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Seagate 4TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive $79.95 (In-Store Only) @ Australia Post


Found this while picking up some of my Prime Day deals from my PO Box. I think it's a decent buy at around $20/TB

Limited availability.

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  • usb powered?

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      of course.

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      Yes. This is a portable USB 3 hard drive. One USB 3 port required and that's it to operate.

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        Or earlier USB standards. I have four 2TB versions of these, all plugged in, but only one USB 3 port.

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      Nah powered by 16x AAA batteries

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        usb vs external power source….mr funny-guy.

      • Waiting for a deal on Eneloops

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    Is this Nationwide?

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    Finally something as good as the 5TB for $97

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      Here before the incoming comments , "got it for $97".

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        Why are these getting/so cheap???

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          Because using a hard drive for portable storage is a huge liability compared with using an ssd

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            @Jackson: But SSD is also harder to recover data, is it true?

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              @capslock janitor: No. SSDs have so much less chance of losing your data that any other factors are negligible

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                @Jackson: I have to disagree with you. SSD tend to 'wear out'by itself but HD usually only get damaged by external forces. If you don't move HD around it's the better option to keep ur data safe.

                • @gosund:

                  If you don't move HD around it's the better option to keep ur data safe

                  The exact reason you buy a portable drive

                  • @Jackson: It was never sold as an unceasingly portable drive.

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                      @DAT: Yeah nah:

                      Seagate 4TB Expansion Portable Hard Drive

                      Sold as a portable drive. This is a 2.5" drive, there's not many reasons to go with this over 3.5" drives for fixed situations,, not to mention that as per https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9469314/redir every man and his dog has this type of drive marketed to them and can easily use it. By mentioning an enthusiasts reason fr buying it, sorry that's just not why this drive is cheap. It's cheap because they aren't selling enough, and that's at least in part to the fact that flash storage is much bigger and more convenient and so are portable SSDs

                      • @Jackson: It's cheap because it's a run-out line.
                        No longer selling hard drives by Seagate at aus post.

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                  @gosund: You clearly don't know why anyone invented SMART for hard drives. It wasn't because they only fail when moved around.

                  But agree that for fixed storage the hard drive is better, but this isn't a fixed storage device. Mind you, it seems like the majority are lost on this point

                • @gosund: Exactly this, and in a climate controlled room, you will see best world performances.
                  That's why wait Server rooms exist.


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              @capslock janitor: Ssds have no moving parts, so ssds are less likely to fail when accidentally dropped.

              With ssds the drive will slowly die because each block has a limited amount of read/writes. As the blocks fail, the ssd will get smaller and smaller in capacity over time, where the wear on an hdd is usually on the read/write arm so this is the main part that fails. When it does you will get a ticking sound in the drive.

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                @frazel: If the drive is used to "backup" then the limited number of read writes won't be an issues as it's a backup drive, so it would be much safer to store your data on than a machsnical drive.

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              @capslock janitor: Yes that is indeed the case. Over many years I have recovered countless times deleted drives & files on traditional HDDs. The first time I needed to do this on an SSD was a complete failure. SSD recovery is a whole new ball game & presents alot of new challenges. See the link below for some info. Personally I choose not to store a backup on any SSD drives and use them only for system & working data.


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            @Jackson: lol what? Hard Drives are far better used as a backuo drive not just because of longevity but good fcking luck getting 4TB of SSD storage under $100

            you wont even get 1Tb

            • @Freestyle: Who said back up drive? This is for a portable drive.

              If you are buying a drive and leaving it in a drawer, the SSD is still better because you aren't wearing it out and it's still drop proof. The only benefit to hard drives is the price

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                @Jackson: I'll just go and purchase 40TB of SSD space then. Should only cost me 10x the price of a normal HDD setup and only require 2x as many SATA ports due to lower density.

                • @Tacooo: Good luck chucking 40Tb of hard drive in your backpack, not sure of the use case but with 10 drives in there you might want to be careful with that bag, as you just potentially increased the risk of a failure by 10x

                  Didn't I say the only benefit was price?

              • @Jackson: Most of what you have been posting is pure nonsense.
                SSD being left in the drawer is better than a traditional HDD?
                Show me a SSD 4TB that people would just leave in the drawer.
                3.5 HDD are still portable too but what ever the argument you are fixated on SSD thinking these are the better solution.
                True portability comes from USB thumb drives or did that escape your technology prowess?
                BU drive is where you clone data and transfer it to another device so any cloning is actually backing up data.

                I think we are done here.

