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ShopBack Gift Card Store Launch: Kogan 2%, DoorDash 10%, Cotton On 5%, HOYTS 8.5%, Hey You 2.5% Cashback + More via App


Hi everyone,

We have our new Gift Cards portal launching today, which allows you to buy Gift Cards from top retailers and earn cashback. You’ll see more top brands added in the coming weeks but feel free to comment below for some brand suggestions.

This is only available through the ShopBack app (ensure you have the latest app version installed - 2.88).


  • You can pay for Gift Cards by using your existing Cashback balance and/or an Australian issued debit/credit card (Mastercard/Visa only). Please note that we do not store or collect card information; all payment-related information is stored in a secure vault by our PCI DSS-compliant security partner.
  • Cashback for your purchases will track immediately, and will be available to withdraw within 2 weeks.
  • Gift cards are all delivered digitally. To access them, go to the app home screen, and tap on Account > Deal Purchase.

We’ll have more brands coming on board shortly, however below is a list of the current offers:

Brand Cashback
Cotton On 5% Cashback
DoorDash 10% Cashback
Hey You 2.5% Cashback
HOYTS 8.5% Cashback
JB Hi-Fi 3% Cashback
Kogan 2% Cashback
TCN - The Baby Card (Redeem at Adairs Kids, Baby Bunting, Purebaby & More) 2.5% Cashback
TCN - The Her Card (Redeem at JB Hi-Fi, ASOS, Adore Beauty, Glue Store & More) 5% Cashback
TCN - The Him Card (Redeem at JB Hi-Fi, ASOS, Xbox, Nike & More) 5% Cashback
TCN - The Home Card (Redeem at Adairs, JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, PETstock & More) 5% Cashback
TCN - The Online Card (Redeem at eBay, ASOS, Adore Beauty & More) 5% Cashback
TCN - The Pamper Card 4% Cashback
TCN - The Pub & Bar Card 4% Cashback
TCN - The Restaurant Card 4% Cashback

If the brand is on ShopBack then you may be able to earn cashback on top of the purchase whilst also using your gift card at checkout (that’s right, double cashback!). For example, you could buy a $50 gift card for Cotton On and only pay $47.50, plus when you shop at Cotton On using your gift card you’ll earn your regular cashback as well. Make sure you check the T&Cs for each store as they differ.

Also, if you’re a new customer to DoorDash then they’re offering 20% off to new customers + free delivery + $15 off your first 3 orders when you sign up through a referral.


Referral Links

Referral: random (4053)

$20 for referrer, $10 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • +48

    Who would buy the JB ones at 3% off if you can get the HIM/ HER card at 5% then use it at JB?

    • Nice, thanks for pointing that out.

    • also AGL has JB gift card at 5% off

      • +3

        AGL is a bit awkward; no custom denominations and credit card surcharge (or wait for DD to clear.)

        • +2

          Agreed. Triple dip the chip. Gift card, cashback and credit card reward point.

    • Could also get the HOME card, but yeah good pickup.

    • +1

      So you buy the HIM/HER cards and then do you go into JB stores or can you use it online as well?

    • +1

      maybe someone who wants to buy online
      the Him/Her cards wouldnt be usable online

      • Just seen that JB hifi can now be redeemed online under Him/Her card - is this new? Only in $30, $50 or $100 denominations though

  • +11

    Hi Rep, what about woolies eGC?Do you still have them at 5% off?

    • +18

      WISH cards will go down to 3%, while the individual brand cards (Woolworths, BIG W etc) will stay at 5%.

      • Can you tell us when this change will happen?

        • +1

          This is in effect today (although WISH cards are still getting 5% off at checkout but 3% could reflect at any time). From 19th November no discounts apply at all.

          • @gotyourback: Thanks for the info

          • +2

            @gotyourback: so just to confirm, the individual brand ones will also go down to 0 or remain at 5% after 19 Nov?

            • +6

              @xare: All gift cards (WISH + individual brands) go to 0% from 19th November.

      • So there will be an ongoing 5% discount for individual cards in the future? This change only affects Wish gift cards? All other sites seem to mention "Woolworths gift cards".

        • +1 this

        • +2

          It'll be for the next month. From 19th November, no discounts will apply to any gift cards at Woolworths Gift Cards.

      • individual brand cards (Woolworths, BIG W etc) will stay at 5%.

        Meanwhile in the other thread people have just shat themselves for nothing.

        • Meanwhile the rep misunderstood that question.
          From November 19 there are NO discounts for Woolworths gift cards.

          • @timps: Okay my bad. But still not going to cry for Woolworths gift cards.

