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Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Kit (Includes Charger and 2.5ah Battery) $29 @ Bunnings [One Per Customer]


Note: Price online has increased to $79, but is being sold for $29 in store

$29 for cordless whipper snipper , 2.5ah battery and fast charger.

I've paired this with the $159 ozito battery mower and $29 jet blower and couldn't be happier with the product (considering the price)
knocked over my 150sqm backyard and 100sqm front yard.

Looks like Bunnings is matching Aldi's mower and whipper snipper kit.

Ozito PXC 18V Grass Trimmer Kit with rotating head $129 (2.0AH battery, rotating head)

Mod Update 23/10: Available online again for Click and Collect.

Mod 29/10: Prong's review

Update: 06-Nov-2020 Expired (Price increased back to RRP)

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  • Thanks OP, got one to replace the Aldi one which I paid double this price.

  • +1

    I live in an apartment but I'm buying this and going to use it for a project of some sort. Maybe an electric bike conversion? :P

    • That's some creativity LOSTSOCKs ( incase you loose another one)

    • Lol.. Not sure how far this electric motor will take your bike..

  • Thanks OP, got 2

  • +1

    Thanks got 2. Got 2 for the battery/charger.

    May start looking at skins of tools that I wouldn't use frequently.

  • +6

    Those who complain about the blade breaking there is a metal near the blade you can adjust to prevent the blade cutting into the bricks or wall etc. I use this for the first round and go back the second time with the metal adjuster pushed all the way in to trim carefully the grass near the brick or wall so the blade doesn’t hit it too hardly and breaks or flies off.

  • +3

    Woot! I've got a corded electric line trimmer and it's always such a chore dragging out the extension cord to trim edges.
    This is purely a convenience buy for me… lol.

  • +1

    Thx OP picked up two. I had already ordered the charger and batteries for the blower but they'll be going back now ;)

  • +1

    Returning the battery and will get this instead.

  • -1

    Thanks op, got one for convinence to trim edges. worth a shot at this price.

    • +1

      Update to my own comment. Blades didn't break and did a great job on the grass and trim edges on the nature strip. wood chips, mulch and some small stones didnt seem to break the blade. While doing the edges, the plastic blade was hitting the concrete and that didn't break it too. Not sure how others are abusing it. After a good half an hour, only noticed the plastic blades curved up a bit.

      Other than that, again, for $29 and a small area [28m2] to clean up, it does a fantastic job.

  • What's the difference between this and this $129one ?

    • Looks like the other one has a rotating head for edging. Seems like asking for trouble with blades.

  • Must resist buying one of these. I have been using weed killer to do my edges for 15 years since my last whipper snipper died. OK resisted, talked myself out of it

    • yep, I use that too, but still buy it cos it's a bargain

  • I’ve been using this for my small yard and it does the job and easy to use. Would recommend for this price point. Plenty in stock (about 40 at least) at Castle Hill NSW 2154.

  • +1

    Going out of stock real quick. Grab one while you could!

  • Got one for the Mrs..
    Any idea how long you would expect the battery to last on a full charge?

  • +1

    bought 1x at $79 last month. going to buy 2x and return 1x.

  • Anyone used larger Ah battery in one. Should provide more 'grunt'? Also, can you use cable ties instead of the blades?

    • +3

      More battery life, same grunt.

      • +1

        You would think that, but with these lithium cells this isn't the case. Ie. a larger battery pack may have a parallel set of cells, doubling the current output. Perfect example, my old man bought a Milwaukee drill/ battery combo advertised with X amount of torque. Turns out the 2.5 Ah battery it's supplied with won't deliver enough current to achieve the listed torque rating. To cut a long story short, Milwaukee had to provide him a 6ah battery at their cost to achieve the box listed specs.
        The torque almost doubled.

        Lastly, newer battery chemistry have higher outputs. So just using a modern 2.5Ah battery my make a difference. Ie. Convert an old NICD drill to lithium and watch it go…

  • Thanks bought one

  • Tempted to buy a couple like others just for the batteries and chargers at this price. Trimmers will go straight in the bin or a local buy nothing page.

