you go from the $69 to the $49 like you still to with the JB plans?

      • There's a special deal I think

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    Existing customers?

    • Port in only :/

      • Boost?

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          I don't think so

          • +1

            @trantonz: Yeah boost is basically part of Telstra at this point

            • @boomlogical: Oh well. They dont want my business, I suppose. Going to catchconnect instead on their 12m plan.

      • +4

        Sucks that they never offer it to boost coz I just cbf going to Optus/Voda for a month and then switching back

        I'd happily switch to this Telstra plan from my $30 prepaid plan if I got the voucher.

        • +1

          Personally I've had a really good experience with the Optus network through circles and the port process wasn't too bad so you may as well have a crack. You can get through the cool down period in as little as 2 days.

        • Same my boost expires next month and would happily sign up for this. I've heard it's possible to sign up for this on a new number and then contact Telstra to port in later?

        • Can’t you just switch to another provider like Optus on a cheap pre-paid plan (for $10 or less) then switch to JB plan immediately after? Is there a limit on how long you have to be with the other provider before signing up with JB ?

          • @opt: You might get lucky but from what I've heard from others and a friend of mine if you've been a customer of Telstra (Telstra, boost, belong) in the last 30 days you won't get the $10 per month discount as your account will still show up in their system. I've even had trouble porting out from boost and back in before as the system gets confused and thinks you are still a customer so you end up on a live chat journey that can take a couple days. But you can try & might get lucky

            • @Clarky77: Good to know, thanks. My current 12 month $65 JB plan expires next month, looking for another good JB deal. Would switching to a another Telstra MVNO like Telechoice or Aldi work ? Because I’m in a Optus / Vodafone black spot, so don't want to be on either of those networks for long.

              • +2

                @opt: You'd still need to stay with them for 30days if you want to be safe, but you can definitely port to telechoice, aldi, Woolworths or Lyca if you absolutely need Telstra.
                I've ported to AmaySim waiting for the next time $500 credit is available on $59.
                Most of the time it's fine but indoors during busy periods the difference is huge.
                C'mon JB hurry up.

                • @Clarky77: I was on Telechoice previously so might as well switch back to them for a month since their support is pretty good. Just checked my account, my plan is up in 2 weeks, glad I checked, thought it was ending next month !. Eyeing the Pixel 5, hopefully a good deal will popup in the next few months (like the $200 for the Pixel 4 on $65 12month plan last year).

                • @Clarky77: How often do they run this promotion?

            • +1

              @Clarky77: This happened to me today at the Wetherill Park store. They're cracking down on the process of porting in and out. Going to port to Aldi this weekend and just wait for Black Friday sales instead.

      • Belong?

    • +1

      Linking my previous comment - this can be obtained by existing customers with a few extra hoops.

      • Nice option, still better to port in though because of the $10 per month discount but I guess you can do exactly the same thing just create an Optus/Vodafone account with a cheap start-up offer or $2 Sim & port that to Telstra before later switching it to your primary number. ;p easy

        • When you do the method described in the link, you still get the benefit of the $10 month credit. It's only for the benefit of existing Telstra/Boost customers who would otherwise be ineligible for the deal.

      • Thanks so much for this, worked perfectly

        • Can you explain a little bit more what did you do and what's your experience like? Thanks!

          • @Nigelwsk: Went in to JB, showed them the screenshot of the deal and asked to sign up for it, adding the number to my current Telstra account. They were happy to do it and didn't question any of my previous plan history etc as simply creating a new Tesltra number ticks the box. She knew exactly what I was doing and said good luck with the Telstra chat porting the number, their customer service is really slow atm. I used the gift card then and there to preorder an iPhone 12, and left with the new SIM and a preorder.

            Went home and used the My Telstra app for the 24/7 chat. I think they have cut staff due to covid so you basically leave an enquiry on the app and when someone is available it sends you a notification (took 3 hours wednesday afternoon). Requested a 'follow up' on a post-paid mobile plan cancellation to get to a live agent.

            Explained I wanted to close my previous plan (had been on it for 3 years so out of contract), and use my old number with the new JB $69 SIM, took them about 30 mins cancelling the old plan to free up the old number, and porting it to my new SIM. Haven't been charged yet but there's no indication the $10 credit has changed at all.

            • @danlmoore: Thanks for the info! Seems like it's hassle-free for most people that have done this.

              I sould have done the same before porting out mine to Optus and it has only been nearly a week.

              Will give JB a call tomorrow and see if I can get some luck porting in after being away from Telstra for less than a week.

  • +2

    When purchased in store do you receive the gift card on the spot?

    • No idea, I've only ever done it over the phone

    • +1

      Give me bell if you find out though, I'm sure other people would like to know

    • +2

      Yes they give you the GC on the spot.

    • +2

      I purchased the last deal ($500 gift card) in store and received the cards on the spot.
      It makes more sense as you’re more likely to use them there and then.

