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Katoomba Roti Paratha 20 Pack Half Price $4.50 @ Coles (Selected Stores/States)


Katoomba Roti Paratha 20 pack at half price! Just 22.5 cents each roti. These for me are the best bang for buck at normal price, now at half price will sell out quick.

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    How do these compare to the frozen kind at Aldi?
    I'm a big fan of the aldi ones, and I think they work out cheaper than the ones posted here but could be wrong.

    • These are made in Singapore so I would assume there would be some quality as Singaporeans are pretty picky when it comes to food quality.

      • Thanks, for some reason I read the title as being $20, not $4.50. that's a really good price!

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      these are better than the Aldi ones

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    Can't open the link.

    • I also get

      " Sorry, we couldn't find the page you're looking for

      The page may have moved or you might have typed an incorrect URL "

      edit: works with incognito, seems it is not working when I have selected my local store.

    • works for me:

      Katoomba Roti Paratha 20 PackKatoomba Roti Paratha 20 Pack 1.3kg on special
      $ 4 .50
      1.3kg Unit Price$0.35 per 100G
      Add Add1 Katoomba Roti Paratha 20 Pack 1.3kg on specialfor $4.50 to the trolley.
      choose a different quantity forKatoomba Roti Paratha 20 Pack 1.3kg on special
      Country of Origin:
      Product of Singapore
      Retail Limit: 20
      Promotional Limit: 12
      Code: 3785657P3 7 8 5 6 5 7 P
      Coles online aims to include in the product list up to date pictures of the products and accurate ingredients, nutritional information, country of origin and other information. However, product detail may change from time to time and there may be a delay in making updates. When precise information is important, we recommend that you read the label on the products you purchase or contact the manufacturer of the product.

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        Tried a couple of locations in VIC… the link didn't work.

        • None here either VIC, should update with states..

  • Are these any good, considering they're wholemeal? At this price, it's hard not to try.

    • Both the wholemeal and normal ones are half price.

      • Did you try buying the normal (blue) ones? I saw it in the store but they didn't have any half-price tickets on it.

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      hmm wholemeal and paratha doesn't sit well together but give it a go for this cheap!

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      I've been having these for years and quite enjoy them. Don't mind them being wholemeal. They cook easily on a pan without the need of any oil.

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        they've got oil inside them, that's why

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          yes, the oil seeps out.

          you can cook them on a sandwich press too ;-)

      • yes, the oil seeps out.

        you can cook them on a sandwich press too ;-)

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      I always buy the wholemeal one.. they are good

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      Compared to the plain one, wholemeal Not great, doesnt puff up as much, texture is harder and doesnt crumble like the plain version.

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        But healthier. Doesn't even taste as good as the normal fine flour ones but still prefer wholemeal as it's healthier.

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          The claim that wholemeal is healthier is one of the greatest myths ever peddled. No evidence supports its claim.

  • this is gold!

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    • I think I have, was sometime ago but was good. No brainer now 4 pcs @$1.87, bought 2 packs. Would have bought more if my freezer wasn't bursting full.

      • awesome thanks!

  • Some Aldi stores still have Roti makers.

    • Where in Queensland?

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    These are pretty good; have had these from the Indian grocery stores. Pretty high in fat content, though.

    Found Haldiram's Aloo Paratha at half price too - https://shop.coles.com.au/a/national/product/haldirams-alo-p...

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      In fact, Coles have a whole range of Indian food at half price this week, check it out. The roti Paratha was the standout for me.

      • Indian food stock-up to get ready for the Indian feasting of Diwali
        or the feasting for 11.11 sales :-D

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      I reckon that. Frozen paranthas usually have high saturated fat (per 100 gm) so not really healthy.

      • definately not healthy.

      • The saturated fat is not the health problem, it's the carb volume. Unless the oil used is transfats?

  • Can’t be that good, looks more like Roti canai

    • Roti canai isn't made of wholemeal.

      • Lol yeah I know that, but just the look of these is like roti canai and isn’t saying roti paratha is like saying coffee tea, they are two different things.

        • Yes, I would say these are somewhat less crumbly and layered as compared to Roti canai. Having said that, the ones without wholemeal may be closer to Roti canai in that regard.

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            @virhlpool: Roti Canai is just the name they use in Mayasia/Singapore for roti pratha because it's roti (bread) that is supposed to come from the Indian city of Channai (Malay spelling: Canai. Previously known in English as Madras)

            • @DisabledUser17524: I know it and the origin of the name. However, the roti that comes from Chennai doesn't represent the roti that's widely eaten across the country. It's quite different. The main differences being the ingredient (fine flour vs coarse wheat flour) and the layers.