            2.38% dividend yield. Just buy the shares and use HSBC rewards for 2% plus Woolworths shares might appreciate in price a little.

            • @netjock: I'm not going to cry either; but your comparison isn't really applicable. Not everyone has capital or risk-tolerance or investment skills to be able to implement your suggestion. And even for those that do: they could previously benefit from both, and soon they can't.

              • +2


                And even for those that do: they could previously benefit from both, and soon they can't.

                Reality of the situation is that it is going away. The rules have changed. No point crying over spilt milk.

                Compared to those people stocking up on $10k of gift cards I'd rather stock up on $10k of Woolworth shares. At least someone isn't going to hack my WW shares or they get lost.

                Alternatively just buy VAS up 91% over 10 years.

                • @netjock: Yeah wow. Didn’t know about the poll. I just ticked “under $500” option; although sometimes it has peaked above $500.

            • @netjock: 5% discount on a gift card is essentially 5% profit Tax free. Where will you get such a return?
              But you have to pay tax on any other interest/profit from any other investment.

              • @bob19:

                5% discount on a gift card is essentially 5% profit Tax free.

                Are we going there again? It is a 5% discount when you purchase with your after tax income. It isn't a profit, you didn't work for it, you didn't sell anything to make it. In fact there is probably enough people who know about it that you can't buy for $95 and sell for $100 face value.

                $10k put into WOW or VAS is 2% every year. The gift that keeps on giving. That is an investment. You're buying a business with an underlying cashflow.

                $10k put into gift cards and you get 5% first year, it is over. Never again. That is why it is called a discount, not an investment. The day that WW giftcards get pitched as in investment on their website is the day you know things have gone wacko.

                • @netjock: Why do you need money? In particlular you need it to buy goods and food.
                  So when you buy a gift card at 5% discount, you immediately receive extra 5% value. So you get an extra 5% cash without lifting a finger. And then you use this money to buy goods and food as you would normally do.
                  If you didn't get this extra 5% you would pay full price for the goods and food.
                  If according to you you invest your money at 2% interest, you will have to pay tax on this interest which will leave you with just about 1.2 -1.5% profit depending on your total income. And if you don't buy discounted gift cards you will be paying full price for the goods instead of saving 5%. So you will be missing out on about 3.5 - 3.8% saving.
                  I would rather regularly buy discounted gift cards as I need and consistently save 5%. I think, it's a nobrainer.

                  • @bob19: If you want to go full length.

                    As a shareholder you are entitled to a dividend when declared on par with other shareholders of the same class. You will continue to receive dividends when declared and capital appreciation.

                    Woolworth gift cards you are at the mercy of Woolworths whether you get a discount or not. You are not entitled to anything. There is no ongoing entitlement. In fact they might be able to just put an expiry date on it, it is only the law that would stop them from changing the terms on you.

                    If according to you you invest your money at 2% interest, you will have to pay tax on this interest

                    Well if you believe that ploughing $10k is making $500. Then plough $20k is making $1000. Tax free. The problem seems to be $10k in WOW would give you $200 every year which you need to pay tax on compared to having to consistently plough money into giftcards to make $200 every year. Gift that keeps on gifting (even if you don't shop at WW) vs gift that only comes once.

                    People who focus on taxes rather than growing your income. Don't tell me you got a magic money tree where suddenly the $10k becomes $20k and you will forever have $10k in WW gift cards and also own the shares and have your cake and eat it at the same time.

                    There is a reason between the words discount and investment. Don't mess it up.

                    • @netjock: I am not proposing to buy tens of thousands dollars worth of gift cards. This would be silly and pointless.
                      I am merely saying that it makes total sense to use discounted gift cards for shopping at different retailers instead of paying by cash or a CC.
                      As for the current situation with the Woollies cards I would rather buy as much as need for at least a year as I regurlarly shop at Woollies, Dan Murphy's or BWS. And then of course I would have some money invested elsewhere but not locked so I could use it when I need including the regular purchase of the gift cards.
                      As for your point about discount vs investment, I would rather have bigger discount than a tiny profit from investment. Your income (after tax) from invesment needs to be bigger than the disount in order to make sense and to make your living cheaper.

                      • @bob19:

                        As for your point about discount vs investment, I would rather have bigger discount than a tiny profit from investment. Your income (after tax) from invesment needs to be bigger than the disount in order to make sense and to make your living cheaper.

                        Okay that flys in the face of compound interest.

                        Wouldn't store 1 year of WW gift cards. Just as WW pulled the rug from under us it is just as easy for another retailer to emerge with discounts.