  • I have Ryobi's but ordered one. Thanks OP

  • These are really good for small yards. I love mine. Great deal but don't expect 82V performance for a $29.

  • can you add one of those steel wire heads to the unit

    • No not enough power

    • Interesting. A wire head with just a single wire rope would probably work great.

  • +3

    Yay more Ozito tools to add to the collection. This is like Pokémon.

  • Now we need cheap blades.

  • +1

    no stock in ACT

  • Is it possible to find metal blades for this ? :)

    • +6

      I wouldn't.. The problem isn't only with plastic blades breaking, but it's also with them flying off in random directions. You wouldn't want a metal blade flying your way.

      • Thanks mate. Its a good point.

    • +3
      • damn!! its awesome. :)

  • +1

    I have an 80v victa, 36v ryobi, 18v ryobi and 18v black n decker.

    The 36v is plenty powerful unless doing brush.

    The 18v are pretty decent for everything else in an average reasonable well maintained yard and very light.

    Most ppl won't need more than a 36v.

  • Now we just need the mower to come down to @29 when the whipper goes back to it's original price :)

  • +3

    I have used this a lot over the past 6 months on my small/medium yard. Big enough that I need a grass trimmer, but too small to warrant a full on mower.

    Regarding all the comments, yes the blades break, but that's only if you are not careful and get too close to concrete edges, bricks and fences etc. I have managed to do my whole yard without a blade breaking and just being careful (the blade probably wears down 50%, but it comes with around 20).

    Second, to the people saying it will only cut a couple inches of grass. I have cut grass with lengths of 30cm+, but it does require 2 or 3 passes. I just go back and forth over it in an arcing motion, easy enough, kind of like using a scythe (youtube it lol).

    Basically for my yard size, its perfect. The convenience of no petrol and it working with all my other PxC tools is great, and honestly I would rather use the blade (pop in and out) than fiddle with reels of line. Might take a bit longer, but it works for me, and at this price its a no brainer if you have a small/medium yard.

    • 20 Trimmer Blades included

      But how long a trimmer blade last in general?

      • I would say at least 300sqm worth of trimming if you are not going into bricks or concrete.

        I find them fairly durable

      • Mine is still going on original ones they gave me (still have a bout 5 left) and have had it for about 1 year. I cut the yard edges only every 2-3 weeks. 120m2.

  • +2

    If anyone already has a couple of PXC batteries this is also a good price for the jet blower skin @ $29.95

  • 20 Trimmer Blades included

    How long a trimmer blade last in general?

    • +1

      On past experience about 15 seconds.

    • 3 cuts for me. Still usable after that for edging but a little short (slow) for general cutting.

  • +2

    thanks bought one, didnt need the trimmer but worth the price for another battery and charger

  • Worst piece of equipment I've ever owned.

    • +4

      prob cos u paid $130 for it. when its 29$ expectations arent as high

      • Bought as a combo a couple of years back, ended up choosing to pay to take it to the tip rather than keep it.

  • This is a good deal OP.
    I wish they would mark down the 2 x 18v line trimmer - that one is excellent (but overpriced)

    • I am also more interested in the 2 x 18v line trimmer, I have not been able to find a detailed review of this model, do you know of any ?

      • Yeah I've also looked for reviews and videos on YouTube and I literally found one

  • According to the photos, looks like they are different products. 29 vs 129 means some differences, not just price!

    • The 129 has a rotating head which you can use for edging as well as grass trimming.
      I wouldn't recommend using the $129 for edging though considering the blade quality.

      • Thanks, mate.

  • Has anyone found a matching mower and mini trimmer on sale?

  • Grabbed one for the battery and charger. Wanted to get the skin of the cordless hedger. So, costs me $118 vs $149. Nice find!

    • -2

      u smart ass ppl

  • Not sure if it makes much of a difference, but these come with the black battery rather than the 'higher quality' red ones

    • where does it say this?
      Or did you receive yours with the black batteries?

