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[eBay Plus] Samsung 860 EVO SSD 1TB $162 Delivered ($133 After Cashback) @ ggtech.365 eBay


Samsung Cashback Promotion (ggtech.365 = K.S. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY)

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  • Interesting. I looked up K.S. COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY on the ABR ABN they have 'Nvidia official store' as a business name as well.

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    Got one thanks OP.

  • Will Samsung accept an invoice from another store name for redemption? I suspect they wont :-/

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      Idk about this store but I bought one from Futu Online which are also under K.S and was issued an invoice under K.S Computer Technology. I submitted the CB claim no issues.

      • Same here. Bought from Futu Online - K.S. Computer Technology invoice.

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    Bought a Samsung m.2 drive the other day. Am I able to submit a second CB claim for this evo 860?

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      Yes, you can submit up to 3 claims.

  • is this better or is the kingston nvme drive better ?

    • Curious to know as well

    • The Kingston NVME is much faster. Plus no cable management. In regards to SATA Samsung is up there but it's comparing apples and oranges. I'd say go with the Kingston unless you are transferring huge files where you need the consistency of Samsung

  • How long until we start seeing uber cheap 2tb ssds?

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    so I submitted my claim but they rejected the cashback as it said it was from an invalid supplier. - did anyone get success on the cash back for this one? @nocure

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      Same bro, I have mailed gg.tech and samsung. Hope to hear from them soon.

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        Yeah I messaged them on ebay tonight - I'm hoping I hear back from them before the promotion ends. haha

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          Given that gg.tech has the same ABN as K.S computer (found in your receipt), I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be fine.

  • anyone know when we get paid the $29? Mine says validation complete back in Sept.

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