Herman Miller Mirra Service in Melbourne?

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I just bought a second hand Herman Miller Mirra (prod 2003) some months ago. In the beginning it felt awesome, coming from my previous $150 Ikea mesh chair. However recently I feel that the foam supporting the seat is beginning to thin down and not providing support as well as I'd like it to provide. Wondering if anyone knows how much it costs to service this kind of chair? If possible trying to locate a service in Melbourne.



  • I believe you can buy replacement parts online for HM chairs

  • Yea might go to ebay and type in foam replacement pad herman miller mirra.


    I haven't done it myself

    • I've replaced the foam at the front of the seat of my Aeron myself using eBay parts and worked well. Just needed some double sided tape.

  • Worse case try Living Edge the authorised seller. Might be a tad expensive for part though.

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  • If you've got some tools (namely Torx bits), google 'herman miller mirra assembly instructions' there's instructions on how to slap it together. Parts…there's some on eBay and you can call Living Edge up but they'll direct you to someone else when your seats no longer under warranty. My old Aeron needed new seat mesh, Living Edge directed me to some other mob who wanted $380 plus freight for the entire pan when I only needed the mesh. eBay came to the rescue.

    • How were you able to replace only the mesh?

      • Don't bother buying that mesh. So I've paid ~$150 delivered for 3 pieces of ill-fitting meshes that you simply can't install. The seller reckons it's my fault for not being able to fit it plus they've already put a disclaimer saying these are defective so buyers beware. If you want, happy to sell you the lot for $75 so you can have a go too?

        • Hey, I'm in a similar position - did you end up replacing the mesh / seat pan?

          • @Joker042: I gave up because they don't bloody fit. My offer still stands - happy to flog my 3 pieces of ill-fitting non-genuine meshes for $75 if you wanna have a go?

            • @mini2: Haha, no thanks, I see that replacing the mesh by itself is a bit tougher than expected. Actually after some research, I think I may just need to replace the foam insert, not the mesh or seat pan. Thanks for your feedback.

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