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Free Shipping on Almost All In-stock Products @ Kogan


Kogan are running a free shipping promo until midnight tonight for most in stock items sold by Kogan. Code doesn't apply to Kogan Marketplace sellers.

See T&C's for a full list of excluded products.

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  • +1

    cool was looking to buy a Kogan cooler

    • +3

      cool + cooler

    • they're awesome!

  • +9

    good timing for

    Fortis Home Gym Multi-Function Power Tower

    Even not free under Kogan First, using this code saved $38.99 delivery fee


    • +4

      Don't skip leg day

      • +11

        When you're as fat as me, every day is leg day.

    • +1

      Has anyone used one of these before? I'm worried they might be kind of awkward to bench press on. And are they stable enough to do pull ups on?

      • not sure if they have shipped these before as the product is currently under pre-order ..

        • A few weeks ago they had the item listed for pre-order date mid-October, so not sure if that batch actually shipped or it just got delayed by 6 weeks.

    • hmm. paid for this and shipping already. wonder if i can cancel for refund and repurchase with free shipping

      • +1

        I paid for this in Sept, including shipping. Just cancelled and re-ordered with free shipping. Took about 10 mins for the cancellation confirmation email to arrive.
        No problem.

        • When you bought in September, was the pre-sale shipping date as it is now for start Dec?

          Because I was eyeing this up a few weeks ago, and the pre-sale for shipping date if I recall correctly was listed as October 16 or something. Unless it was a different model. Trying to gauge if just delayed (by a fair amount) or the first batch went out on time.

          • @OneTonneRodeo: I bought in late Sept. It was due to ship in Nov, so possibly the same? Hard to tell.

    • i have that machine, it's a good one!

  • +2

    Funny how there's a huge list of product exclusions. Basically over 5 pages worth. Coupon applies to every thing except a good portion of the store.

    • Yes, did a quick scan of the items i wanted, none of it have this offer. No offer on presale items too.

  • +1

    oftopic - but has anyone bought this "Kogan Cyclonic Evaporative Cooler" : https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-cyclonic-evaporative-cool... ?

    • Also curious, dehumid and air purifier in one? hard to come by

      • +1

        I have powerful doubts that this would dehumidify, as evaporative coolers work by humidifying the air they pull through, which cools it.

        Also means they don't work well in humid spaces. Significant diminishing returns on days over 50% humidity.

        • Noted, thanks a lot for the info ^_^

    • ground based coolers and aircons tend to have awful reputations for cooing and use even more power, I would reccomend saving up 700 and getting a window 2.4kw aircon instead if you can instead.

  • +22

    kogan is a shithole

    • -2

      it's a great australian business.

  • +31

    Kogan are so obnoxious .. I have unsubscribed from their mailing list so many times, but every purchase they sign me up again and spam me till I unsubscribe again. Their support staff have canned responses where they dance around the issue of how to buy without getting subscribed. Dark patterns. No respect and just obnoxious company.

    • -2

      all of the marketplace sites do the same thing I guess

      • +13

        Not true. I would say Kogan is the exception rather than the norm when it comes to automatically putting you back on the mailing list after you unsubscribe.

      • +2

        No Kogan is on another level, i've had the same issue as bono, also if you unsubscribe and even sniff the site (let alone buy something) they automatically sign you up again.

        • -1

          that why I use incognito

    • +2

      So many websites do that. Online petitions like change.org for example. Sign a petition, get spammed. Unsubscribe until you sign another petition and get spammed again. Donate to a charity, get spammed. Donate blood to the Red Cross, get spammed by mail, email, phone, SMS, you name it.

      • +1

        Yup, made me regret ever backing anything.

    • They used to be good in their first years. Now most of it like they are selling is bit overpriced

    • Report them to ACMA?

      • Australian Communications and Media Authority?

        • Correct. They have a department in relation to unauthorised/unsolicited spam etc. Similar to the 'Do not call register' but it's government, therefore big fines can be served for non compliant companies etc..

  • +5

    Wow, that Kogan first subscription is really paying dividends. Every time I want to buy something they have free shipping anyway

    • not every time, you are over exaggerating.

  • +1

    Bought a massage chair. Thanks Kogan and OP.

    • which one?

      • kogan s1 zero gravity

        • hmm looks like none of the proper ones ship to my postcode anyway.

  • Does anyone know if you can get the Foxtel app on the Kogan TVs? I have multi-room as part of my Foxtel package.

  • how's warranty buying from Kogan?

    • Crap..like the website and company..

      • bought a kogan ice maker last christmas had it packed away as a present for a few months when it was set up it didn't work so i contacted kogan and they sent a whole new unit! was surprised to say the least!

    • it's terrific.

  • +1

    great thanks for this had been waiting to give some of these a go

    btw in case anyone was wondering you don't need to pay with Openpay just use that discount code for the freight.

    • love that product!

  • +1

    stupid question but I don't know where to put the code… I'm up to the page that says "Confirm & Pay"… is the code after this page?

    • Nevermind i found that the product was excluded hence the code text box is not even showing…

  • Damn. Most whitegoods are excluded.

  • Prices have been jacked up on most of the free shipping items.

  • Anyone have any experience with a Kogan branded air fryer?

    • yeah, great product!

  • Found a washing machine for $299 with free shipping if anyone needs one : https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-7kg-top-load-washing-mach...
    10kg (larger size) also available for $399.

  • Can anyone tell me about Kogan Qled 55" Android Tv XT9510? $999.99

    • The Android part of these are rubbish.

  • not sure if i'm blind but can't see anywhere to enter the coupon code

    • I commented above… If the text field is not showing, check the T&C page and most likely its excluded…

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