Oral-B Pro 2 2900 Twin Pack (Li-Ion Battery) - $85.11 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


Showing a low price (UK plug but should work fine with existing charge bases) - one black, one pink handle.
Believe these have the 2 week lithium battery and basic two function/speed.

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  • A bit lame that they don't include a charger that seats both at once.

  • Can anyone inform me on what the main differences are between the 2000, 4000, 8000 & 9000? Do they all use the same internals and only have different coded settings?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my calorie burning basic toothbrush and not sure if the 8000 is worth the extra $50 - https://www.amazon.com.au/Oral-B-GENIUS-8000-Rechargeable-To...

    • Yep each first 'thousand' is generally a new cleaning mode. And there are some additional features as you go up (bluetooth, position detection, travel case).
      From memory, 2000 is the main jump in motor strength.

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      According to ak47wong

      Models Oscillations Pulsations
      Vitality 7,600 None
      Pro 100 7,600 (?) None (?)
      Pro 500 & 700 7,600 or 9,900 20,000 or 22,500
      Pro 2 2000 9,900 45,000
      Smart 4 4000 9,900 45,000
      Smart 5 5000 10,500 45,000
      Smart 7 7000 10,500 45,000
      Genius 8000 10,500 48,000
      Genius 9000 10,500 48,000

      and I'd like to add, ak47wong wasn't 100% sure about some figures. 😆

      • and I'd like to add, ak47wong wasn't 100% sure about the figures

        Yeah the Oralb website is awful and doesn't have any way of comparing models properly

        ..which is deliberate I'm sure

      • Cheers for the info, really appreciate it @pifts @O O

        • Yeah I just switched from 5000 to 2000 and am completely happy with it. Never used any other mode anyway, the only thing I miss a bit is a BT clock/timer but not that it's an important feature…

      • Yeah sorry about that. I did the best I could though 😁

        • Having opened a few of them up to replace the batteries, I've a few novel thoughts to share:

          Up until now the 1000/2000/3000/5000/7000/8000/9000 differed in modes and accessories as everyone points out on ozB.

          Beware, many older Oral-B models around that are not the latest LiIon tech, instead they have an older (but quality) NiMH battery that the logic and action was designed with. After 2-3 years of use, these wear out and brushing speed reduces. Cheap chinese replacement batteries drop voltage almost immediately, and do not perform, let alone last between charges, like the original FDK/Varta/Japanese types Braun use.

          Anyway, I digress. If I'm not mistaken you need to buy a model in the latest 'Smart' or 'Genius' 'Series' packaging to get one with a LiIon battery. LiIon is better as the voltage remains stable over use, so action quality is maintained right up to the point the battery is exhausted and has to be recharged. It probably lasts better when left to top-up on the charger most of the time too.

          However the key thing that larger handles tend to have is larger batteries and bigger internal force detection mechanisms, and this is only visible when you take the case apart. It detects the force you are applying when you brush, and lights the LED on the top up to tell you to place less force on the bristles. They call this 'Visible Pressure Sensor', and the mechanism/system is important because it is only too easy with electric brushes to rub off the enamel coating your teeth by brushing too hard, too much or too often, bit by bit, day by day. This leads to sensitivity and predisposes teeth to 24x7 chemical attack and thus rot. It is not uncommon for people to loose teeth this way, particularly without serious remedial action and behavioral change. But only if you brush too hard/too long/too much, hence the timer and the Visible Pressure Sensor systems in the mid range and more expensive models.

          Of the current models, the ones that include the 'full' VPS are 3000, 5000, 7000. Not sure about 8000, 8500, 9000 (They should, but I haven't seen one of the new ones up close to be sure. They are compact however, so cannot have the same VPS as the cheaper, larger ones)

          2020 has seen some new models introduced with more compact handles like the old 8000 and 8500. So you'd think they are the bargains, however I know the new compact '2000', '2900' and '4000' (NiMH) and '4000 Smart' (LiIon) do not have the full VPS mechanism. They are however marketed as having Visible Pressure Sensor, but in these it only lights a red light on/off when is senses a lot of pressure]. All larger handle models* (5000, 7000 and the new Genius 6000,7000,8000) have the original, full VPS mechanism, and sense the pressure much more accurately, giving you yellow and orange warnings, not just 'emergency' red.

          I used to dislike the warning intensely, but after talking with some dentists and a few older people, it became clear that it is not uncommon for people to damage their teeth with cheap electric brushes. As such I now brush more often with less force, so appreciate the delicacy of the better VPS in some of these brushes.

  • Does anyone know if all the heads compatible between most of the series? 100/800/2900?

  • Great deal.
    Beware - most recent reviews are saying they only receive the old model, so make sure you check it when you receive it.

    • Yes though the comments are from 2018, the single option is showing the old model while the twin pack shows the new.
      Luckily via Amazon so if its not the right models back it goes!

  • I have a vitality. Does anyone know if the charger I have can be used to replace the UK one.

    I’m sorry I missed the previous Smart 5 5000 deal locally.

  • Looking at getting one each for all the family. The Pro 2 2000 seems like an ozbargain recommended one and goes for around $80. Was looking at getting 4 of them, only to find they are $160 each at ShaverShop presently :( But the 3000 https://www.shavershop.com.au/oral-b/pro-3000-electric-tooth... is only $80. The oral b website is shocking as mentioned above not even listed on their website. Anyone know the specs of it, as SS have basically no detail on it. Assume it would be better than the Pro 2 2000 ?

    • They are all 2000 series, the numbers refer to the pack (2000 as a single, then 2500 which has a travel case, and 2900 having two handles).

      • Thanks jtaus67, but my main question was regarding the 3000. Seems to be no info on it, have found on older 3000 version than the one in the pic on SS website, but it blue. So I assume this is an upgraded model. Oral B website has nothing.

  • Was looking at getting the Pro 750 that's currently at $49 on Amazon Aus, is the Pro 2 2000 worth the extra $50?

  • How are these compared to the on sale 20$ vitally range most of us are using :0

    • Don’t buy those have nicd batteries in them as they won’t last more than 2 years.

      • It specifies battery life more than two weeks so has to be Lithium. Purchasing through Amazon Australia they are obligated to take it back. Two handles for the price of one in Australia it pretty good albeit you’ll need your own charging base/s

  • Good find Op, to think i just bought both of these individually a month or two back when they were going for $53 each…

  • Can old charging bases that came with the toothbrushes with NiMH batteries charge these toothbrushes with Lithium batteries?