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                  a hard disk drive may have a mean time between failures of 300,000 hours, while an SSD might have 1.5 million hours.


                  While SSDs can wear out, their lives are much longer than legacy disk drives, making their in-service dates much more predictable.


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                    @Jackson: why are you lying?

                    • @DisabledUser353340: Nah, not me, the interwebs. Feel free to go against common knowledge though, or maybe not so common knowledge

                      • @Jackson: Common knowledge is someone's blog?
                        Seems your bias is true and thick, HDD are all varying to the degree where performance will be much different from models and manufacturers.
                        You stated 1 figure, which shows how little you actually know about hardware in general.

          • @Jackson: What dribble is this hahahaha

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              @DannyBoy: Ssd is good for situations where you need fast read and write speeds. Also for portability because they are lighter than hdds and also ssds are less prone to failure with bumps and drops. Also sdds use less power.

              Hdds are good for cheap, slow read and write storage. Not ideal for portablity because they are heavy, and physically larger than ssds and more prone to hardware failure.

              Therefore generally speaking hdds are good for storing media, back ups, and personal files that you don't use very often.

              Ssds are best for files which require fast read write like operating system files, laptops (lower power demand increases battery life), and portability

              Yeah if I was rich I would use SSD for everything because overall the failure rate is lower and the read/write speed is faster.

              So you are both right, it just depends how much money you have.

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                @frazel: Again with the lying, you're assuming that all laptops have USB3? or internally have SSD?
                Somehow a 2.5 HDD is painfully heavier than a SSD?

                Please just stop.

                • +1

                  @DisabledUser353340: Yeah pretty much all decent laptops these days have SSD, with USB 3.

                  I didn't say it's a necessary, I said it best fits to that use case when you take cost per GB into consideration.

                  Yes, every 100 grams makes a difference when you are carting around a laptop everywhere.

                  • @frazel: Sorry about the "lying" remark, thought I was responding to Jackson.
                    If you think 100 grams is an issue to carrying around as extra "weight", let me introduce you to 1st world problems.

                    • @DisabledUser353340: What BS, you said you thought you were responding to me, but you actually referenced [email protected] was saying about USB3, I guess the facts don't matter to you just who's saying it?

            • @DannyBoy: Someone's "Blog" lol

              • @DisabledUser353340: Hahah something along that line

                • @DannyBoy: I am amazed that people will not find the true MTTF figures in HDD, they vary a lot, but to say they're 1 figure to skew results shows clear bias.

                  • @DisabledUser353340: So point some figures out, and reference them, or you just call people liars without putting any referenced information up. You're a picture of understanding and a fountain of knowledge I guess?

                    • @Jackson: How is that BS when I still stand by what I said?
                      You're incorrect about MTTF times so don't lie.

                      • @DisabledUser353340: So show me I am incorrect reference your source? That's why we are here isn't it? To share ideas right?

                        • -1

                          @Jackson: You used 1 skewed number, there area ton of different factors which your so called "number" comes from a blog?
                          Lol just lol….

                  • +1

                    @DisabledUser353340: But they are the same product with different uses.
                    I find both highly valuable but would choose each one for the relevant task

                    • +1

                      @DannyBoy: Exactly this, one is not better than the other for "portability", they are both easy to carry so there's that argument out the window.
                      People chose on their needs, not some "blog" numbers as we see here.


    • I agree ;-)

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    Unreal, I don't know how long this has been the case for but portable drives are seemingly getting significantly cheaper than internal drives.

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      its been this way for several years at this point.

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      every man and his dog can use an external HDD so there are economies of scale in the market. they become a commodity item.

      Internal drives are an enthusiast item. only people who can open their PC and install a new HDD want bare drives. So there is a reduction in market segment size. Also different internal drives are marketed to different users and charged a price premium for perceived value. NAS drives, AV drives, Green drives, High performance drives etc this segments the market even more. Some of these people are even capable of buying the external drive, shucking it, and using as an internal drive. This reinforces the economy of scale of the first option.

      Drive makers can also put any internal they have excess manufacturing capacity of into their external drive enclosures. This is why people report different quality of drives in the same external drive model. I was able to shuck some WD external enclosures and get WD white label drives which are equivalent to WD Red NAS drives. Its possible these failed quality control as Red drives but were deemed ok to be used in the external drive.

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    Pretty sure they are clearing out stock so might be nationwide but hard to find stock. I had a look at a few of the local ones one the last posted deal but found nothing.

    • think youre right…just tried calling. no stock in my area

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    Hmmmm hopefully this is still around when the Post Office is actually open on Monday…

    • Some posties open Sat.
      Ones in CBD open even longer I think?

