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Nongshim Shin Ramyun Noodles Pk 5 $3.25 @ Woolworths


@brickworks burwood. It still has 10 boxes of it when i went in around 10am. It is located at the ice cream area.

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  • Same price online at Woolworths too. Could be nationwide

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      It's not. Price changes to 6.50 after logging in.

  • Previous comments were that this lacked flavour. Anyone else care to weigh in?

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      I think if you cook the way that the recipe asks you to do, it comes out alright.

      I do like adding other things to it to make it taste better like garlic etc etc, but that's more because of my preference.

    • I think they're one of the most flavourful noodles out of the packet if you add the amount of water prescribed. Even better off you add things like garlic, fried kimchi, an egg, and sometimes a slice of processed cheese.

      • Getting close to Budae Jjigae with those ingredients…..

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          Spam and sausages… So nice and unhealthy.
          You do need spam though

        • Might as well throw in some spam and baked bean!

          • @gobsmax: I'm not seeing the problem here…..

            • @Forfiet: If you do go down on that route, make sure you add the soup last.
              All the ingredients you add adds salt and making budae jjigae not salty is not a easy feat.

              • @iridiumstem: That's fair…depending on ingredients its usually better to add the soup base last regardless. I been using light amount of the base in my own ramen stock it improves my chicken base immensely, but then again I'm still learning.

  • "Made in Korea" is the fine. Just follow the instructions to cook it.

    Make sure the water is super super hot then add the soup power before adding the noodles.

    Add a bit of Garlic, spring onion, a teaspoon of butter and eggs will make this crazily crazily yummy!

    Note: this is not healthy stuff and should not eat it unless you really want to.

  • They're the best Noodles but I don't use the enclosed Spice sachet,only the smaller (second) freeze dried packet.I start with adding a teaspoon of Nutra Organics Beef Bone Broth or Vegetable Broth then the Noodles and the freeze dried sachet…..leave it for a minute or so then add chopped Shallots,Broccoli,sliced Carrot and any other chopped Vegetables.Don't overcook the Noodles.Finally add a squirt of Oyster Sauce or a light Dipping sauce if you like…

    • Will give it a go. Thx

  • If I add an egg, do I need to cook it first, or put it in raw? I assume it will cook in the hot water.

    • I think that really depends on your preference, you can cook it with the noodle. You can choose to mix it in the soup or let it cook undisturbed.

      I think only thing that you need to be mindful is that noodle only needs to cook for 3 minutes, so if you add the egg too late, you might have to choose between undercooked egg or overcooked noodle.

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      I add egg in raw 30 seconds just before it's done and don't over stir it.

  • Which state is this: NSW or Vic? There‚Äôs a Burwood in each….

    • brickworks is in vic

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