      • Can you confirm when this will happen? The individual brand ones seem to have dropped below 5%

      • +1

        Individual Woolworths card is at 4% today, not 5% as you said.
        Could you provide correct information what to expect next?

      • +1

        You said the individual brand cards such as Woolworths would stay at 5%.

        I can tell you they are not at 5% anymore.

        Very disappointed.

        • -2

          Sorry guys, we've been following up with Woolworths on this - unfortunately there's been a miscommunication with them. It's confirmed to be 3% on WISH, 4% on Woolworths and 5% on the rest (BWS/BIG W/Dan Murphy's/Cellarmasters).

          • +3

            @gotyourback: Gotyouhacked
            and now Gotyouwronginformation

            The comedy of errors continues.

  • +2

    Just notice there is a new app function to use cash back balance for gift card purchase. No need to add bank account hooray!

  • -1

    Stack the doordash discount with 15 off 30 using STORE2DOOR. New accounts only only but don't need a new phone number to make one so only takes a few seconds. I do this about once a week.

    • how do you create an account without a phone number?

      • +4

        Sign up on your phone using email. Can use existing email with . placed at random point for a new email or + followed by anything e.g. theebarg.ainer or theebargainer+free. Put a random phone number then at the final step of checkout change the phone number by phone digit. It will then ask you to verify via email. Pay using google pay and you won't have any issues. However use the old 12.9 doordash apk as the current one is having errors using google pay. If you have unused cards then no need for google pay but you can't use the same card on many accounts. Tested many many times and confirmed working. Try for yourself downvoters.

        • Does this work for referrals? Can I refer to myself?

        • Why is Google pay required?

  • +1

    If the brand is on ShopBack then you may be able to earn cashback on top of the purchase whilst also using your gift card at checkout (that’s right, double cashback!). For example, you could buy a $50 gift card for Cotton On and only pay $47.50, plus when you shop at Cotton On using your gift card you’ll earn your regular cashback as well

    and how long until you change the terms and conditions to become "Purchases paid partially or fully by gift card will not be eligible for cashback?

    • +1

      how long until you change the terms and conditions

      Think of it as misprice deals. Make hay while you can.

  • +6
  • +29

    looks like shopback rep may have abandoned the data-breach thread and not responding to queries there anymore

    • +20

      Yet they seem VERY active in this promotional thread.

      • +11


        • Love it!!!
        • Who doesn't love free money?!
        • This so goood!!!
        • Great little app
        • easy way to earn - while you shop
        • Easy Savings
        • Best way to shop
        • Love, love, love Shopback and the customer service is awesome!

        etc etc

        Yep - two pages of 5-star reviews added to Product Review in the last week, almost all from brand new users and/or accounts with only one or two prior reviews. It's pushed all of the negative reviews out of sight of prospective customers. Slow clap!

        • +1

          sus much!

          • @CVonC: Pure coincidence, I'm sure.

  • +25

    Since the data breach I've been getting so many junk/phishing emails. This is on my email account that I don't usually sign up things for. Very annoying

    • Jeez I almost forgot this! Good point! I've been wondering why I kept getting these annoying scam msgs very recently after been using this number for 3+ yrs. I tried to trace back what I did recently and compared them to the timeline where the scam msg broke out but completely forgot this event. I might need to reorganize what I have and see if there's a match.

  • +28

    I also stand by my idea that shopback should be banned for 3 months from ozbargain submissions.

    You can see the rep replying to someone in this thread and then giving them another update 7 minutes later (when it relates to their new promotions like this). Yet for days/weeks, they've chosen to ignore all their customer queries relating to the little event that resulted in them giving all customer data to hackers.

    So yes, they are reading all the comments about THEIR HACK, and choosing to actively ignore everyone.

    • -5

      Sir, this is a bargains website.

  • Is there any other places to buy doordash gift cards? at what %?

  • +30

    I left a negative review for ShopBack on google. Someone from the company stalked me on LinkedIn! Thanks to LinkedIn’s email notification!

    • +5

      that's rude and unbelievable…

    • +8


      • +11

        I'm not across the whole LinkedIn thing but wouldn't it be normal for businesses to follow up negative reviews to see if they are from fake accounts or the competition?

        I am not suggesting this is correct behaviour or isn't alarming and not defending Shopback but I have seen plenty of Reddit threads about people being busted posting negative reviews when working for another company and they were tracked through their social profiles.

        • +2

          Daym, rational comment. Nice.

          • -1

            @illumination: never catch on,

            yelling and pitchforks only :)

    • +2

      Thanks. I did not post any review. Now I sure will. They deserve every freak!ng neg.