      The picture shows it operating with the "red" battery

      • +1

        I bought one from bunnings just now and its all black around the battery (except for the button to detach the battery which is red). I believe the red ones have red on the base.

        Edit: looked up the doco and it says the battery model is PXBP-250

    • Oh really??

      That sucks.

    • +1

      Is that even a thing for this kit? Thought the different batteries only existed for the 4Ah battery when matching Aldi.

      Where did you read the black boxes were lower quality? (though I wouldn't be surprised…) Interested in a read if you have a link.

    • +1

      If it is the BLACK one then not good to go. Actually, this trimmer is different from the 129$ one (different skin). Looks like the poster made mistake, look at the motor bit?
      Skin only is already more than 70$.

      • yeh the original model ( only had 10 replacement blades. This pack has 20, so is likely a different battery/motorhead combo

      • +2

        The one in this deal is model PXCGTK-018.

        Previous $29 skin only model deal (which I have) was PXCLTS-018.
        This is no longer available on Bunnings site as skin only, but appears to be same model as PXCLTK-218, listed for $129 as a kit, including battery and charger.

        Major difference seems to be that the one in this deal has fixed head, so can't adjust tilt or angle. Otherwise only appears to be minor aesthetic changes e.g. handle colour, shaft handle design, tilt button and plastic at bottom of shaft enabling head tilt and rotation.
        Specs in manuals from Ozito site, suggest the new one is a bit lighter, but otherwise same power.
        No Load Speed: 8,500/min
        Cutting Diameter: 240mm
        Weight: 1.3kg (vs 1.8kg)

        If you can still bag one, and is suitable for your use, then actual model and battery unlikely to perform significantly differently to the previous model (just no head tilt or angle adjustment, and 0.5kg lighter).

        • good analysis. this looks like a cheaper 'promo' pack than the original, but still not a bad deal for $29

      • Black is 2.8ah vs red which is 4.0ah. just bought

    • What's the difference in the cells inside?

    • There's a guy that opened them on whirlpool. Same internals.

  • Thanks OP ordered one. Have to travel to a Bunnings a little further out as the Bunnings stores around me all sold out.

  • Can you use this battery on the Oztio mower?

    • yes you can

    • yes, you will get 5 minutes if you are lucky with this crap battery, so cut the lawn whilst jogging and don't stop

  • +1

    Bought one and gave it to my son in law to "mow" his 10 x 3 m lawn. Feels like a toy and the blades break off too easily. They cant stand the centrifuge forces or if they hit something semi solid , they break. on a 3ah I used to get 15 mins run time.
    They're ok for small garden beds but dont expect them to last.

  • Can this be used for edging? I've been looking for something cheap to edge my tiny yard…

    • +1

      That's exactly what this would be great for, Puglife. I use it to edge the nature strip at the in-laws place. Perfect tool for the job and no need to spend 5 mins mucking around mixing fuel. If I've left the grass to grow for a few weeks, I might go through 1 and bit blades, but on a maintenance trim, 1 blade is plenty. I'm also getting better at not hitting the concrete footpath and gutter as much - and that avoids depleting the blade.

  • to clear something up.
    according droidhunt01 the battery is a PXBP-250.
    which google search suggest IT'S RED BATTERY. WHOO YEAH!

  • Love the price but am not sure if this is good as can see feebacks that blades break all the time…anyone using it around the edges and is happy with it please help with your positive feedback and i will go and buy this then….Thanks

  • Bought one this morning and just tried it out. Definitely useful for tight spots and some quick edging rather than pulling out the big Honda petrol. Confirmed the battery is the black one and the charge indicator lights up green. Worth the price.

  • Thanks OP, got one :)

  • +2

    Got one about an hour ago from Thornleigh. Thanks op. Few left. A guy in bunnings was getting 10 inside his car and another guy had 5 what are people doing is it for the batteries?

    • +13

      Was the car rego BR0-D3N?

  • +3

    So definitely the "black" type battery? Everyone is finding this?

    • +2

      definitely mate

    • +3

      Yes it "black" type battery but also as you note in the other post.

      No actual difference.

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