Good Aussie Gas and Power Providers. EDIT Went with MOMENTUM

So currently with Origin, to cut my story really short, was off the phone from Origin after inquiring about their Solar packages.

I 1st called Solarminer as they seem pretty decent, I found out the total package would be for 6.6KW 18 panels, $600 cash and a $1850 4 year interest free Gov loan. This is where the story gets weird.

I call Origin as I have both Gas and Power and whilst speaking to CS she asks me if I would like to speak with a panel expert, I said no not really as our last convo went bad.
She ensured it would not so I went ahead.
I wont mention the guy's name but he seemed perky, happy, then when I started asking direct qs like, how much is the total cost with Gov loan as you only offer 2 years, he started rambling abt how the rebate needed to be paid off?
No no it's a rebate that's not how rebates work.
He stated for 6.6 KW I would need a 2 year loan and a 4 year loan which was effective for 2 years as $120 per month.
What is super weird is the Solarminer is $38.50 per month with a $600 cash outlay. I just told him, look it's is clear we are not on the same page, I'm done here same as last time you cannot answer clearly my qs.

^^_________________ Done, sorry for the ramble.

So I ring back Solarminer and find out proper details of only $38.50 per month 4 years interest free, whole package after Federal rebate and also state rebate is applied, effectively costing 7+K, origin wanted 9+K.
After hearing this I decide to make a formal complaint to Origin, get on chat, she shows me link to ring lol, I call and say would like to speak to Team leader to make a complaint, she asks can I ask what it is abt, I say no.

Get team leader and I start my ramble, he is trying to cut me off but I am on a roll, then after his 3rd attempt I am like go for it, he said you've been put through the wrong department, I am going to put you to 2 other departments, 1 the solar tech to get pricing, the other for billing.

I was like no I want to make a complaint not hear more bs, so I said look had enough of this shit, I am done and now looking for a new Australian provider.

Can anyone tell me if this does indeed exist? Gas and Power with local call center?
Sorry if I seem a little perturbed but when you see local jobs go OS for call centers that don't even care about helping you, just moving you round in circles then I think it's time to move on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Red Energy i think has all operation based in Australia.

  • Tango, really good Aussie customer service, I think they are based on Geelong


    I read this a couple of times, and i am a simple person. I do not understand your question..

    • They cracked the shits at Origin's customer service because Origin didn't offer as competitive pricing on solar as Solarminer, and thus, they are moving away from Origin and looking for a new Power & Gas provider, and are wondering who's good.


        No nothing to do with that, what I did find appalling was the amount of misinformation regarding solar panels and somehow I had to repay a rebate?

        I went for Momentum in the end and not going for solar.

      • TL:DR; Captain :D