      • +4

        Make sure your google account doesn't show your real name. Otherwise, they will stalk you on Linkedin and/or Facebook too.

        • +1

          If they do, would write a blog about how this is unethical. First breach, then Lies and now stalking.

  • +5

    Kogan 2%
    Joke of the year

    • Cheap thrills mate!

    • Can you link a way to get more discounted Kogan gift cards? I might buy a vaccum from them at some point…

      • -1

        I used to get 20% off or at least 15% on Coles and woolies

    • It gets worse: none of them are actual gift cards in the Kogan system, and currently the $200 or higher options can't be used in the same transaction as the rest.

      Currently waiting to hear back from Kogan to see if this is fixable, and Shopback as to why this is being sold, and why it's not explicitly listed in their T&Cs.

      • I've encountered this also tonight and not happy, anyone have any success with Kogan or shopback for a response?

        • +2

          Kogan CS were giving me nothing until I pointed out they were sold as gift cards that were equivalent to cash without any other restrictions beyond 'no refunds'. Escalated it after pointing out the ACCC have a dim view of such practices.

          Pretty sure Shopback use an intermediary, but I'll get onto them at some point, especially if Kogan continue to deny the claim.

        • Kogan tried to direct me to Shopback, but then buckled. I suspect they'll be having a conversation about this going forward.

          I missed the cashback, but meh.

  • Purchase made around 20 days ago from THE ICONIC and the cashback has still not been tracked.

      • +10

        Hey, did your boss tell you to ignore comments about the hack?

        What are your thoughts on shopback employees creeping on customers via linkedin? Do you personally do a lot of creeping and do you creep during office hours or do you wait until you're off-the-clock to do it at night?

        • +5

          woah what is this 'creeping on customers via LinkedIn' accusation? backstory please, popcorns ready

          edit: nvm just saw the comment above

          • +1

            @skido: Are they viewing or trying to message people or taking other actions? The stuff they can view is available to the public right? If it's just viewing your profile, I don't see what's wrong since it's personal choice to review, personal choice to put your real full name on the review and choice to have the level of access available to the public on LinkedIn right? Or am I missing something?

            • +2

              @plague69: They are just poking-about to see who is poking-about.

              Of course, most of their staff and contractors are also on LinkedIn and privacy doesn't seem to be much of a concern for them (eg resumé with home address and phone number).

              These muppets with dox themselves if they're not careful.

  • +16

    As long as I still keep getting spam emails from the data breech I will neg deals as I have a major issue with the service. The amount of spam emails is ridiculous and unfortunately some make it to my inbox instead of being filter to junk mail.

    • makes sense now, I have been getting a lot of bitcoin spam messages.

      • +1

        Not sure if it is because of the leak, but recently quite a few emails coming through the junk mail disguised as my own email address (to the same email)

    • Hmm this might explain why I've been receiving more spam emails since a couple of weeks ago…

  • +18

    It seems like I am not the only one received tons of spam emails over the last few weeks…….

  • +19

    Back to Cashrewards everyone!

  • +12

    Yeah not worth it if your security is so shit.

  • aside from hack, this deal is pretty good considering you can use your available Cashback and apply it instantly on the gift card amount (no min $10)

  • Love this idea.

  • i cant seem to find doordash though. my bad. found it at the gift cards section.

  • +10

    Received numerous spam calls since the breach. One from 0488 851 102 just today.

  • +8

    Lots of spam calls since the data breach.

  • +5

    I thought Im the only one who receviced spam calls..

  • +6

    So many scam calls and messages since the data breach. Everyday I get one like

    Full name, we were unable to post your transaction. Update details or forfeit:

    Please respond to last notice: action required before you lose eligibility. Request your amount and transfer preferences

    Final Notice: If update is not received by 3pm your pending transactions will be lost.

    Final Contact Attempt: If submission is not received by 5pm you will lose your requested total-and-transmission preferences:

    Crazy to find they are all from the same source!

    • +1

      Received today:

      First name You have unfixed errors with your withdrawal request. Please verify and resubmit or reject

  • +7

    I've been getting constant daily spam calls since the data breach. So annoying.

    • ah shit, now i know what i keep getting those stupid spam calls… fkin annoying

  • +6

    now the breach has been mentioned here, are you going to start ghosting this thread too, OP?? lol

  • +1

    my spams have increased, but its all from companies such as real estate agents ive dealt with before and they put you on their mailing list automatically,

    its weird, and its only started recently since the data breach, some of the companies I havent spoken to for years

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