    • +2

      They give you gift card after successful port. If it happens then and there, yes. Otherwise, they hold onto it.

    • +2

      I did the last $500 GC deal and my service didn't get activated on the spot so I had to come back. It really depends how quickly Telstra process your order. The guys at JB said they couldn't give me the GC untill my service was active (and old SIM was deactivated).

      • I had the same situation because the Telstra portal was down. I had to go back because they didn’t do the port properly. They did it on the spot and advised you got the gift card as soon as the service gets activated which they said usually happens on the spot. It did for me second time around. Ported from kogan within minutes and got my GC on the spot.

        • Mine was a whole ordeal but yeah, it should be able to be done on the spot if all systems are go.

          • @JoKing: Same man. I kept getting Telstra blaming Kogan who blamed Telstra. And then I thought I would go to JB, I went on the day that just happened to have a major Network outage at Hornsby Westfield, and by pure chance I stuck along long enough to try my luck one more time after lunch to see if they were up. Guy who know what he was doing checked the system and straight up apologised and said it was there fault. 10 minutes later I was ported with gift card in hand after waiting over a week. I was so relieved and at least he was honest so I just left it.

    • Did mine last time in store but didn't manage to port straight away, they hold onto the gift card until it's ported.

    • +1

      Yes, you get the card when telstra system shows that your number/account has commissioned.

  • Available in Vic?

    • +1

      Stores aren't even open in VIC aside from C&C

      • Available over the phone, probably available in store

      • That’s not true. I went to my JB store this morning and brought a few things.

        • +2

          You must be Regional VIC

        • +1


        • +13

          What did you bring?

        • +1

          Did you buy or bring?

  • +2
    • ^^^

    • Nice. I'm looking for pixel 5 tho

  • +1

    Comes with 5G access?

    • +1

      I presume it does? Honestly I don't have a 5G phone or any 5G planned in my area so I didn't ask, my bad

    • +1
    • My Telstra is useless and only says "Enjoy 5G network access at no extra cost until 30 September 2020. 5G rolling out in selected areas. 5G compatible device required." No idea whether that's been extended.

  • Or you can get $600 Gift Card with $10 credit P/M on $99 plan

    • Extra $30 a month is a bit meh though :/

    • +6

      So you're willing to pay an extra ($89-$59)*12 = $360 for an extra $200 worth of voucher?

      • +1

        Precisely my thoughts mate

      • It's almost double the data too.

        • I mean while it is, for my personal circumstances, especially now, I don't need it. But if that's what you're after go for it.

    • yeh its better to do this and then port to the $115 plan witht he 180GB and $50 credit per month

      • you have to pay the ETC tho

        • no you dont since its and upgrade.

          • @firejack: if you change from a contract to a month-to-month plan then there is a payable ETC

          • @firejack: there will definitely be an ETC, they've closed that loophole.

    • Is this offer current and available over the phone? The $600 on the $99 plan.

      • Yes, I signed up today over the phone.

  • +1

    You mention offer available by calling, but assuming this is available in store also?

    • Don't really live near a store so didn't ask sorry, If you find out give me a bell and I'll add it to the post.

  • +2

    Fyi, jb is not accepting gift card atm for phone sales quote. You still can use the gift card in store and item in their website. I only learned this few days ago when trying to pay price matched TV.

    • Wtf lmao

    • +1

      you can always call them, price match the item. They will ask for your number and then send you a text message with a link to complete the purchase. Put the gc code in the coupon section. Voila

      • +2

        there was no option for giftcard. only credit card or paypal.

    • You can get a refund for the gift card amount after you've paid though, just use this form: https://support.jbhifi.com.au/hc/en-au/requests/new?ticket_f...

      (just did this with my new TV, so can confirm it works, took about 3 days for them to confirm)

      • Great to know. How they refund the money? Refund to bank account?

        • Back on to my debit card (method of payment used)

  • -2

    Only 12 months worth of credit makes these deals so much less enticing

    • +1

      I mean my plan is to wait for a cheap Optus sim deal sometime during the 12 month period and port to Optus next year and then port back for another gift card.

    • As opposed to what? A 24 month contract? The 12 month deals are better, quicker turnover of grabbing a gift card each time you port back in.

      • Credit. Not contract

  • +1

    Still waiting for my $500 from the last deal smh

    • When did you sign up?

    • Same. I activated 5 October. Need to call them again Monday.

      • wtf. thats a worry! i better call them monday too - is it just the generic JB number or is there a 'direct' line to the right department> ?

        • 13 52 44 is the one I used. Called on Thursday and they said they're frantically working through their spreadsheet. He told me to call back if nothing by this weekend.

  • +1

    I'm blind… doesn't that link say $69 plan gives a $300 voucher, not $400? And where's the mention of $10 credit?

  • +4

    Here's the ad from the Apple catalogue that went live last night.


  • +3

    Just got back from signing up in store, It does not have to be a port in, I did it as a new connection with new number. Gift card issued on the spot.

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