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Custom Printed Deluxe Stubby Can Coolers $5 (RRP $24.95) @ Harvey Norman


Was looking to print some novelty stubby holders and found this $5 deal. Looks like its normally $15 at Kmart and BigW.
Not sure of the quality but I've ordered two different designs.
Free store pickup.

Deluxe Stubby Cooler wraps around drink and seals with a thick Velcro flap. Keeps drinks cool all year round.
Material: Neoprene, velcro connection
Layout: One Side Full Image.

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  • Nice find, would make a great gift.

    Thanks Kwokstar!

  • Showing as RRP for me, anything I'm missing?

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      Yeah about $19.95

    • worked for me - may be a user error

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    Just print a coke label (makes for a cheap hide a beer cover).

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    Since when do stubby holders have velcro flaps?

    • "Deluxe" stubby holders.

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        I’m guessing it looks like this

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    $1 more for the custom mugs.

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      hold keep stubbies whilst keeping them cool because your hand's warmth doesn't transfer to the glass

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        and in winter, the reverse - keeping your hand protected from the chill of the beer.

        • ambient temperature. If it's humid cans warm up a lot faster than if it's dry, and stubby holders stop the contact with the moisture in the air.
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        okay big tough warm hands guy

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          I think he meant he doesn't have a beer sit around long enough to go warm…c'mon people

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  • abduction stubby holder???

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    I've found these to be disappointing. Bought a few last time they were this price. The velcro is super bulky and uncomfortable to hold and find the can/bottle slid through it way too easily.

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      Maybe the slim fit Stubby would be a better option ???


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        Good find. This should be the deal

      • Also has Velcro. Probably similar to this

      • Description says this one has velcro too? Maybe an error

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          Oh bugger that sucks then !

        • I had used few in the past which had a base too. Otherwise there is always a risk of bottle/can slip down the floor.

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    Dan Andrews head on one of those would be great!

  • No good as it won't hold my darwin stubbie :(

  • Has any one ordered custom stubby holders in bulk? with any other websites?

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      Probably better to just keep the beers in the fridge until you’re ready to drink them.

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    Wrap-around Velcro stubby holders suck at keeping anything cold. I bought about 5 of these a few years ago when they were on special then.
    You're better off paying a bit extra to get a normal stubby holder.

    • What do you reckon the difference is?

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        Doesn't fit around cans/stubbies as well. Also, depending on how they attach the velcro sometimes there is a lump on the side.