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[Kogan First] Apple iPhone 12 (128GB, Blue) $1399 Delivered + Free Kogan Sim 30 Days Expiry (Grey Import) @ Kogan


iPhone of choice for a lot of people . Seems like a $30 off as @ Apple Store.

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    Not worth it for a Gray import to save $30

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    Grey import, and requires their membership to even get the $30 off Apple price (otherwise $20 off).

    No way this is worth it.

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    $30 off a $1400 phone. Hold me back batman.

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      "If there is 1% chance it would lose your warranty, we have to take it as an absolute certainty."

  • Yea nah if I were to buy this, I'd rather just get it from Apple for 30$ more

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    Buy from official apple store and at least you are cover by 14 days no questions asked return

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    I want! I want! Physical dual sim really a matter for me.

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    Can buy at places like JB Hifi with their 5% discounted gift cards for a better saving….

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    Anyone who buys a grey import like this for a 2% discount over buying from an actual Apple store, has rocks in their head!

    • How big rocks :)

      • 6.1", I think, measured diagonally.

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    I’ve bought a gray import iPhone from Kogan a few years ago. It was a model for the Japanese market. An annoying feature was that every photo makes an okd school camera click sound, the sound is hard coded for that region photographic devices. Even goes off when you take screen shots.

    Not worth it.

    • Had the same problem. Was stupid annoying. I’d rather spend $100 more to not have that.

    • +1

      They added that noise so people can't secretly take upperskirt photos.

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    • Yep i sold mine because of that annoying feature so be careful getting JP stock from Kogan.

    • Even Kogan branded phones (Agora) have the same feature. Annoying AF

  • If/when it all goes to sh*t the local apple support/service is what you need and don’t get with Kogan. For $200 off might take that risk…

  • Isn't apple warranty covered worldwide, regardless from where you bought?

    • Yeah, but if you buy the Australian model. You will be covered for consumer law policy for around 3 years. Have had great warranty experiences thanks to consumer law.

      • 3 years or 2 years?

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          It’s more how expensive the device is, and what is an expected life of the device. In the past have got a failed MacBook motherboard replaced for free 4 years old, and an iPhone gyroscope failure 3 years old also free replacement phone. So yeah your mileage may vary. But anything is better then a grey import. As soon as they put the serial number in and it’s over 1 year old, game over.

    • You'll be eligible for one-year of repairs for an international model phone but will not be eligible for replacements to AU stock.

  • Usbc?

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  • Grey import and if you have a problem Kogan warranties are a nightmare.

  • all of a sudden hardly normal looks so normal

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    How about buy wws giftcard (5%off) and then preorder iphone in bigw?

    • wws giftcard from Cashrewards ?

      • Yes, today is the last day for 5% off

        • Cool Thank You. Will they sell iPhone 12 Mini on Nov 7? Any idea ? And how much did you save for the iPhone 12?

          The below is mentioned in Cashrewards

          Important changes to our Woolworths Gift Card program:

          From 21/10/20 - we’ll offer the following discounts: BWS Store eGift Cards 5%, BIG W Store eGift Cards 5%, Dan Murphy’s Store eGift Cards 5%, Cellarmasters Store eGift Cards 5%, Woolworths Store eGift Cards 4%, WISH eGift & Physical Cards 3%.

          From 19/11/20 - no further discounts will be available.

          From 21/10/20, purchases of Branded eGift Cards will only be redeemable within the brand for which the Store eGift Cards are branded:

          • BIG W eGift Cards will only be redeemable at BIG W, online and in store.
          • Woolworths eGift Cards will only be redeemable at Woolworths Supermarkets & Metro, online and in store.
          • @rinzlertaken: sorry, I don't know if they will sell iPhone 12 Mini. I didn't order iPhone 12 on bigw, but I think it could save 5% by using giftcard :)

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    Everyone should be aware that Kogan automatically saves your credit card details when purchasing and at least two OzBargainers have had their accounts hacked.. I’d recommend removing the saved credit card after purchase and ensuring you’re using a unique password for Kogan. Another reason to purchase elsewhere.

  • Kogan are out to lunch with this one

  • Ehhh, what now?

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