        • Roti Canai = Roti Paratha, they are the same thing. Source: Malaysian family.

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    Is this frozen? How long is the best before dates on this?

    Coles website is shit compared to woolworths where they have up close pictures and product descriptions.

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      Yes frozen and have long expiry date.

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      The packs I bought today have BB date of 05.08.2022. But won't last longer than a month in my household.

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      yes woolies website is so much better

      good find OP

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    Can you guys recommend any butter chicken products (ready to eat or sauces to be cooked) from Coles? I searched for a recipe once, and it was just too complicated.

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      Try the spice taylor they are great and all variants are on special price at $3 in QLD.

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      We like the Costco butter chicken.

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      Pataks is good with modifications to your own taste

      • I like the hot pataks as is. Sauce and chicken, if you want veg cook is separate then place in before serving so you don't change the flavor.

      • Pataks > Spice Tailor

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      My kids like the Passage to India simmer sauce from Coles. It's not as sweet as the butter chicken from an Indian takeaway, and we add some light cream and sometimes sweet potato.

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      Making your own is much easier than most people think, here is a sample and simple recipe.
      I get it not everyone has time to cook from scratch but you can always cook some of these sauces in bulk and store/freeze them. One of my friend who loves butter chicken does this and has been doing for a quite a few years.
      I enjoy cooking and like modifying recipes to suit my palate. Having said this i wouldn't bother making paratha's from scratch (too much hard work and takes a lot of practice to get it right). Thought a little encouragement might help.

  • Yumm!

  • Yummmm. Has anyone seen in Melb stores?

    • Not me :( I normally get them at Woolies

  • What brand are the ones from Costco? Very tasty.

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      Katoomba, same as these. I just re-upped from Costco yesterday, this is a little bit cheaper pp I think.

  • Is it nationwide?

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    Coles website is a disaster, if your nearest store doesn't stock a product just show couldn't find, should like Woolies one you can check product availability at each store.

  • Katoomba roti parathas are usually $ 9 for a pack of 30 at Indian grocery stores so this is a really good deal

  • Is this a fresh or frozen product? Coles website is a car crash.

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    Looks like the "aloo" (potato) and "paneer" (cheese) ones made in India are also half price:


    But you get less bang for your buck with these.

    edit: sorry looks like it was noted above.

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    22.5c each.. feels like I'm in Malaysia…

  • Kawan Brand is what the Indians Buy Pack of 30 pieces, Less Fat or Margarine

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    What are you guys eating your roti with?

    I recall when in dubai the hotel breakfast buffet the roti was divine and the curry (some kind of lentil curry) was to die for. I normally just eat a basic muesli for breakfast but man i smashed the roti and curry (probably not the wisest choice with an 8 hr flight ahead that day as doing a crap being 200cm tall in the cramped economy flight dunny is difficult!)

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      On its own, with pickles or with yoghurt.

      • Ahh thanks, I assumed it was consumed with a curry :)

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      Really enjoy these with curry which is what we mainly have it with. Wife likes to make a somewhat wrap out of it with eggs cooked with onion, a bit of chilli & coriander

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      • Roald or daal? 😀

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      I like em with eggs and/or yoghurt as it's easy and I'm lazy. My fave way is with my mum's beef curry, which I may, god forbid, someday be able to cook myself.

      It's great with lentil curry too though! Last time I made this it went fantastic: https://ifoodreal.com/green-lentil-curry/

  • Been using them forever.
    I don’t like whole meal. Enjoy the normal one. Needs no oil btw

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    Is this a good food to have while watching replays of how can she slap.

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    Good deal OP, I can make these Katoomba Rotis for myself and my three sisters. 👍

  • Ermergerd I love these but my local Coles never seems to have it unless it's hiding in some weird spot, as i normally stock up at woolies!

  • nationwide but cant find any stock in Melb :(

  • Great deal, will be stocking up tomorrow. Cheers OP!

  • Any in SA? No luck on my searches

  • I can't eat gluten I m sorry

  • These are not available at every cole, my local coles had different brands

  • No stock anywhere.

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      There're plenty at Broadway, Sydney.

      • hopefully still there tomorrow!

  • can u raincheck now? none near me

    • Yes you can but unsure what happens if no stock after 30 days