Best Replacement for Pocophone F1


I'm currently thinking about replacing my Xiaomi Pocofone F1.
I bought the phone in December 2018 and it is still holding up really well, I just feel like treating myself with a new phone (or a Xmas potential Christmas present).

I am still looking at spending around $500, and am happy with the non-fancy brands (Xiaomi, Oneplus, etc).

From my research, it seems that the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (K20 Pro in some countries) was the 2019 Successor of the Pocofone, in terms of value for money.
However the Mi 9T Pro is now over a year old, and everything else I can see in the Xiaomi lineup is either far more expensive, or worse (specs + reviews) than the 2yr old Pocofone F1 (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

I would really appreciate any suggestions!