      My local closes at 2pm, which is well past now :/

  • finally a proper bargain!
    i feel like i will go to the store only to find none in stock or that it is full price tho

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    …just called up auspost. no stock at all SE suburbs melb…where are you OP?

    • +2

      This was at Warners Bay, NSW

    • +6

      Knew it as soon as the post went up . Keep telling myself "It be like that sometimes ", to calm down.

    • Thanks for info

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    I would buy this for no reason… if I could find

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    I was disappointed I missed out on the $49.95 2TB hard drive a while back. Then yesterday I'm getting my parcels and I saw this on the shelf behind the counter and did a double take at the $79.95 price. I figured the ticket was in the wrong place so asked them to scan it and that's the price which scanned. Note that I was in the same post office last week and it was not on the shelf then so it might be beneficial to ask if they have any stock "out the back".

    • ask if they have any stock "out the back".

      Why don't some retailers like this?

      • +2

        Lots of businesses keep their stock on the floor and there is no "out the back".

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    It‘s SMR not CMR, would have speeddrop issue after long time of use

    • +4

      Which in practice can look a bit like this, for anyone wondering. Whether that happens 'depends', whereas at least CMR is relatively predictable.

    • I've been using a few of the 2TB versions (same brand/box/case) for about 5 years. What type would they be? (If they're SMR too then I don't care if this is SMR, because they're still working fine.)

      So what is a CMR 2TB or 4TB USB powered portable HDD to look for?

      • Possibly Toshiba and WD USB powered portable HDDs that are bigger than 2TB. No guarantee on that, but out of all the 2.5" drives that WD and Toshiba have listed that uses SMR, none of them are bigger than 2TB.

  • +18

    Being in Victoria, I’m starting to dislike these “in store only” deals

    • +1

      There should be some easing of restrictions to be announced tomorrow so we might be able to visit the post offices of neighbouring suburbs at least.

      • just pray to the experts and ask that their best guesses may bring respite.

        and take up veggie gardening.

        • +2

          was thinking of selling seedlings on a market table in my front yard to neighbours on their daily walks.

      • +1

        We should have went for Elimination strat from beginning pollie muppets

        • +1

          Yes, and right now us Melburnians could be kicking a footy in Echuca, sunbaking at Noosa, surfing at Albany or riding the rapids on the Franklin; and if the whole world took the same approach we could be… yes, that’s right.

    • +1

      Agreed, but shouldn't this one be ok given Post offices are still open? (If your local has it in stock anyway.)

    • +6

      Not being in Victoria I've been glad for quite a while…. that I'm not. ;-p

      • Me too. And your not too far from Warners Bay too where there was stock. Might even be within 5Klm even if that was a thing lol.

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    Can you post receipt

  • No stock in APO Glebe NSW.

  • +14

    So only 1 store in the whole of Australia confirmed with stock ?

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    I ripped 4 of these out and they are the guts of my plex media server.
    Good SMR drives, plus Seagate support is quite good, can't get a better per TB value very easily.

    • Would it fit in a laptop?

      • +4

        nup its a fat boy ~15mm thick

      • It could fit in your laptop with some alteration to the back cover plate. ie., Cut a hole in the back cover plate to allow HDD to stick out around 5 to 8mm. This provides good cooling for it too.

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    Good luck on finding one available. APO has been clearing out of these for months, now they stock WD instead of Seagate. It was first reduced to 99.95 then now 79.95.

    • why they do that?
      where else to find these?

    • This. I was able to find one in my local post office when this was first announced (at $99.95).

      No other LPOs or corporate POs had any stock.

      They DO have stock of the WD drives that have replaced these - so clearly a change in supplier/vendor/deal.

      Of course the one I bought turned out to be faulty - went back to the PO and they were puzzled as to what to do.. and finally said they could give me a refund (which I didn't want! i.e I wanted the hard disk).

      I ended up doing a RMA with Seagate and a replacement shipped fairly quickly which is now working.

      Use was simply as another Time Machine backup target for wife's computer (replacing a failed 2T 2.5" USB portable..)

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    That's really a good price but I hardly doubt whether I can find any stock on hand in the local post office though…

  • Insufficient quantity?

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    I really don't need one, but it does sound like a good deal, so I messaged one of my contacts, viola, they have one. Cheers!

    • +9

      Good for you, and Viola… she's a real hottie.

      • +4

        …Cello has a better figure though

        • +5

          All about that bass

        • +1

          … and she can really blow a horn too.

      • TwoSet Violin says otherwise.

    • ok associate

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