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[VIC] Free Big Mac @ McDonald's 11am-2pm Today


Noticed on the Richmond Facebook page, free Big Macs today for lunch.


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    Is this VIC only or nationwide?

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    Doesnt say in the TC that its VIC only?? can someone confirm

    Offer valid from 11am to 2pm in Victoria on Monday 19th October. This offer is not to be distributed or redeemed by a child under 14 years. Limit of one redemption per person per day. Offer must be shown to crew person at order/pay point to be accepted, no photocopies are valid. Not to be used in conjunction with or to discount any other offer or with an Extra Value Meal® purchase. Only bona fide original vouchers will be accepted. Vouchers are void if tampered with in any way. McDonald’s® reserves the right in its absolute discretion to verify the validity of this voucher. Not redeemable via McDelivery®, mobile ordering or self-ordering kiosks in Restaurants.

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      Offer valid from 11am to 2pm in Victoria

      Yes it’s vic only

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    Here's the link. You need to have have facebook obviously.


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      No you don't, just opened it fine up on mine where I deactivated my account the other week, but thanks for the link my guy.

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      Never had a Facebook account and I can see it

    • Thanks Miyagi

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    hmmm, i can see big groups of people lining up for a free big mac.

    Not really helping the social distancing.

    • You can go drive thru (at least that's what I'm planning to do)

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      I walked in last week to collect at 1pm and there was a couple of people inside (typical), no lines.

    • not in Vic we have mandatory masks and of course separation, …..like the crisp kreme donut lines could get busy.

  • Is phone OK?

    • Yes. Last time I went through drive through they didn't even ask to look.

    • *ahem

      Is phone fine?

    • Mine is.

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      If you count Chinese New Year then technically you can have two.

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      Booooo. Where’s your OzBargain spirit, let’s go get it. I’ll Uber you if within 25km 😂

  • Is this at All Macca in Melbourne ?

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    Getting sick of Big Mac's but will load up again :)

    Back Tigers $1.86 as weekend forecast is surrounded by 4 days of rain and should suit them .

  • Amazing! Thank you! Hope there won’t be any issues later.

  • Awesome timing- have a $1 large fries on the app as well so extra incentive :)

    • Just got back redeeming mine (Avoiding lunch hour rush). The store manager wasn't overly pleased but processed it (maybe cause I ordered my $1 fries too), but then asked to re-look at the FB page and asked if I was a member. YMMV

  • Man you Victorians get all the lucky breaks!
    …as I duck for cover dodging bullets and daggers

    ;-) ;-)

    • Pikewww Pikewww

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    Guys, does anyone know if you can claim this through drive thru?

    • Yes

    • Yup

    • Yeah just went through. Store asked for everyone in car to show the ad in order to get it.

  • Oh God. Third time for Vic! Lucky you guys!

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      Lucky that we have been in lockdown for 6 months?
      Trust me, its not luck to score a free big mac.

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      I'd offer you all my free big macs if it can get us out of lockdown :(

  • What are the queues like? Anyone at a Melbourne CBD store?

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      Just picked up one from Swanston. Small queue, took about 5 mins to collect. Showed the FB page on phone screen and it worked. Saw many people doing the same thing in store too

  • Woohoo, free lunch!

  • Got one at 11am on the spot. No queue and bloody quiet. Phew.

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    Geez my maccas in Footscray are real hardass on enforcing the rules. Lady behind the counter insists on taking your phone and scrolling through the Facebook post.

    Not too great an idea during a pandemic.

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      Some workers like to be Heroes!
      The money isn't coming out of their pockets…..

    • So this worked in Footscray then?

      • Yup

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    i scored my free big mac. havent had a maccas in years and i must say they really arnt big, not big at all.

  • Ocean Grove asked for proof of Cats membership. I found a photo of me at the footy with my cats cap. Was sufficient. But wouldn't just accept the FB post as evidence.

    • I found best way is to do it via the drive through as the Mangers know they have to keep it moving so very little hassles no matter how little you show them .

      • This was drive thru.

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    This is not helping to keep weight off during iso LOL

  • Scored one. Only needed to show FB post

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    Got into my local maccas just before 6-7 others filed in behind us. We got ours no problem but the poor manager had to explain to each and every person behind us that they can't accept a photo, it needs to be on Facebook and you have to like the post.

    It was doing my head in just watching, can't imagine dealing with that shit. It didn't help that most of them couldn't speak very good English.

    Side note, new McSpicy is flippin phenomenal. It's actually the real deal, the GENUINE article from Asia/Singapore. Very delicious and yes it's actually quite spicy (for once!).

  • Damn miss out😭

  • It's becoming a once a week deal~

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    Why post this on the 20th, when it expired on the 19th?

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      This was posted yesterday. You’re late to the party.

    • 2 days ago actually.

      the7apples on 19/10/2020 - 09:22 facebook.com (4687 clicks)
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  • any more free burgher after grand final win?

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